Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 8

Todays episode start with bulbul going in collage and is about to entet in her class she see a girl sitting with purab
bulbul: who is that girl gf no bulbul dont think much they can be frnds also come lets ask
bulbul goes near them
bulbul: hi mr. Akahu oh soory purab
purab looks at her angrly and aliya questionaly
bulbul: oh so purab is sitting with his gf not bad
aliya: soory but you are mistaken i his frnd only
purab: and who are you to ask this question just dont irritate me
bulbul: oh i am soory miss
aliya: my name is aliya
bulbul: aliya my name is bulbul lets be frnd
aliya: yeah sure
and they both shake hand and bulbul sit near them
aliya: so you are new joining right
bulbul: yeah i have joined tommarow
aliya: okay
bulbul: by the way someone look cute while angry
aliya: yeah you are right

and both laugh
and purab stand and sit on behind their bench
bulbul: come with me
aliya: where
bulbul: come na
and they both stand and sit next behind purab
class got start and they both irritate purab so much
on the other side pragya goes to her frnds
roshni: what happen pragya
twinkle: what sir said
pragya: nothing important
roshni: you knowguys it my dream to work with abhi sir
twinkle: yeah
pragya kunj and sid smile seeing them and they start rehasring
on the other side in collage all lecture got completed they all go ouy as usual purab is angry
bulbul: so mr. Purab what you think can we be frnds
purab: frnds and we in your dreams
bulbul: i will makr you my frnd
purab: this will not happen
bulbul: so you are challeging bulbul arora
purab: yeah
bulbul: ok then we will see who loose

purab: ok done
aliya: if both of your fighting is complete shall we go
purab : ok
aliya: bulbul yo also come with us we will drop you
bulbul: no its ok i will go
aliya: sure
bulbul: yeah
and both hug each other
and left to their house
on the other side in comany they are rehasing and doesnot remember time
pragya phone rang
pragya: yes ma
sarla: when you come beta its already late
pragya see time : yeah ma coming in 5 min
and pragya tell all them
pragya: ok guys lets move its already late
twinkle: pragya come with me i drop you
pragya: no its ok i will go
twinklr: sure
pragya: yeah
and they all wave bye to each other and when pragya is going she see light in abhi cabin
pragya: this akadu didnt go till now

and see through window and see abhi holding a photo frame and crying
pragya fells bad and think so he love his wife so much that made him like this but suddenly jerks her mind prayga but why are you felling sad come lets go home mom is wating and pragya go
in abhi cabin abhi get a call
abhi: yeah beta
rohit: dad please come fast today we do dinner with each other
abhi: ok beta
and abhi put the photo in drawer and move and on road pragya is searching for taxi but no one is stopping abhi see her and come to her with car pragya see the car and abhi comes out
abhi: come i drop you
pragya: no sir i will gi in taxi
abhi: but its already late you come with me
pragya: no i will manage
abhi: cant you agree with anyone wothout argment abd itd already late come sit silently
pragya sit like a child and abhi also sit and start the car their is a complete silence btw them suddenly pragya start the fm and the song tera mujse ha pahle ka nata koyi plays and both see each other and then pragya start seeing outside iys pragya favirote music and here abhi thinks this is my pooja favirote sing and think how he sing for her suddenly pragya voice get jim to senses
prayga: sir my home has come

pragya: thnk you sir
and comes out of car and abhi goes from their and pragya goes in house
sarla: why you are so late
pragya: due to work
sarla: now go frshen up come for dinner
they all do dinnet andpragya and bulbul come to dinner and they tell about their day and then sleep
on the other side in abhi house
abhi come and rohit hug him and they both do dinner and abhi take rohit to his room
rohit: come papa we will talk to ma
and take abhi in balcony
rohit: ma are you fine na god is taking care of you na

abhi see rohit
rohit: but ma you know papa is not taking care of his
abhi hide his pain
abhi: so my beta is complaning about me to mom
rohit: yeah papa
abhi: then pooja i am sooru drom today i will take care of me and you also abd hug him
rohit: we are missuing you ma

rohit: bye ma gn
and abhi take him to room abd lay him on bed
rohit: papa tell me a story na
abhi: ok beta
abhi start the story
once their was a little prince who love his mom very much but his mom left her alone he cry day and night and god see this and fell bad so he sent a angle for him who can take care of gim like his mother
rohit: then dad god will also sent a angel for me na
abhi smiles
rohit : what happen then

abhi again start his storyrhe angel love him so much and he narrate the story and see rohit get sleep
abhi thinks beta their is no angel i happen in story only and then pragya face is shown sleeping
scren splits on slepping face of pragya and painful face of abhi

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    Really Amazing…………..

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