Ek anokhi kahani Episode 40

Thanks you all frds for liking my both ff.

Episode start with rags and dev birthday .
Durga comes to hall where dayal and shailaja are waiting.
Durga:- maa where is dev and ragini i am searching for them.
Dayal:-they both start their bday with blessings from god they both went to temple.
Durga:-when they will come.
Shailaja:-dont worry they will come.
Scene shifts to dev and rags roaming in car.
And take blessings from temple.
And reach to their houses.

Shailaja dayal and durga payal plans something.
Evening all reaches to dayal house.
All greets dev and asks for ragini
Dev:-she is getting ready.
Meanwhile rags comes shouting from stair.
Rags:- no mom i wont wear it.
Shailaja:-rags lisen to me its your bday beta you born newly na lisen to me.
Rags:-what i born newly its seams now u will say i should wear diaper also.
Shailaha lifts her hand and rags runs to dev and says save me bhaiya from mom and from that ear rings.
Dev:-wats wrong with that wear it na.
Rags:-no plzz.
Dev:-atleast u leave mom.
Shailaja:-you both r impossible and see today wat i will do to u both.
Dev and rags at each other.
Dev:- wat she is going to do.
Rags:-wat do i know and i will come in a minute and goes near arjun and asks where is laksh.
Arjun:-bhai should be here only bhabhi.
Rags:-untill now he didnot even wish me yar.
Arjun:-may be he want to give u a surprise.
Rags :-really lets see
She is passing from there and someone drags her .
And she says laksh.
Laksh gives her a gift and asks her to open.

Box which contains a small earrings .
Rags:-wow luckuu its awesome and simple i love it thank u.
Laksh:-dont say thank u say i love u .
Rags:-hugs him and say i love and now make me wear it.
Laksh comes close to her and bends near to her and make her wear earsrings and sees rags
with closed eyes.
Laksh kisses her ears and says i love u.
After some time they both leave to hall.
Dayal in mick.
Hello frds thank you for coming to wish my kids
Before few years when my is carrying we all
prayed for a girl but we got dev .
Shailaja:-i thought he will be mamas boy .
Later samething happen to shaurya.
These both used to play a lot one day they both
came to us
All are lisen carefully.
They came and complained to shailaja that they want a small princess as their sister.
Shailaja:-i said ask god he will give.
They both immediately ran to mandir and started praying
Dayal:-they used to pray daily.
And we will say that na god will slways lisens to kids prayers and god lisened to us he gave us a pretty girl.
Dev and rags and shaurya they always shared a special bonding thats why their bdays are also similar.
Shailaja untill rags came to our world these two used to be mamas boys but now i think u all now .
They all laughs.
Dayal:-i used to think when these gets married wat they will do but i have to say these are managing all relations very well.

Rags:-dad ur making me a villan here.
All laughs.
Durga:-as bhabhi i want to surprise these three rockstarts.
Shailaja:-by seeing this u willcome to know how i used yo manage these three aliens.
Shaurya:-no way are they going to show our vedios.
Rags:-no way i deleted all.
Dev:-all u sure guys because its matter of our respect today.
Lights goes off.
Vedio starts .
Three covers their faces as they are showing there vedio.
Vedio 1:- rags is crying walking here and there shailaja standing with stick near dev and shaurya.
Dayal comes and lifts rags and asks her not to cry before asking wat happen he started scolding shailaja that why she is beating her.
Shailaja:-before scolding me just look at your files he see and opens his mouth as ink is allover his files.
Rags:-we saw u signing on files and i too want to see my brothers siging like u and i asked them to do .and mom started beating them because of mee and started crying.
Shailaja:-i started beating choti shaitaan i am giving warning to them and i just lift this stick before i do she started crying by seeing her crying these two fellows started ccrying.
Dayal:-why u cried beta .
Rags:-i sawed u coming and to stop maa beating so i cried papa see she stopped naa thats why.
Dayal laughs.

Vedio ends .
All laughs
Rags hides her face between dev and shaurya.
Durga:-u saw rags love yowards their brother now turn is brothers.
Dev and shaurya smile vanishes.
Rags say now game starts
Say why should only my respect go now your turn.
Shailaja:- moms will beat kids when they do wrong right but in my case i got baetings from my son.
Dev hits his head and says.
Dev:-durga plzz not this one yar wat they will think.
Vedios start playing
Small dev hits her mother with stick while she holding rags ears.after getting hit she leaves rags ears and rags runs and stand back dev

Small dev:-why r u hitting my sister maa.
Shailaja:- not only her i will give u too.
Rags comes front of dev and says loudly with out clearly ( i mean when small kids talks naa without clearly like that) dont hit my brother.
Shailaja:-i should hit myself to baring you both.

Swara:-awee so cute jijju.
Dev smiles and feels embrassed.
Shaurya starts laughing.

Payal:-hello mr husband now its your turn
Shaurya stops smiling and sees me.
Payal:- your scored top in these and your vedio is about teacher .
Shaurya opens mouth.
Dev and rags laughs loudly and say super vedio.
Shaurya:-come yar then i was kid .
Rags and dev:-achaa even we are kids in these vedios.
Shaurya:-but mine is so mean yar.
Laksh:-wat there in your vedio .
Rags:-you will come to know.
Arjun:-i mean u three are rankers then why teacher.
Sheena:-juno just see na by lisening teacher name u started questioning like teacher.
All laughs.
Teacher asking shaurya.
Teacher i am asking u only wat 6 * 3 are
Shaurya thinking walking here and there and sees rags and dev and dev writes on his book
as 18 and shows .
Teacher catches him and asks him to show hand he about to beat rags keep her hand and takes beatings dev and shaurya get shocked and angry.
Teacher asks dev to show hand again and beats dev after that shaurya.
Shaurya gets angry and pulls teacher chair
while he is sitting and runs from there.
Vedios ends.
All laughs.
Shailaja:-see by managing these three shaitan i became like small hitler .
Rags:-dad used to say mom is by born hilter .
Three laughs and sees all are seeing them because rags said loudly.
Shailaja:-see i have no difference from you and in this vedio just your sizes and ages are changed u three still behave like kids and dayal wat u said i am by born hilter.
Dayal:-me when that to u .and sees here and

there and ha ha i am coming and leaves from there.
Sanskar:-seriously guys u three are very
dangerous we have to be carefull.
Rags :-haa be care full
Rags and sanskar are standing opposite laksh and arjun are opposite
Swara and durga payal and sheena are standing to gether all are having drinks.
Dev and shaurya facing each other.
Shailaja and dayal
Raj snd sakshi went on stage.
Rags:-i dont wat still left to say.
And drinks juice.
Shailaja:-today we all want to announce one more thing.
Raj:-that my son laksh and dayal daughter raginis engagement.
Rags spills out juice on sanskar.
Laksh spills on arjun.
Dev and laksh on each other.
All shout wat.
Sanskar:-wat is this yar ragini.
Rags:-clean her mouth and says sry sry and turns and asks wat.
Arjun:-chii yak bhai wat u did.
Dev and shaurya cleans their dress and goes to stage and say wat.
Dayal:-wat do u think we dont know that they both like each other.
Dev:-dad i think u should ask them first.
Shaurya:-haa all of sudden.
Raj:-u have no problem with this relation naa dev and shaurya.
They both at a time no uncle.
Dev:-infact we love them.

Shaurya:-yes we have no problem.
Shailaja:-so let it happen
Sakshi looks at their shocked faces and says i think kids are right look at them they are really shocked their faces turned into pale.
Durga says i will manage and takes rags with her and dev takez laksh with him.
All boys are making laksh ready.
All girls making ragini ready.
They both bring them down.
They both exchange rings.
Rags:-mom are u sure party is over naa after sometime u dont enounce a surprise marriage is going to be in another hour.
Parents laughs
Dev:-no way mom u all did their engagement just like that but mehndi haldi and marriage will happen like wow factor.
Shaurya:-haa simple but beautifull after all our one and only sister wat say.
Rags:-kya wat say unbelivable my engagement is over today seriously .
Raj:-actually theyboth got really a big shock atleast ragini is speaking something but my son is still shocked and shakes him.
Laksh:-haa wat happen today .
All laughs.

Precap:-laksh meeting ragini at night.
Marriage preparations

Sry frd today i gave whole impirtance to rags and their family i just want to show their brother and sisters love.
I hope i didnt hurt anyone or bored anyone

  1. Show some durdev scene nd also swasan scene or may durga feels pain in her stomach nd dev care for her

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    Continue dear …

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