FANAAH tere ishq mein (Episode 16)

Hey guys i know i am late this time , was supposed to update yesterday but landed in a loads of homework so couldn’t really sorry for that , so lets begini with the episode .
The episode begins with piya getting free from mrs madhu and looking towards the gate.
She walks outside thinking : now what is rhidhimaa planning hope she doesn’t land in another problem.
Outside :
Rhidhimaa eyes the car with shock and eyes the place where aniket was standing , she’s shocked not to see him and that man eyes her scared .
She looks towards the car and shouts almost crying : bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
She tries to run to run behind the car while continuous tears coming out of her eyes , she while running remembers :

FB starts :
Everyone standing around a body on the floor in front of dobriyal mansion and she (12-13 years ) comes there and tries to pass the people and see the body, she finally crosses and at that time arnab turned the body and all get shocked to see aniket and rhdihimaa shouts : bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Fb ends while rhdihimaa again shouts bhaiyaa and starts shivering while running about the consequences but her legs doesn’t help her and she falls down due to her high heels .
She winces in pain while piya comes running from back .
Piya sits next to her on the floor and askes concerned and hurridly : what happened rhidhimaa ? are you fine ?
Rhdihimaa points towards the car while piya eyes her confused when rhidhimaa says still shivering : bhaiyaa…..

Piya gets shocked and eyes the car , she starts running behind the car madly on the roads while abhay who was following piya too comes and sees rhidhimaa crying vigourisly and says hurridly while running himself behind piya : rhidhimaa , don’t worry ….
He starts running behind piya .
In the car :
Aniket sees piya from the window running behind and thinks : why running behind me , bad girl.
He keeps driving the car while piya on the road keeps shouting : bhaiyaaaa ….
Abhay keeps running behind her shouting : bhaiyaaaa please stop ….
Suddenly aniket sees the lights and remembers to stop the car on red light but then thinks : i started driving car , she would beat me i’ll not stop.
He then too keeps driving but unknown to himself he decreases the speed while pressing random places in the car .
Piya tries to run fast and finally reaches near the car while police too follows them in a jeep as aniket crossed the red lights .
Outside dobriyal mansion:
Rhidhimaa is crying while the party got over so dobriyals come to leave the guests out and see rhidhimaa crying .
Madhu comes near rhdihimaa and says : what happened ?
Rhidhimaa tells her everything with little pauses and continuously crying .
Madhu is shocked and starts crying and everyone present their too.
Arnab says angrily still with tears : rhidhimaa , couln’t you tell us , if your madness results in anything bad then…
He is saying all this when he sees piya coming in the car along with aniket and abhay sitting on backseat .

He passes a relief sign seeing them and tells the guests to leave as the matter is serious while priyambata singhania thinks : how will we go our car…
While she’s thinking prem says trying to smile : mrs priyambata your car is not here so please wait for this matter to solve , till that we’ll arrange a car , please accompany us inside.
and so abhay’s parents and armaan and his family also accompany them .
While everyone runs to aniket , piya sees rhidhimaa and says smiling : stand up now , i am not going to forgive you so easily.
Rhidhimaa eyes her sadly still trying to control her tears and sasy in a cute way : sorry….
Piya smiles and makes her stand and takes her in as rhidhimaa’s leg got injured while trying to run
Inside dobriyal mansion in drawing room :
Piya and aniket are sitting while rhidhimaa is applying ointment on piya’s hand (a few scratches on her arm but no blood oozing out )
Armaan , abhay and dobriyals and raichands , singhania’s are standing while priyambata singhania is sitting.
Arnab (with tears ): piya , how did you save aniket .
Aniket was about to say when rhdihimaa hugs him tightly saying : sorry bhaiyaa , sorry …
He ssmiles in a cute way and piya smiles seeing them and says : i was running behind car when….
Fb starts:

Piya is getting close to car when aniket unknowingly swithches on the back headlights , as piya came near car , she tries to open the front door while running and abhay doesn’t see her due to lights falling in his eyes and shouts piya continuously .
Piya gets successful in opening the car door and slightly pushes aniket on the other side of the car . she holds the stering, decreases the speed and tries to make the stering alright but it keeps going like zig zag (PIYA IS NOT VERY GOOD AT DRIVING ) she finally is able to turn her when the car hits a tree , damaging it front completely but doesn’t hurt aniket and piya .
Aniket who was till now cursing piya hugs her tight and she too hugs him.
Abhay comes running and sees them and opens the car door and hugs piya unknowingly saying : are you mad , you almost killed me….
Piya doesn’t respond but is shocked at seeing a concerned abhay .
The police too arrives and piya breaks the hug.
Inspector comes out and says to aniket : he’s mad , if you didn’t came , he would have killed 2-3 today .
Piya eyes him angrily and says pointing finger at him : don’t dare to call my bhaiyaa as mad.
The inspector too gets angry but abhay controls him saying : she ‘s mr dobriyal’s daughter , he’ll do the formalities later .

The inspector agrees hearing such big families name and abhay starts to sit in the driving seat while aniket stops him and says : no , she ‘ll sit , she saved me , not you ….
Abhay and piya smile and piya drives the car back to dobriyal mansion.
Fb ends while arnab says angrily to rhidhimaa : rhdihimaa , because of you….
Sugandha stops him and says : bhaiyaa , see the good thing , aniket remembered driving car , maybe he’ll soon remember us too .
Rhdihimaa and piya have a faded smile on their faces listening this and the espiode ends on their smiling face .

Precap : rhdihimaa scolds armaan.

hey guys hope you enjoy reading it.

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