uljhi hun kuch suljhane ki kosish mein(part 3)

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At ofc:-
sanskar did d presentation which was liked by everyone…everyone praised sanskar n dey got d project finally..aadarsh felt proud seeing sanskar…everyone congratulate dem n aadarsh praises sanskar..
sanky : no bhaiya its not justified..he looked ansh n told ansh has also done a very gud job,..he worked very hard on this..
aadarsh : yes ansh ..u r also well deserving for dis praises…ansh thanks them..

AT clg canteen:-
swalak continued their eylock…priya saw dm n brking d silence she told : lets go swara to our home there we will complete our lab assignment
swalak breaks their eylock…swara told ok lets go..but I will leave before dawn….priya said ok…lucky bcms happy listning swara will go his home.

At ragini’s clg:-
ragini was taking classes..suddenly she heard some noise n came out to see..
ragini to a coworker : whats happening here?
coworker:as usual daily drama..dey again came here to threaten that dey will brk dis clg as its their property n this college is illegally placed here…they r giving only 2 days for shifting d clg.
rag bcm tensed n thought what if I will not get job in 2 days..then she went back to her class

swalak n priya entered..AP n sujata bcms happy seeing swara as swara is priya’s bestie since 3 yrs.AP also knew abt laksh’s softcorner for swara.
sujata: u 3 sit here .. n say what will u have…we ll prepare it now..
swara: no no aunty we already hv food at canteen I cam here for our assignment.
priya : yes mom we r going to my room..n plz no one will disturb us.she looked at laksh n winked at him n said no one means no one in a teasing tone..lets go swara..they leave n AP smiled at laksh.laksh smiled embrasingly n left to his room.

At ofc:-
sanky: there is no more work in ofc today but I hv some imp papers at home which will be handed over to Mr.khandelwal.so ansh u come wid me to my homw I will handed those papers to u..n tomorrow u hv to submit those to mr khandelwal.ansh nodes yes sir.aadarsh told ok lets go.
aadarsh got a msg n he bcms tensed n he told ok sanky u go I hv some work I will complete that then I will come..
sanky bcm confused little but then he said ok..n both left for MM.

At a park:-
the park was beautifully decorated wid flowers n light .it seems to be sunset so the lights n candles were blinking like stars.a round table with two chairs were arranged in middle of decoration.bunch of roses were placed on that table..a beautiful lady was standing beside d decoration wearing a purple gown.facing towards opposite site of entrance.
A handsome guy entered he is non other that aadarsh.
Aadarsh:-y r u doing all dis?i told u before dat I cant give u dat wat u want frm me..i cant luv u..she didn’t turned…aadarsh angrily make her turned her n ask r u listening to me pari..
yes she is pareenita who was still smiling seeing aadarsh.

At MM:-
laksh knock on priyas room door..priya started teasing him n told omg perhaps laksh bhai is not included in no one..may b he is someone special..swara hits her softly n told stop it priya.
laksh told I came here to ask u les come n have smthng u both were working since long tym..
swara: no no..its late..i will leave..priya said but…swara said no no I ma going.priya said ok u pack ur bags let e inform this to mom n badi maa..she went n swalak were present only..
laksh: so u r going ..swara said its late naa..laksh nodes yes making a puppet face

priya was running to down stairs suddenly jerks with someone n she abot to fall but he hod her..he was ansh ..sanskar saw dem n asked r u okay priya? Dey came back to normal position n she nods yes.
n u ansh asked sanky,,,main thik hun replied ansh
swara saw ansh n told bhai tum yahan..!!
sanky: bhai!! U r swara”s bro..( sanky did nt know him as ansh joined ofc recently)interesting..sanskar brought d file n gave to ansh…ansh looked at priya then he asked swara to leave n bothleft.

ragini came home n asked dadi abt shone..she told she didn’t come till..suddenly both ansh n swara came ..rag asked her where is she?how r they coming together.swara explained everything..rag told ok u guys go n get freshen up

at park:-
really aadarsh!! U don’t love me then y u always call me pari lovingly…truth is dat u don’t want to accept ur luv…I luv u a lot aadarsh n plz don’t brk my heart..u know d pain of heart brking..do u want make me feel dat same feeling?aadarsh looked at her with teary eyed..pari took bunch of roses n goes down on her knees..
she smilingly told “ I lv u so much aadarsh. I cant imagine my lyf widout u.i want to be withu forever n ever in my lyf..so mr. aadarsh maheswri would u allow me to grow old wid u?
aadarsh reminded how he did all these for a girl who left him from marriage mandap for money…n tear falls frm his eyes..he couldn’t control him n make pari stand n huged her tightly..then he told I lv u too pari..if u will leave dn I will die for sure..parineeta cries n said thanx to him…aadarsh told no dear keep these tears for ur bidai…as I will come to ur house with baarat very soon to make u mine…they both smiled n hug again…
screen freezes on their hug…………

precap: ragini to slap laksh hard.

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