Ek anokhi kahani Episode 37

Shaurya and payal gets engaged .
All parents sits together .
Arjun passes from their and lisen to them and goes towards frds and says congrates sansky and swara.
Sanskar:-congrates why.
Swara:-haa why.
Arjun:-u will come to know.
Laksh:-areyy say it straight naa why are u rotating matter.
Dev:-come to the point.
Arjun:-dev bhai got married now shaurya bhaiya is getting married and next is.
Ragini:-coughs and says wat no way.
Arjun:-not u rags its sanskar and swara.
Sanskar and swara get shocked.
All parents comes and says that u two also getting engaged tomorrow and u and shaurya marriage will be happen at same day.
Swara:-but u didnot ask me.
Sumi:-catches her ears and says we know about u both so plzz .
Dp:-beta at one day we have to face this problem wat if now or later.
Ap:-dp jii.
Dp:-kk serious tomorrow is your engagement.
Next day.
Swara and sanky engagement.

Sheena is helping to sanskar to get ready he wears white and red mix sherwani.
Swara wears red and white mix lenga.
Sanskar waits in hall .
Rags teases sanskar.
Rags:-sanku boy nervous sai kya.
Sanskar:-when it comes to u then you will know.
Rags:-i am different boss i will make other tensed but i will be bindass.
Sanskar:-lets see and first your love lifecis coming receive him.
Rags turns and sees laksh.
Both waves hi to each other.
Durga brings swara down.
Sanskar keep on watching swara and dev comes and closes sanskar opened mouth and says.
Dev:-wait untill marriage sanskar.
Sanskar feels embrassed and all starts to laugh.
Engagement done by swara and sanskar exchanginig rings.
Rags passes from a room meanwhile a hand drags her inside room.
Rags about to shout but laksh holds her tight by closing her mouth.
Rags:-laksh and hits him i got afraid.
Laksh:-who can touch u when i am here .
Rags:-keeps her hands around his neck and says hmm thats true but the person whom i love is not touching then wat will others do.
Laksh:-you mean to say that and pushes her towards him by holding her by waist .
Rags suddenly hits laksh by his sudden move and they both get so close .
He sees rags lips and comes close to her their is a light touch of their lips but it was not kiss and laksh says will u marry me.
Rags opens her eyes and nodes her head and tears escapes from her eyes but laksh holds it and says never and ever rags in happyness also tears shoukd not come from your eyes.
Rags hugs laksh.

Rags:-thank you laksh i am so lucky to have you in my life i love u a lot and she kisses him at cheeck near to his lips and runs from there.
Laksh:-touches her cheecks and says i love u rags .i love u alot.
Next day they all arrange a big hall because of two marriages.
Durga is getting ready and un able to tight her back blouse threads and suddenly she feels a hand and lifts her head and watches dev.
Durga feels shy.
Dev:-after our 3 months martiage u still feel my touch as a new and u will shy i love that durga.
Durga turns and hugs him
Scene shifts to swara and payal getting ready
Remsining all are preparing wedding rituals .
Rags and sheena arranging everything on pandap.
First sanskar and shaurya comes down and sits.
Sheena sits beside sanskar and rags sits beside shaurya.
Sheena:-bhai suddenly within these 3 days you are getting married wat a drastic change right.
Sanskar:-haa yar unbelievable but i am happy too.
Rags:-loojs at shaurya

Dev is watching her.
Dev:-why are u watching like this towards shaurya.
Shaurya:-haa yar u are making me feel aweward.
Rags:-yesterday my one bhai got married and now another one and tomorrow may me also because mom will not leave now to be single.
Shaurya:-speak good yar bechara laksh after marriage wat will be his situayion and laughs dev also accompany him.
Rags hits shaurya.
Shailajs:-on mandap also u three started unbelievable monkey you three are.
Sanskar and sheena starts laughing at them.
Rags watches him and says he he first u concentrate on swara and your marriage.
Sankar:-ok meri maa.
Ap:-sheena and ragini go and help durga to bring swara and payal to mandap.
They both go and bring them down
They four and taking saath perai.
Raj:-laksh if u said ok i will talk about you and rags to dayal.
Laksh:-wats so hurry dad.

Sakshi:-from our family untill now atleast one son also didnt married.
Arjun:-i am ready to marry maa and papa.
All three shouts shut up.
Arjun:-i am saying i want to marry but u are not lisening when he is saying he dont want to marry u r forcing him to marry.
Laksh:-fine i will but first i should propose rags for marriage.
Raj:-ok but do it fast.
Laksh:-ok .
They four gets married.
Swara and sanskar night after marriage.
Sanskar entres room and finds swara walking here and there in tension.
Sanskar:-hi wat happen.
Swara:-i am not understanding everything happened so fastly.
Sanskar:-why u r not happy.
Swara:-no. I mean i am happy .
Sanskar goes and hugs her and asks to just clse ur eyes and relax ok.
Swara hugs sanskar and closes her eyes .

They both share hug for few minutes.
Shaurya and payal share some cute moments in their appartments.
Sanskar and swara comes to their senses and sanskar kisses on her forehead in same time swara kisses sanskar chin.
Sanskar lifts swara and makes her sit on bed he closely removes all jewellary and kisses her eyes neck chin and finally they kiss on lips and they intimate.
Sanskar cluches her hand with his hand and another hand passes threw all over body of swara.
Finally they intimate and swara happiness comes out by a tear drop from her eyes.
And that night ends with their closeness.

Next day morning in dev house.
All are waiting at dinning table.
Durga and rags serves breakfast for everyone.
Durga passes plate to rags and says.
Durga:- here rags ur favorite aloo paratha.
Before rags recives durga feels dizzyness and about to fall but all catches her.
In dev room.
Shailaja is checking durga and starts smiling.
And says we all got promotions becausecof these two.
Rags means

Dev:-haa maa wat r u saying.
Dayal understands and goes and hits dev head and says you became dad dev and rags u r maami.
Rags and dev shouts and hugs each other.
Because of their noise durga comes to her senses and wakes up and says.
Durga:-sry ragss i dono wat happen to me i wasted your aloo paratha.
Rags hugs her and says dont worry bhabhi aftter 9 months u give me two aloo and paratha.
Durga wat and sees dev and dev nodes in yes .
Shailaja :-we will wait down u both come ok.
Three goes down.
Dev hugs durga and says thank you durga thank you for this wonderfull gift.
Durga and dev comes down.

Rags runs to her and hugs her and say thank you bhabhi for coming and bringing a lot of happiness in our lifes.
Shailaja:-durga get ready first we will go to hospital for few chechups and then we will go to your and swara house ok.
Durga nodes.
Swara getting ready and sanskar comes and hugs her.
Swara:-untill now you are not ready.
Sanskar:-i will sweaty i am going to get ready and thought to givve u morning hug.
Swara:-your gift is taken and get ready i am going to prepare breakfast.
Sanskar:-do you know how to cook i thought that.

Swara:-opens mouth and breaks the hud and say u mean to say that u thought i dont know how to cook.
Sanskar:-i mean.
Swara:-dont just wait and watch she goes outsise side.
After sometime all gather at dinning table and all check breakfast made by swara
Sheena:-wow bhabhi awesome.
Sanskar:-shows super.
Dp:-ahhaa ohooo wat a breakfast after so many years i am eating something new.
Ap hits him and says every funny
Dp:-i am just kidding its awesome swara.
Swara:-thank you papa.
Dp gets a call and says wow dayan wat a news.
Sanskar:-dont tell me dad yomorrow is rags shaadi.
Sheena and all laughs.
Dp:-no actually durga is pregenant.
Swara:-wat wow really i am calling her.
Swara:-dii congrates.
Durga:-thank you swara and haa how is your day.
Swara:-my day its already awesome and u made it outstanding.
Durga smiles.
Rags calls to laksh.
Laksh in sleep.
Laksh:-haa ragoo.

Rags:-lucky lucky o my lucky a good newz.
Laksh:-oh my god my baby is having so much excitement wat happen
Rags:-durga bhabhi is pregenant.
Laksh opens his eyez and says wat.
Rags:-yes i am very happy lucky very very happy.
Laksh:-rags in this happiness i want to take you out will u come.
Rags:-what is this lucky u r asking me u can say me to come instead of asking u have that right.
Laksh:-love you so get ready at mid night.
Rags:-wat mid night.
Laksh:-if you have any problem then its ok no compulsary.
Rags:-if you are with me then i have no problem i will come.
Laksh:-bye ragoo.
Rags:-bye lucky.

Precap:-laksh and ragins romantic moments and laksh proposing rags for marriage

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