swaragini-a never ending lovestory (chapter 7)

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swara is checking in the hotel.while the receptionist is filling details,swara checks for credit card.

Receptionist calls bell boy and he starts to take her luggage.swara sees one bag missing….she searches for it everywhere.

she calls to the airport authority.but they too refuse to have her bag.she gets tensed….because her id proofs and college form were in that bag.

She was about to cry when she remembers something….The incident at the AIRPORT.

She remembers colliding with a guy and other guy picking up her bags. (Of course they were sanskar and laksh).

swara:(in mind) so they stole my bag…..I won’t spare them….I will complain against them….but for that I have to find them first.and where will I search for them in this big city?

she comes out of her thoughts when receptionist calls her.she gives her key.

swara: can I get a car tomorrow for a whole day?
receptionist : yes ma’am, we can give you a car…but not for a whole day…because we give cars for selected hours to our guests.


She goes to her room.she sits on the bed.and removes her sneakers. She lays on the bed closing her eyes. The incidents of the whole day slides in front of her eyes one by one.Many incident happened in just a single day.

She sleeps without changing clothes.


Sanskar is asking for the last time to laksh

Sanskar:shall we open this bag??? How it came with us??

Laksh:(irritated )please open it bhai….you have asked this question for 1000th time…

They opens the bag…and starts investigation about the owner.

They find lip gloss, kajal, glares,tissues, sanitizer and moisturiser in first pocket.

Laksh: this is a bag of a girl for sure.

Sanskar : which man carries pink bag with him??? It can be said just from the outerlook of the bag.

Laksh:okay bhai…don’t be sarcastic. Let’s check 2nd pocket.

They find a form Delhi college of music, air ticket,id card of a college in kolkata and a clutch with driving licence and money.

Sanskar reads the name on the id card…”Ms. Swara Gadodiya.”

Laksh: show me bhai…. (looks at the picture of the girl) she is cute,isn’t she?

Sanskar:yup…she is..But first we have to find out this girl. (Suddenly ) she is the one who collided with us at the airport.

Laksh: so it means she just came in Delhi from kolkata.So most probably she must be staying in a hotel.

Sanskar: or in a relative’s house…but she was alone when she was going….no one came to receive her that means she has no relative in Delhi…..she must be staying in a hotel for sure.

Laksh: THE WORK IS DONE. We just have to find out in every hotel in Delhi.

Sanskat:do u even know how many hotels are here in Delhi?
laksh:oh…so what can we do…?

Sanskar: we can give it to police.they will find her.and she will also go to police station to find out her bag.


They both go to sleep.


Swara wakes up in the morning get ready.

She is wearing a yellow t-shirt with black jeans.and a high ponytail.

she goes in search of her bag.she asks at every poise station she finds in her way but no clue….

It’s afternoon now and the car of hotel left her as the hours were finished.

She was tired and walking on the road.she tries to hire a cab but every cab was full.

She was being irritated due to the limitless pollution.

Swara:(to herself) how polluted this city is…….I haven’t seen this much pollution in my life.

She ties scarf on her face. Now only her eyes can be seen.

Suddenly a car stops beside her….

The guy in the car,” can I give lift to you?”

Swara gets shocked seeing that guy…He was the one who collided with her last night,Mr. Laksh maheshwari.

Sanskar from the other side says,”make it quick miss….We are in hurry.”

Swara is more shocked seeing him.

Swara:(in mind) it seems that they are from a reputed family.so what was the need to steal my bag?? I will ask them by myself.

She gets in the car.

Swara:(in mind)may be they are drug addicts and their family have stopped giving them money.OMG!!!! they are drug addicts!!!No one can say this from their face.

PRECAP:laksh and sanskar following swara. Swara shouts”stop following me.if you both won’t go from here then I will shout and people will hit you.”

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