It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) raglak dhammaka entry of aaroh Episode 5

Here I am thanks so much guys for your comments and yaa in this episode Swara will come so don’t worry and yaa as I say arjun character will be performed by vevain dsena and yaa I will also bring one character too so soon.

@ the party
Shekhar – finally boys we reached our destination with your bullfight
Sanskar – it’s not me dad who always fight
Laksh -yaa yaa every one knows
Shekhar -stop it you two and let’s go we have to face some one anger
Scene shift
A lady is with Ragini maheshwari and concerning her
Ragini -I know it’s my fault I have to careful about that and now what we will do. Sumi mam
Sumi -don’t we will find some solution. Let me call him.
Sorry daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarling! Shekhar, Laksh, and sanskar said at the same time.

Sumi -you all get the time to come. And Laksh you know it is important event for our company that only you are late.
Laksh -sorry mom! I thought our super model is with so that’s why I came late. Heyy what happened why are you crying Ragini is everything thing is okay!!!!
Ragini is still crying!!!
Sumi – actually Laksh beta the rock band which we invited here to perform they are not coming and for this party we had actually only that thing was speacially organized.
Shekhar – don’t Sumi I ll call to organize any rock band..
Sanskar- yaa I also call some music company to send their music group!!!
Sumi – noways you both are not going to do anything as it matter of Sanlak so we will do something you both go and meet your clients as it is already late,,,
Laksh :yes dad and sanky you both go as I have some plan so don’t worry!
Shekhar -are you sure…
Sanskar -but…….
Sumi -now discussion is over you both go we will join you later tonight

Sanskar and Shekhar go to meet their clients..

Ragini -what now we will do???
Laksh -listen I have planned something and we will going to make this night blasting ?
Sumi -okay beta just tell us
Laksh started telling his plans (it will be displayed after some time)
Ragini -lucky you are superb man!!!!!!
Sumi-plan is sounding good I ll get done and you two do your work.

Sumi had to find his manager……….
Ragini -lucky you know it’s my mistake only
Lucky -stop feeling guilty rags I know you have done your best and yaa now we have to focus on our plan we will talk all this later….
Ragini -one minute lucky I have to say something………..
Laksh -what Ragini????????
Ragini -I love you buddhu……… She just go from there by giving kiss on lucky cheeks….
Laksh – to him self (I love you too my super roonduu mean crying baby

Scene shift
Ap -finally you both came. Adarsh tell your dad just be punctual sometime…. (in teasing way)
Dp (in funny taunt ing way) -OH god my sweet wife I am just only 20minutes late as I have some meeting in the office because someone just rush hurry!!!!!!!!!!
Adarsh -haa haa mom and dad you are awesome but we talk about this later now we have to wait for them as they call me they are coming in 10min so we have some drinks
Ap -yaa beta well here some is getting happy to taunting
Dp – and some one is getting happy to teasing me
Adarsh (to himself) – god just blessed them to love each other like that always……

Next scene of Venice (present)
A big cabin is shown one man is reading some files and it’s another hand handling his chicken burger sudden a lady came knock his cabin
Man – yaa come in….. Maya in a eating way and his are on the files..
Maya -how you get that I am knocking arjun sir..
Arjun turn looking dashing and soo Hot he kept his burger aside clean his hand with tissue and closed to Maya
Maya(is just a side character nothing to much)
Arjun – I know because I am the best…. Don’t you think so… And more closer to her…..
Maya (in a hesitating) :sssssiiir Mrrr.. Mehra had arrived..
Arjun -you can say me that later n now I have to meet him but we can continue after work. Okay (smiling as devil)
Maya go from there and blushes so much….
Arjun to himself -OH god you made woman so perfectly for me but only one mistake you had done to put their brains in their foot….. Haa haa…….
After some time….
Mr mehra -arjun I know that you are only loyal to that Malik company but as a lawyer you should have atleast some fear about Law and police… You can’t do this… I made complain against you and that bl***y company
Arjun (in calm way) -I think you should control over your tongue and hand as now you are thinking why I am saying this because yesterday with which girl you are staying I have some clips I can made some better mms now I think you got it as I am waiting for your answer yes or no
Mr mehra -okay I signed on that property papers and please give that picture to me… Arjun I beg you…. Please
Arjun – don’t worry Mr mehra your secret is safe in my hand and yaa while going close the door of my cabin……
Mr mehra gone……. Arjun is calling one person… On phone
Arjun -dadi (anuradha Malik) work is done deal is our…
Dadi- great arjun! Now you please go to New York
Arjun – again she is going to get new prize money now in dollar (in naughty tone)
Dadi-yaa again but this time I am going to give her a good punishment .
Arjun – dadi you know by any punishment she is not going to stop it
Dadi -I don’t know anything now you just go bring her……….

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