Ek Aastha aisi bhee 26th April Analysis

The episode starts with Shiv coming in Garden near God’ s idol and complains about his problems.

Aastha and shiv are buying lehanga(dress) for aastha. Seeing shiv lost in his thoughts Aastha asks shiv what happened to u is there any problem shiv thinks problem herself is asking is there any problem and says nothing happened. Seller asks shiv to help in showing lehanga to aastha and then asks him to fix aastha dress by pin.Aastha blushes.Aastha says show more dresses. Shiv gets radhikas call and does noy pick up Aastha tells him to pick call and talk outside as u r getting bored here. Radhika says to shiv where r u he says if i dont pick the call it means i m with someone and rightnow i m with aastha shopping for her engagement dress our roka happened tomorrow is our Engagement and then marriage he says u got shocked right even i felt the same. Aastha goes to try dresses Radhika comes there and tells Shiv that i will tell Aastha everything today about us but shiv stops her. She says i will not let this engagement happen.She takes a dress and goes in changing room aastha comes there and asks shiv is anyone was here He refuses Radhika comes out from changing room Aastha asks her how she is here she says that shiv told her that they were coming for shopping here so she thought to join them and shoppibg should be done with friends right. Aastha says right and they both tty various outfits and show it to shiv.Radhika asks Shiv who is looking better . Lakshmi comes there and tells that ofcourse shiv will like her brides lehenga. Shiv says yes. Lakshmi tells Radhika to wear some good clothes what kind of clothes have u worn Learn something from Aastha see how simple is her dress but still she is looking beautiful. Go and change yoyr dress radhika. She goes Shiv tells lakshmi that u should not hav talked to radhika that way she is aastha friend. Lakshmi says she is Aasthas friend thats y i have told her and it will help her in future. She says i was shopping engagement ring and i know u both must be here so came here to meet u both. shiv takes shivling on shoulders then guruma does its pooja.

Jaya chachi daughter in law talks to herself that how beautiful i m looking anf if i was not married then 8 to 10 ptoposals would have come jaya chachi comes there and their discussion goes on.
Preparations are going on in durga niwas.Aasthas family comes there. Runjhun says i wish even i get a good groom today. Ashok asks her is his dress looking new she says yeah and he puts his dress price tag outside and says now everyone will understand its new dress.

Govind asks aastha r u searching shiv aastha blushes. She touches guruma feet.

Shiv starts recorder on his phone and says that mom u have taken my life’s every decision from school to college but now i have decided that i will not marry Aastha becoz i love Radhika. So please stop this marriage.

Radhika comes there and asks lakshmi is this dress fine. Lakshmi says its good u have started learning some things from aastha. Radhika thinks just wait and watch and see what i will do of your favourite aastha. Aastha collides with shiv on stairs and was about to fall but shiv holds her and they have an eyelock. She sees medicine bottle there and asks shiv is he illnor having fever shiv says he is fine.

Precap= Aastha watches shiv taking medicines and asks guruma and lakshmi is shiv ill they gets tensed. Radhika pours some liquid on aatha’s dress.

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