Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi saying Ishita spoiled the party. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you keep such party for Adi. He asks her to keep bag. She asks what’s it, tell me. He opens the bag. She sees wine bottles and says after Raman’s matter, Ishita banned wine at home. He asks her to keep it. She asks for Adi. He says I dropped him to Mani’s house, I will go now, Ishita will scold me. She says fine, go else everyone will doubt on you. He goes. Raman and Ishita bring Roshni home. Raman lies Roshni on sofa. They all ask who is this girl. Ishita asks Romi to say, or shall I say.

She makes Roshni have water. She says don’t know what was fed to her, she is not conscious, this was Romi’s idea to enjoy with girls who are brought there against their will. Raman says Ishita, we will take her inside first. Ruhi says take her to my room. Raman lifts Roshni and takes her. Aaliya says how can Adi do this. Mihika says no, I don’t think Adi can do this, Romi answer. Romi says we did not do anything wrong, it was Adi’s bachelors, we had no such intentions, his friends wanted to have normal dancers. Ishita says normal dancers are helpless, they are drugged and made to dance, you think you can call them for fun. Shagun says relax, its no big deal, girls are called to bachelors. Raman says Shagun, Ishita is right, we attended parties, but did not do this, where is Adi. Romi says Adi did not know this, he got angry when he got to know, its not his mistake, it was surprise for him, he is at Mani’s house. Shagun asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says you go, I will come later. Ishita says I will see that girl.

Mani asks Adi about the party. Adi says it was small get together, is Aaliya home. Mani says Shagun and Aaliya went to your home. Adi says yes, she told me. He thinks Aaliya told me and I forgot being tensed. He thinks to tell Aaliya before Ishita tells her. He calls Aaliya. Ishita says this girl is not getting conscious. Adi hears this on phone and ends call. Ishita asks Aaliya to call Mihika.

Mani gives water to Adi. He asks why are you in tension. Adi says everything is fine. Mihika gets medicines. Ishita says there are many drugs cases, they just lose control, they don’t know what is done to them, they don’t remember anything, this medicine will reduce drugs effect. Raman comes and asks when will she become conscious. Ishita says she will need some time, I m giving her medicines.

Ms. Bhalla says its good Ishita got the girl home, Romi creates problems. She sees the wine and says what to do, Ishita will get angry, Mr. Bhalla will scold me, I will do one thing. She fills vodka in water bottle. She says I will have loaded. Neelu comes and says Amma is calling you. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, I will come, go. She keeps the bottle there and goes.

Roshni gets conscious. She asks Raman who are you, what’s this place. Ruhi says relax, you are safe here. Ishita says you are with us. Raman says don’t worry. He asks Ishita to talk and goes. Ishita says relax, you are safe, away from those people, she is my bahu, that’s my daughter, and this is my sister, nothing will happen to you here, you are from Khandpur right, I met your mum in temple, she came to take sindoor, she showed your pic in mobile, you got married 2 days before. Roshni cries.

Ishita asks what happened with you, you are safe here. Roshni says I was coming Delhi with my husband. Aaliya asks where is he. She says he took me to a park and asked me to wait there. Ishita asks did he leave you there. Roshni says guard made me leave from park, goons got after me, then that driver took me to Shanti, I thought she is good. Ishita says good people are not found easily in unknown city, how did your husband leave you. Aaliya says how mean is that. Ishita says we will see him. She asks do you have his number. Roshni says no, I met him on marriage day, I don’t know him. Aaliya says he left you without phone, where is your luggage. Roshni says he did not come back, he is a man and have phone and money, I had nothing.

Ruhi says you should have gone home, Khandpur is not far. Roshni says I can’t go home, my mum got my marriage done by much requests. Ishita says don’t worry, we will find your husband, I will ask him why he did this, he has to support you, this is my promise, don’t worry for anything, this is your house. Ruhi says yes, you can stay in my room, don’t get scared. Ishita says you are not alone.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma about Ishita getting a girl home. Amma says Ishu did good, I forgot something, there are best designs of bangles, see this, get such for Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla likes it. Amma says I have headache. They ask Neela to make coffee. Mrs. Bhalla says I also know making coffee. Amma says you always compete with me and never win. Amma asks her for ayurvedic water. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika to get the bottle from her room. Mihika gets the vodka bottle.

Ruhi makes Roshni ready and goes. Aaliya asks how are you feeling. Roshni says I can’t express, you all gave me much love. Aaliya says you are very brave, so much happened with you, your husband left you, you did not lose courage. Roshni says Lord made me meet good people. Aaliya asks are you not angry on your husband. Roshni says he did not say yes to marry me, he was stuck because of me. Aaliya says he is wrong and playing with your emotions, he will never change, he can’t leave you, he did not try to contact you, even I got engaged, my fiance can’t do this with me, after marriage a couple is not just husband and wife, we are friends, anything could have happened with you.

Roshni says such happens with wives in village, we don’t have right to say anything. Aaliya recalls Khandpur and says I understand, they think women are their property. Roshni says yes, we gave no rights. Aaliya asks her to fight for her rights, you don’t need to become Ghulaam like this. Roshni says you are right, I feel like home here. She hugs Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to worry. Ishita looks on and smiles. She compliments Roshni and asks her to have milk. Roshni thanks them. She smiles and thinks Lord thanks for giving me good people, just make me meet my husband.

Ishita says he is Adi, my son, Adi and Aaliya are going to marry. Roshni and Adi get shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Amena for the quick updates!
    As I said yesterday, Roshni won’t reveal her relation with Adi – just like in the movie ‘naseeb apana apana’

  2. Looks like Ishita will make sure Adi lives with Roshni. I think only Ishita and Raman will accept Roshni and I don’t think the rest will accept her, Since they are going to bring Season 2, they may have the story going on like Romi and MIhika are against Roshni being accepted and probably leave the house which means make an exit of the show. I just would like to know how Aliya will react… Shagun can’t be that angry with Adi knowing that it was not Adi’s fault but I think she will with Ishita for accepting Roshni. Ishita is very principled person so she will not suggest that Adi annul the marriage. Adi will react worse towards Roshni than even Raman and Ishita in the beginning episodes. Even Ishra in the beginning episodes hated each other but not to the extent where either one of them would want to kill. Their hatred was always coupled with nok jhok but here Adi has so much of hatred towards Roshni.

  3. Obviously only Roshni will remain as Adi’s wife.. But what will Aaliya do?? Move on??
    That’s the only thing she can do…

  4. azuka nkwonta

    If roshni remains adi’s wife then aaliyah will marriage mirhi as far as my prediction remains to be true whether detective / mommy goody goody ishita likes it or not

  5. Not sure i think it will be like in the serial Mohi. Aliya and Adi will be married and Roshni have to stay quiet but after marriage everybody will know the truth and forgive adi for is mistake

    1. I dont think sooo jis sy aik br shaadi ho gae bs use sy rehti haiii. But it is a posdibility that Roshini will turn negitive or better yobsay wo negitive hi hooo then chances houn geee adi aliya ky warna agr rsoshni ka real face yege houa then i dont think so ky adi aliya unite houn geee

  6. Radhika malhotra

    Good episode and precap was good

  7. ashok khanna should be brought in the picture. There should be some investigation into the death of roshini s wouldbe. You cant just cover up the crime, he committed. It was not adi s fault, he received the wrong signal. Damage was done by the culprit ashok. Otherwise ishra will be a laughing stock. adi s servant can be questioned.

  8. I just hope dat it isnt similar 2 Gopurangal Saivathillai, cause it seems like its going toward there anywho poor Alia the shitty hus who left Roshni is the same man who u love n think have a gr8 respect 4 u or towards woman.

  9. Alia if ur man is married 2 another plz dont even try 2 fight 4 an ass like him give him his own meds n move on, that is just life. Plz dont be a villain n dat includes Rosh. N in case if he decide 2 annulled his marriage still plz dont go back 2 him n Rosh on the other hand woman up n dont let a man like him or anyone diss u.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Even if roshni keeps quiet detective ishita will never keep quiet she will want to find roshhni’s husband and then finds out her son I am waiting to see ishita’s face and disappointment when she discovers that her son is roshn’s husband. I want Adi to tell the truth instead of keeping quiet as you know truth solves all problems. If this forced marriage remains then there won’t be aaliyah /Adil’s wedding and in the future aaliyah and mirhi love story will end up in a marriage

  11. azuka nkwonta

    There is nothing to watch in all this marriage thing that is going on. I was never even interested in adi/aaliyah’s wedding wanted it to end very fast so that other things will continue. This wedding thing is boring it’s not like ishita’s wedding. They should have two years leap already and show us things that happened before that two years in flashback as the serial continues. I love Adi but the directors of this serial is making his character look bad.

  12. season 2 of yhm will be even worse. coz there is nothing in or it will be repeat of yhm

  13. I hust hope dat the Alia Roshni n Adi situation don’t turn into Mohi, god I hated that series. Adishni already luking hot 2gather unlike Adilia n hope that she stays the way she is but be strong gal who can defend herself of everything. Luv Adishini pair, seazling

  14. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t understand what people mean by season 2 of yhm is that another serial. Yhm is still interesting but not as interesting as is was when it first began. The problem of yhm are the directors why because they leave alot of plots in the drama unfinished and some plots are not even touched. For example ruhi and shavran grew up together as kids but today ruhi is a college student but shavran is still a high school student I don’t understand that does it mean that ruhil is older than shavran. We don’t hear about gaurav or simmi anymore. We hear about ruhi we don’t hear much about shavran. We no longer hear much about Ashok he should have gotten married by while he continues as a villain. The directors of this serial should know that villain don’t die they die at the end of the movie. But shagun is dying as a villain they are trying to make her change which is wrong she remains the only surviving female villain now. The directors should have pursued her divorce with Mani at that time and break off that marriage make shagun to become desperate and then force her to return to Ashok. A villain has to remain a villain until her last existence in the movie where they can decide to change or continue in their evil ways. We need to see more of iyers and bala’s families they are part of the plots in the drama. The little kids in this serial needs to be exposed they are part of the plots available in the serial. Lets continue with yhm it has alot of potential so the producers and directors need to do more to make yhm what it was when it first began.

  15. I’m loving this new track a lot….love ishra and adishni….

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