Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar and Dolly coming to Pandey house for lunch. Thapki senses someone is watching her and asks who is there. Suman comes and takes Thapki with her. Samar and Tina are seated with others to have lunch. Kosi signs Bani. Thapki tells Bani that she made her favorite kheer. Tina says you makes my favorite halwa always. Thapki says your halwa is made often. Bani moves her hand to give chit to Samar. She then throws it on him. Samar gets the chit and reads. He thinks why Tina is calling me to store room. Bani is waiting for him in store room and thinks to trap him. She sees Munna there and is shocked. Munna smiles. Bani asks what you are doing here? Munna says he entered following her. She asks why did you come here? Munna says I came to help you. Bani asks him to hide somewhere and gives her promise.

Samar is coming to storeroom. Tina calls him. Samar stops and says you wanted to meet me. Tina says I always want to meet you, and apologizes to him. Thapki comes and asks them to come. They hear the noise coming from store room. Thapki says why it is locked and asks who is there, open the door. They break and open the door. They see Bani in the store room. Bani tells that she misses basti people and that’s why came here. Thapki hugs her and says you can stay in your room.

Munna comes out of the cupboard. Thapki, Tina and Samar are shocked. Thapki asks who are you? Vasu, Balwinder and others also come there. Kosi says he is Munna and tells that he is Bani’s childhood friend. Thapki asks what he is doing here. She questions Bani. Bani tells her that Munna is her boyfriend and came to meet her. Munna gets happy. Tina smiles and asks are you sure that he is your boyfriend? She asks how can you make him your boyfriend. Thapki asks her to respect for Bani’s feelings. Tina apologizes to Thapki and Munna. Munna greets them. Vasu says we don’t like these secret meetings. Thapki asks do you really love Munna? Kosi is shocked. Bani says I love Munna and that’s why he came to meet me. She tells Munna that they shall tell everything to them. Dolly asks are you planning marriage now? Bani says we haven’t thought about marriage as yet. Thapki asks Munna to stay in the house for few days. Vasu shouts Thapki. Thapki says we can know him and make a decision. She asks do you love my daughter? Munna says yes. Thapki hugs Bani.

Later Thapki goes to temple in the night and thanks God for giving her immense happiness, and asks her to send Bihaan and complete her family. She cries. Temple bell rings. She hears some people applauding for the rockstar performing on the stage near the temple. Bihaan is shown performing on the stage singing song..nadaan parinde ghar aaja. Thapki comes there and tries to see him. Bihaan continues to sing and perform. Bihaan runs and jumps towards his fans. They catch him. His hand touches Thapki’s hand. Thapki senses his touch and asks who is he? A girl says he is Aryan Khanna.

A girl is dancing with Samar forcibly. Bani brings Tina and Thapki there. They get shocked. Tina gets tears in her eyes. Bani smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. very very nice epi

  2. hey wow….wonderful…I am so happy means he is really bihaan. not Aryan.actually I got worry because of bihaan and his character was very nice and that’s another level.I thought I am going to miss bihaan. I am so happy now….hai pooja,garima,reshal,anu,Jo,sruthi,kudrat,naira,Leena,sri,juvi, Ritz,rifa,Vinni,navami,sandy and all my tpk friends…pls comment

    1. Hola vinolin yeah me too I thought it will be new character in the story but have the same face of bihaan, but seeing today episode it means it is bihaan but he of course have a memory lost , waiting for next episode ?
      Manish entry was GAJAB ❤❤❤❤
      Take care vinolin and am waiting for your ff ??

    2. Garbage memory loss.the writers don’t know anything else. What a load of cowdung.

    3. I am also excited to see TPK. Really missing bihaan. Vinolin waiting for your fanfiction

  3. GAJAB ……


    Soo good

    Hi buddies how are you all.

    Happy ? na Afcource .

  4. What i dont understand is how the people of the pandey family are treating bani, as if her being back in the house doesnt matter to them at all and onky thapki was waiting for bani. Just one day of crying when they first saw her and tgen everything back to normal. No sisterly memories or bonding or missing, not even vasu sharing one sweet moment with her. Is that hw people react when they get bsck their long lost darling after 15 years. On the contrary, bani, despite her hard exterior has shown more feelings for tge family members than vice versa

  5. Simrank

    Hlo everyone finally mani came❤❤

  6. Manish Goplani your acting , in every role is super, fantastic, awesome. You are really genius. What a great come back. Of course, you deserved it and you nailed it.I want to see you, opposite of bani.

  7. Yeah
    Rockstar bihaan urrf aryan
    Super excited ??? is back

  8. Vinolin.d

    Hello! my dear simran….how are you?

    1. Simrank

      Hello vino babe fine how r u nd ofcourse mani came back we have to be damn fine ?

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    hI sandy….how are you dear? take care my darl.

    1. Simrank

      Plz vino dear dnt b sorry its ok u r my cutee frnd nd btw m wtng for ur ff dear also i updated mine if u have time plz do read it dear nd r u on wattpad????tc lu

  10. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    miss you bihan pandey…never watch tpk …..

    1. Simrank

      Hi i guess u shud watch now i mean mani came back?

  11. Wish u all very Gajaaa…b evening to all…
    love you..
    keep missing me…

  12. Wow .. Manish is back with our Bihaan.
    Hi.. My dearies. .

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