Durga 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Damini overpowers Durga

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Scene 1
Dev is running and comes to the mandir. He asks Prohit if he has seen Durga? He says no but what happened to you? Dev says I have been looking for Durga but she left me. Prohit says she can’t leave you like this, don’t worry she must be stuck somewhere.

Lakhan and Durga are in the jungle. Lakhan asks her to open the magical door. Durga says I won’t. Lakhan drags her and says I don’t have patience so just open it.

Damini comes to Dev’s room and doesn’t find him there.

Chogmaya is at the party and tries to call out to Geeto. She is very small so Geeto can’t see her.

Damini comes in the porch and Chogmaya comes there. Damini finds her.

Dev tells Prohit that how will I call Durga back when I don’t have her anklet? He says when I touched Mata’s idol before, the magical door opened.

Lakhan brings Durga to Mata’s idol and says just touch it and open the door. Durga says I won’t help you. Lakhan says it’s not your choice. He forcefully makes her touch it. The magical door opens and Durga sees Dev on the other side. She says I have to go to Dev. Lakhan says I am going back as well. They start going on the other side but Damini comes and stands in front of them. She says you both thought you could fool me? Right Lakhan? Durga says how do you know all this? Damini brings out Chogmaya and says she started all this. Durga thinks she is the same woman who came on the wedding day. Damini says you people thought you could get away from me. Lakhan says do you not remember what I did with you? Damini says I have Chogmaya with me today. Lakhan asks Durga to do magic and throw her away. Durga says I don’t know how to. Lakhan brings sindoor and throws it at Durga, he asks her to show her powers now. Damini laughs at her. Durga prays to Mata and raises her hand, Damini gets pushed and falls down. She is shocked. Chogmaya says this is Mata’s power, I need my powers back to fight her, I need a human body. Damini says you will get the body. She sees them running and eats Chogmaya, it makes Durga and Lakhan fall down. She starts turning into an evil form. She says you thought you could beat me? How will you make me lose now? Now Damini and Chogmaya have become one. Dev is watching all that too. Damini takes her human form back. She freezes the magical door and it vanishes. Durga is stunned. Durga says what is going on? Lakhan asks Durga to do something. Damini says your magic is nothing in front of my powers. You want to go to the other side? Durga says yes, my Dev is in trouble, please open the door. Damini opens the magical door again. Lakhan asks her to not trust this Damini. Durga sees Dev on the other side. Damini blows on her and Durga gets sucked in the door. Lakhan tries to go behind her but falls away.

PRECAP – Damini tells Lakhan that I have sent Durga to patal log. Dev asks Panna if Durga will be saved if he marries her? She says yes. Dev starts marrying her. Other side Damini is making Lakhan marry Geeto. Durga has to face a big snake in Patal Log.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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