RadhaKrishn 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Reveals Mahadev’s Location To Sam

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Shani dev tells Devi Parvati that Sri Krishna made a mistake and he has to punish Krishna for his deeds. Devi Parvati asks him to think again as he may crate a disaster with his act. Balram sees darkness hovering them and asks reason to Krishna. Krishna says Shani dev’s shadow is following. Shani disappears telling Devi Parvati that nobody can stop him from performing his duty. Devi Parvati hopes Mahadev hides in a place where Shani cannot find him. Mahadev sees watermelons and thinks its best place to hide in this place and have even food, he gets into water and meditates. Balram asks Krishna where is Mahadev. Krishna says he is in Kashi itself and is hiding in water. A man gets into water and sense someone’s presence inside water. Mahadev stands up and asks why is he disturbing his meditation. Man asks what is he doing here, he forgot to take charity from king. Mahadev says he doesn’t need money as he meditates under water and calms his hunger with fruits and vegetables around the place. He breaks a watermelon and eats it and gets back under water to meditate.

Shani dev searches Mahadev when he hears someone chanting Mahamrityunjai mantra and reaches him to find out its Sam and asks why he was chanting mantra. Sam requests to take him along. Shani says he is searching Mahadev to put his vakra drishti/angry vision him and doesn’t want any hurdle. He disappears. Sam thinks Shani is behind Mahadev and may forget to put his vakra drishti on Krishna, so he has to do something.

Guards inform Kashi king that prince is unable to hunt an animal even after 7 pahars. King feels disappointed and thinks why didn’t his son succeed even after getting blessed by many saints. Krishna enters disguised and says his son didn’t get blessings from a great saint. King asks who is he. Krishna says he is a businessman. King asks who what kind of business he does. Krishna says he deals in business of love. King warns that he dared to interfere in royal family’s issues. Krishna says he should take his son to saint instead because of whom he got a bhiga worth of diamonds. King asks if he is joking with him. Krishna asks to accompany him to see the reality. King says if he is lying, he will be punished and orders soldiers to capture him until he realizes his reality.

Radha gets sad reminiscing Krishna telling that they will separate after Shani dev puts his vakra drishti on him. She thinks what is her mistake to bear punishment, she needs to share her ordeal with Devi Parvati and calls her. Devi Parvati thinks she cannot help Radha this time as she needs to protect Mahadev’s powers till he returns. Radha repeatedly calls Devi Parvati.

Krishna takes king to a barren land and says this is his wealth. King says he is joking with him again and pulls his sword to kill him. Krishna says he is hiding his wealth via mantras and with a snap of his fingers wealth emerges. King says its a magic. Krishna says its not magic but a saint’s blessings, so even king should take his son and seek saint’s blessings. King apologizes to not trust him and asks where can he find that saint. Krishna says he should search all water bodies. King says saint who is meditating under water must be really good, he will search him and meet him soon. Krishna thinks now Mahadev cannot hide. Sam continues walking in jungle. Krishna meets him and asks what is he doing here. Sam says he is hunting. Krishna says he wants him to help him find Mahadev as he is hiding in fear of Shani dev’s vakra drishti. Sam says he will find him for sure, but where is he. Krishna says he is hiding in a water body near Kashi city’s Kashi temple and its Sam’s last chance to prove his competency. Sam thinks father is mentally unstable to trust him repeatedly, now he will find Mahadev and show him to Shani dev.

King with his solders reaches lake and searches Mahadev and finds him under water. Mahadev stands up and asks why did he disturb his meditation. King requests to bless him. Mahadev says he cannot at this time and will go to some other place. King pleads to bless his son to succeed in hunting. Mahadev sees watermelons finished and asks him to get him 2 watermelons. King orders to bring watermelons. Mahadev keeps them in a bag and blesses that his son’s wishes will be fulfilled always. King leaves. Sam takes Shani dev to the spot. Shani doesn’t find Mahadev there and gets angry on Sam. Sam says Mahadev must have left the place just now. Shani notices Mahadev walking and puts his vakra drishti on him. Sam gets happy thinking its Krishna’s turn now.

Precap: King punishes Mahadev with death sentence for killing his son and friend. Shani finds Krisna and puts his vakra drishti on him.

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