Tears Of Love in The Night Of Pain- GUILT (17)

To all the Shernis out there Happy Women’s day. Be Bold Like Tina , Be Righteous like Naira and Be strong like Sirat. No matter what do not give up on your dreams. Happy Women’s day

Episode starts

Naira is with Akshu and Kairav in the kids room. Kartik is lying in his bed. Dadi walks in with a tray. She places it on the side table and sits near Kartik. She notices his wet eyes and wipes them

Dadi: Kittu have your soup

Kartik: Dadi……

He breaks down placing his head in her lap

Dadi: Kittu….dont cry please

Kartik: Im so bad Dadi..I always keep hurting Naira…first I fell down and left her to mourn then I came up and forgot everything and then the word…

Dadi: Kittu….your falling and forgetting is not your fault but the word is the problem. A wife can tolerate anything and any insult if her husband is near her but she cannot tolerate when her husband insults her. I know that Naira is angry with you and she tried to hide her anger with her care but being a woman myself I can sense her anger.

Kartik: Dadi Im so guilty..how do I make it up to her? I know that the wound will not be undone but I want to apply a medicine to them

Dadi: You know Naira better than anyone else. It will take its own time .She will definitely forgive you

Kartik sleeps in Dadi’s lap. Naira walks in with Akshu. She is happy to see Dadi and her Kittu bonding  and turns to leave

Dadi: Naira..ruko…you be with Kartik. Im going down

Dadi slowly places Kartik’s head on the pillow and leaves. Naira puts Akshu in the cradle and walks to Kartik who is sleeping peacefully

She sits near him and caresses his head. Tears flow down her eyes and a drop falls on Kartik’s face waking him up. He notices a crying Naira. He feels guilty for hurting her. As soon Kartik opened his eyes Naira turns away. Kartik holds her hand and stops her.

Kartik: Naira do you hate me so much that you dont want to cry in front of me?

Naira: I can never hate you mendak

Naira gets up and walks away wiping her tears. Her words make Kartik feel more guilty. Naira walks into the dark room . Kartik notices it.

Dark Room

She goes to the wall bearing the counting. Her days without Kartik flash into her mind.

Naira: Those were the terrible days. Atlast there is a full stop to the counting now.
She calls the staffs

Naira : Bhaiya move the trunk and the things out of this room now. Place them in our room.
Staff: Madam the wall..?

Naira: Let it be as it is

Kaira room

The staffs bring in the things and Kartik is surprised as the frog toy falls down
Kartik:Bhaiya give it to me

He takes it and remembers playing with the medak and sherni toys with Naira. Those memories bring back tears . His guilt rips him apart. Thats when Kartik gets curious about the room but before he could get up Naira comes back. Kartik hides the frog toy under his pillo

Naira: You have to sleep now Kartik. Its too late

She switches the lights off and lies down near him. The scene freezes

Kaira room Morning 

Naira wakes up and finds Kartik’s hand dangling out of the cot. She walks to him and takes the hand to place on the cot. Kartik’s hand grips hers

Kartik as a murmur: I know that you are angry…Im so sorry Naira….please forgive me…I love you so much

Naira gets emotional and : I love you too mendak..

. Kairav runs inside..She takes her hand out of his hold

Kairav: Papa

Naira: Baby papa is sleeping..don’t disturb him

Kairav: Par muma

Naira: Baby you are getting late for school arent you? Ill make you ready..you can play with papa in the evening

These sounds wake up Kartik. He slowly gets up and smiles at Kairav

Kaiarav: Good morning papa

Kartik: Good morning beta

Naira: Ab chalo you are getting late..

Akshu starts to cry

Kartik: Naira Ill take care of her you go and see to Kairav

Naira doesn’t speak anything and walks out. Kartik goes to Akshu. He removes the cuff off his hand and takes Akshu in his arms

Kartik: Princess did you miss papa? Im so sorry mera bacha….I have hurt all of you and most importantly your muma. I have been hurting her always. Papa is so bad but Muma is always so good to everyone of us. The word which papa is used is very bad you know…I dont want to justify it too and papa deserves this punishment.

Naira enters the room. Kartik stops on seeing her

Naira: Kartik..whats this? Why did you remove the cuff? Dont you want to get well soon?

She gets Akshu and makes Kartik wear the cuff. Kartik realises some tenderness in her behaviour and realises that her anger has started to melt.

As soon as Naira leaves Kartik walks towards the dark room. He enters it and is shocked to see the counting on the wall. Tears brim his eyes

Kartik in mind: Naira has missed me so much….that she counted the days without me and I …I hurt her with such a mean word. She just followed my foot steps..like I became Sid she became Tina…even Sid was a non existent person but Tina…Tina was the one whom Kartik fell in love with…even Jolly fell for Tina..yuck dont talk of Jolly…he is as dirty as the word he used….I will never forgive myself

As the feelings choke him he slumps and leans against the wall. Kartik starts to cry.

Naira is shown in a parallel frame. As she makes Kairav ready she remembers Kartik’s words to Akshu

Though one part of her wants her to forgive him the other part still aches in pain. Kairav kisses her breaking her thoughts for a moment

Kairav: Bye muma…

Kairav along with Vansh gets into the car and leaves. Naira’s pain comes back


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