Double Swapping Wedding-Ishqbaaz Shot three

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Hi guys. Jazz here with third shot. I am really happy wid ur comments guys. Plz always comment like that. In today’s episode it will be haldi ceremony, jaggo. Ok guys I am punjabi and I always saw jaggo in weddings. I don’t know if anyone knows about this. But I wanted to do something different so this idea just came into my mind. In jaggo people sing boliyan. I don’t know if any of u know punjabi but boliyan will be in punjabi. After jaggo there will be something else too. Guys plz tell me how was it. If u wanted to throw tomatoes eggs anything u can but plz tell me if u found it boring. Enough of my bakbak and let’s go.

Link for the previous shot Shot 2

The preparations r already done. Now its time for Haldi. All girls r wearing simple yellow saree. All boys r wearing sleeveless shirt (like Rudy do in real IB) with pants that r up at the end. They all sat down on. The ceremony started. All elders applied Haldi to boys & girls. Sahil came he grabbed some Haldi & smeared on Ani’s face. Anyone can barely see her skin expect her eyes & lips. Everyone started laughing ?.
Anika: Ruk Sahil ke bacche ab main tumhe baata te hoon. She said while running behind him. ( Stop Sahil I will tell u now). She was about to put Haldi on Sahil’s face. When Dadi stopped her & said: Do u wanr ur Sahil to married at this age?
Anika (confused): No, why?
Dadi: If somebody put groom or bride’s haldi on someone else who is not married then that person gets married soon. Listening to this Sahil said: Anika di here u can put it on me. He forwards his cheek to her. Everyone laughed at that.

Dadi: Ok everyone go take a shower & get ready. We have to do jaggo too.
Shivaay: Jaggo??
Dadi: Yes Jaggo.
Shivaay: I thought we r not doing it.
Dadi: Yes we were not nut now we r as it’s not just ur wedding.
Girls: WOW Dadi we will come quick.
Dadi: Ok. The girls leave to their rooms.
Rudy: See who said “we will come quick.” And he laughs ??. But the boys give him angry ? look. And went to change.
Rudy: What happened to them. He went to his room whistling ?.

After some time. Girls came wearing suits & boys in kurta pyjama.
Anika: Dadi I heard that for Jaggo we have to go to people house and sing boliyan.
Dadi: Yes u heard it right.
Shivaay: Dadi I am not going to anyone’s house.

Dadi: When did I said we r going to anyone’s house??
Om: We r not going anywhere!!
Dadi: No.
Sahil: Why do we have to go to anyone’s house?? If we have 7-8 houses in OM. We will go to Shivaay’s bhaiya room to O bhaiya room and to everyone else’s room. Everyone laughed ????. Sahil makes puppy face like Rudy. To make Sahil happy Dadi said: That will work too. Sahil smiled.
Dadi: Let me tell u how will it work. There will be two groups. One of all boys and other one of all girls. We will compete against each other by signing boliyan.
Shivaay: Fhat the wuck? U kidding me na?
Dadi: No billu
Shivaay: I am not doing this.
Daksh: Shivaay let’s just try it. Please
Shivaay: Ok

Dadi: Ok so from both group a person will have to carry a pot (decorated with lights & lamps) on their head & two persons will have a decorated stick (jaggo stick) that will be banged on the floor & even a chaj would be banged.

And in between if anybody else wants it they can have it too. All cleared.
Everyone: Yes. From boys side Daksh wanted to carry the pot. Rudy & Ranveer was excited for the sticks so they got that. From girls Ishana carried the pot where Soumya and Riddhima got the sticks.
Dadi: Let’s start now.

Boys vs Girls
Boys: Aari aari aari preeto bapu di college aundi aashiqui karn di mari pehlon labaya bullet wala hun labdi fere safari. The boys banged their sticks on the floor. Dadi and soumya’s grandma have chaj was another stick and they banged chaj with that stick.

Girls: girl:aari aari aari ehna mundia nu na aave tod nibhauni yaari,,,nit navi kudi nu perpose launde,,, ehna mundia di mat aashqi ne maari………
The girls banged their sticks along wid both Dadis.

Boys: Na fashion hunda na fashion diyan rutan hundiyan,,,, kudiyan di akrh muk jaani c je ehna de muchan (mustache) hundiyan. Boys banged their sticks really hard this time. Even Dadis did.

Girls: na aashiq hune je na aashqia hundia,,,,,,kive munde marad kahaunde je ehna dia na musha hundia……. Girls banged their sticks harder than the boys so did Dadis.
Daksh gave the pot to Reyaan. Karan and Dev got the sticks.

Boys: ho vari varsi khattan gaya c khat ke layandi roon [x2]
mitran ne pauna bhangra paa boliyan kadakeh dar tu [x2]
mitran ne pauna bhangra ho. Boys banged their sticks through the whole bolyi

Girls: kam da chohber vyah ho giya kuddi v oocheh ghar di [x2]
tere jahey nakameyan na koi dar di vyah na kardi [x2]
tere jahey nakameyan na ho. Even girls banged through the whole bolyi. Ishu gave the pot to Anjali. Ani & Prinku got the sticks.

Boys: Ishq Ishq Na Kareya Kar Ni, Aukha Ishq Nibhona,
Heer De Wangu Kut Churiyan, 12 Saal Khawona,
Bulle Wangu Paake Jhanjran, Penda Nachna Gauna,
Je Karna Pyar Kude, Sikhla Yaar Nibhona..!! Boys banged the sticks.

Girls: Rayiye Rayiye Rayiye,
Chad Ke Eh Desh Apna,
Kyon Tur Pardesi Jayiye,
Tutt Tutt Paiju Marna,
Ithe Bethe Mauj Manayiye,
Kothi Utte Laake Rakkmaa,
Basement Ch Dhakke Kyon Khayiye,
Apna Desh Diyan, Khairan Sdha Manayiye,
Apne Desh Diyan..!! Girls banged their sticks.

Boys: Kali Teri Kurti Rakane,
Hethan Border Laya,
Border Tere Ne Patt Te Gabhru,
Eve Roop Guwaya,
Teri Kurti Ne,
Gabhru Kai Karaya..!! Boys banged their sticks.

Girls: Kothe Utte Kotha Mitra, Vich Kothe Koi Gaawe,
Vehde De Vich Lagje Rounak, Je Veer Boliyan Paawe,
Gidha Taan Jachda, Je Bhabi Lakk Lachkawe,
Gidha Taan Jachda..!! Girls banged their sticks. Dadis did too.

Before anyone can start a new one.
Rudy: Can we stop now?
Dadi: What happened??
Rudy: First of all we started at 6 and now it’s 9. Second look at that majh (cow).
Dadi: What?? Rudy points to the chaj.
Somu: Arrey that’s chaj not majh. ??
Rudy: Whatever but take a look at it. It’s all broken.
Somu’s grandma: We know. It always happens. (I remember in my aunt’s jaggo we had broke a chaj completely ??????).
Dadi: Ok if u done. Then let’s go.
Pinky: Yes tomorrows is ur wedding. U all should take rest. Everyone nodes and went to their rooms to change.

Living Room
After changing all boys r sitting in living room. Rudy see Dadi coming. He ran to her.
Rudy (he starts circling around her) Meri paayri dadi meri acchi dadi meri cute dadi (My sweet dadi my nyc dadi my cute dadi).
Om: His nautanki started. Dadi gives a slight slap on Rudy face.
Dadi: What do u want now?
Rudy: Party.
Dadi: Party??
Rudy: Yes bachelor party.
Dadi: Why??
Rudy: What u mean why? We r getting married tomorrow and today’s our last day we r single. Plz na dadi. See we did every ceremony wid all family members. We even did jaggo. At this time all girls came.
Dadi: Ok. U guys can go.
Rudy to boys: Let’s go guys let’s have some fun. Before any boy cam say anything Rudy drags everyone to get ready while going he winks at Somu. Somu winks back. Dadi notices all girls.
Dadi: U want to go??
Prinku: Where Dadi??
Dadi: R u not gonna do a bachelor party? If boys can do it why not girls?? Before anyone can day anything Somuya says: Really Dadi U R THE BEST. Thank u.
Dadi: U welcome. She left to her room.
Somu: Let’s get ready and we will leave for party. And plz don’t say no.
Girls: Ok
Somu: Plz wear something party type clothes. They all node and left.

Somu Room
She was about to change when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it. It was Anish.
A: Soumya I don’t have something nyc to wear.
I: Same.
S: Ok. Come inside. Let me see if I have something for u guys. She checked her closet. Somu give them some clothes.
S: I have this that will fit u guys.
A&I: We r not going to wear this.
S: This is what I have. Plz try na if u didn’t like it then we will see something else.
A&I: Ok. They leave to their room.
After some time all girls except Anish r in living room.
Tia: Where is Anika & Ishana?
Somu:They will be coming. Anish came. They all get shocked ? seeing Anish in short dresses. Ani is wearing black elegant short dress where Ishu wears blue elegant dress. (Both wid curly hairs).
Riddhima: U both r looking stunning.

Anish: Thanks. Somu is wearing floral dress. Prinku is wearing cute pink top with black capri pants. (Both wid straight hairs).
Tia is wearing white top with pink pencil skirt. Romi is wearing pink top wid black skirt. (Both wid wavy hairs). Riddhima is wearing light green high low wrap dress. Anjali is wearing long sleeve off white dress. (Both in high buns).
Anjali: BTW where r we going?
Somu: U will see when we reach. Now let’s go. Everyone sat in the cars. They reached a place.

Party place
Everyone came out of the cars. Prinku was about to say something when somu grabbed her hand and signed her to stay quite.
Somu: Let’s go. They were about to enter when she sees something & signed them to stop.
Anjali: What happened?
Anika: Soumya why did u bought us here??
There r boys inside.
Ishu: Hawww Somu we r not married yet doesn’t mean….
Ani: Boys means our would be husbands.
Everyone except Anisomu: WHAATTT???
Anika: Shhh. If they heard us they will think we r here to spoil their party.
Somu: But di…
Ani: Stop soumya. We r going to some other place. Ishu grabbed Somu’s hand and started going.
U guys going?? Party is not even started yet. Girls turned and saw Rudy.
Girls except somu: Phail gaya raita.
Rudy: Arreey raita phaila nahi ha. Let’s go inside. Roumya dragged everyone inside. Girls were inside wid Rudy. All boys saw them. They give them “what r they doing here” look.
Girls again: Ab toh raita aur bhi phail gaya.
Rudy: Why r u saying raita phail gaya again and again. I said na kuch nhi phaila. Before any boy can ask anything.
Ishu said: It’s not us. Roumya bought us here. Boys looked at Roumya.
Rudy: Yeah we did. He looked at Somu who is not speaking anything. Arrey Soumya say something.
Somu: Yes it was actually our plan to have party just with youngsters. Sorry if u didn’t like our plan. All girls r looking down when they heard boys laughter. Boys r laughing.
Tia: Shivaay baby what happened? R u alright? They r still laughing.
Ani: I think they have gone crazy (she points her finger to her forehead & do “crazy” sign). She said Their screw got loose. I already told u these boys r mad. Finally the boys stopped laughing.
Daksh: What did u call us Ani??
Shivaay: U called us mad.
Anika: Yeah mad cuz normal people don’t laugh without any reason.
Shivaay: Really!! We were laughing at ur scary faces.
Romi: What u mean?
Dev: Rudy already told us u guys coming.
Ranveer: U thought we didn’t know about that & u all got scared.
Karan: That’s why we’re laughing.
Prinku: That’s not funny.
Romi: We didn’t know we r coming here. Soumya didn’t told us anything.
Somu: Sorry.
Rudy: If we r done wif clearing our confusions. Can we start??
Everyone: Yeah sure. Everyone sat down on chairs. All boys noticed their lodylove wearing beautiful dresses and looking so good. Good for you plays by Selena Gomez in CD. After some time.
Rudy: Let’s do something.
Reyaan: Like what??
Rudy: Of course something fun. Rudy thinks how his Somu will handle this Reyaan for her whole life?? He is already making me worried ????. Ladybaba’s voice returns him to real world.
Tia: Let’s play truth or dare. They all remembers their last truth or dare.
Shivika: Noooo. Everyone looked at them.
Ani: I mean we always play that game. Let’s play something else.
Shivaay: Yeah she is right.
Rudy: Wait!! I will just come. After two minutes he came with two bowls.
Om: What’s this Rudy??
Rudy: Can’t u see O these r bowls.
O: I know but…..

Rudy: If u know why r u asking me. Leave it O. So guys these r bowls.
Everyone: We know.
Rudy: Ok ok. I put made chits of boys name and put it in the first bowl and girls name in second bowl. Somebody will come and get the a chit from both bowl and the both person will be partner. They have to do what we say and we can say anything.
Everyone: Ok
Rudy: Let’s start.
Karan: Can I get the chit?
Rudy: Yeah. Karan takes out the chit. It’s Ishkara guys.
Prinku: Can u plz say a shayari on friendship & love??
Ishkara: Yeah sure.
Om: One day love & friendship met wid each other. Love asked ” why do u exist when I already exist?” Friendship smiled & said “To put a smile where u leave tears.”
Ishana: Friendship ke baad love ho sakta hai, lekin,
love ke baad friendship shakay nahi hai, kyunki,

devai (medicine) marne se pehle kaam aati hai, marne ke baad kuch nhi ho sakta. Everyone clapped.
Romi I will pick now. She gets the chits. It’s Priveer.
Rudy: U guys dance.
Prinku: No bhaiya tell me something else.

Rudy: No u have to dance.
Girls: C’mon Prinku u can do it. Prinku nodes. Priveer dances on Itni si baag hain. They dance really close. They r just lost in each other’s eyes. The song ended. Everyone clapped but still Priveer r in their own world.
Anjali: Ranveer the song ended. Priveer realizes their position & got apart.
Tia: Wow prinku u dance so well.
Prinku: Thanx.
Ishu: Guys look at the time it’s almost 12. I think we should go now or Dadi & others will get mad at us.
Rudy: ok but before that let’s dance together.
Everyone: Ok. They all dance on the song Sau tarah ke. After dancing they all started going out.
Tia: Shivaay baby after marriage we will come here again.
Shivaay: Yeah sure.
Anika: He is saying yes like it’s his house.
Omruprinku: U guessed it right. It’s our house. We usually come here on vacations.
Ani: Oh sorry, I didn’t know that.
O: It’s ok. They all sat in the cars and went to OM.

Everyone was about to go to their respective rooms.
Rudy: Bhaiya O I will sleep with u guys today. Plz plz plz. No, wait why not all boys sleep in the big room.
Boys: No problem.
O: Why not u all girls sleep in the second big room.
Girls looked at each other & said: Ok. They all said Goodnight to each other & went to sleep at 1:00am.

Hey guys. I am kind of nervous on this one as I feel u guys will kill me after reading the boliyans. I am so sorry guys if u didn’t understand it and sorry for not translating them. But still I hope u liked it. Boliyans and those two shayari’s r not mine. All ceremony’s r done so the next shot will be the marriage one. I am not that sure when I will post next one as my school is starting after a week. I have to start on my project & have to study as my finals r in December. So in that I don’t know if I will get time to comment but I will try my best to comment on every ff.
Take care guys ☺️☺️☺️☺️.
Bye ????????

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