MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-17)

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Arnav call kushi..

Arnav : someone’s not missing me today..

Kushi : Kuch kaam tha.. Agar nahi toh parishaan mat kijiye (was there any work.. If no don’t disturb me)

Arnav : ab tak gussa nahi utra Kushi ( you’re still angry Kushi)

Kushi : kaam hi aisa kiya hai aapne.. Mujhe baat hi nahi karni aapse rakhiye phone ( its your fault.. I don’t want to talk hang the phone)

Arnav : let’s go for shopping today

Kushi : I said I don’t want to talk..

Arnav : please..

Kushi : aaj kyun ( why today..)

Arnav : I’m in mood so..

Kushi : but I’m not

Arnav : how rude..

Kushi : whatever..

Arnav : I’ll be waiting there..

Kushi : I’ll see..

Arnav : bye.. Love you..

Kushi cut the call..

Arnav : what the..!

Kushi : love you too.. ( she smile)

Kavya : ( teasing smile) love you 3 bhabhi

Kushi : what a timing.. Waah..

Kavya : anyway.. Now leave your anger its been 2days.. Bachare bhai..

Kushi : I know.. I’ll make it up for him today evening..

Kavya : and night too bhabhi..

Kushi : what..!?

Kavya : if you don’t make your night special then how will you get your prince.. Remember..

Kushi : kavya ki bacchi.. I’m not leaving you today..

Kavya : pehle pakade toh sahi ( first catch me)

Both start their race

Evening.. – Sheetal’s room

Sheetal : ( on call ) yes doctor.. He was drunk.. Bit too much.. He even threw up in the morning.. He’s diabetic doctor so. Hmm ok we will be there at 5 ok.. Thank you..

Anjali who came to give Sheetal a file hear it..

Sheetal : di.. Aap.. Huh..

Anj ; did chote drink..

Sheetal : actually.. Huh..

Arnav’s cabin..

Aman : why leaving so early..?

Arnav : going out with your bhabhi.. Now I should do something to make up with her na

Aman : thank God she didn’t say anything to di

Arnav : hmm oth.. ( interruptted by a call) hello di..

Evening- 6pm..


Kushi : ( to herself) he said at 5 but why isn’t he here yet.

He try to call him.. But it comes not reachable..

Kushi : kahan reh gaye.. Aman se poochti hoon (!where is he.. Let me ask arnav)

Aman : ji bhabhi

Kushi : where’s arnav..?

Aman : he left long back..

Kushi : but he didn’t reach here yet..

Aman : hmm.. May be due to traffic but still it’s late.. I’ll find out & inform you bhabhi..

She cut the call & go to coffee shop.

An ½ an hour later Kushi gets worried.. She repeatedly try arnav’s phone but still its not reachable..

On TV in news channel

They’re showing completely damaged black BMW which is upside down..

Reporter : 30 mins before an accident occurred near a national road.. A driver & passenger had a major injuries & have been shifted to city hospital but who is the passenger..? We will tell you after a break..

Kushi : how sad.. Devi maiyya unki raksha karna..( god save them)

Kushi call home as she couldn’t reach Arnav..

Kushi : hello kavya.. Where’s your bhaiyya I’m waiting since 2 hours here &..

News reporter : according to our resources this car belongs to business tycoon ASR

Kavya : bhabhi hospital..

Phone drop from kushi’s hand..

Kushi : Ar.. Arnav..

She rush to the city hospital..

City hospital

Kushi : one acc.. Accident.. National road.. Now..

Receptionist : mam they’ve been taken to operation theatre.. 2nd floor

Kushi rush up & doctor comes out of operation theatre..

Kushi : do.. Do.. Doctor.. My.. Husband.. He’s alright na.. Can I see him..

Doctor : calm down mam.. Give her some water

Kushi : no.. I want to see him..

She’s about to go in but doctor pull her back.

Kushi : kya kar rahe hai aap.. Chodiye.. ( what are you doing leave me ) she move back jerking him

Doctor : you can’t meet him now please understand you can’t see him

Kushi : why. ?

Doctor : I’m sorry but he’s no more

Kushi’s heart stopped beating for a second.. All those happy moments came infront of her eyes & at last she remembered.. What she said to him 2days before..

Kushi : I never want to talk to you

And then Arnav saying I love you on phone..

She couldn’t take any more.. Her head start spinning & she was about fall but she’s held..

Aman : bhabhi.. Bhabhi. ( always Arnav can’t come na.. ? )

5 mins later..

Kushi open her eyes..

Aman : bhabhi are you alright.. What are you doing here.

Kushi : Aman.. Woh. Woh. Arnav..

Aman : its not Arnav he was our client Arnav is with di in global hospital for some routine check up..

Kushi’s flew up now as if she got her life back..

Kushi : it means..

Aman : you go home.. They might be at home already


Arnav : di please now don’t do this..

She close her room door

Arnav : damn..

Kushi come home & see Arnav upstairs she run to him & engulf him into a hug but arnav is in no mood he withdrew & drag her to their room

Arshi room

Arnav : what the hell kushi..

Kushi : what happened

Arnav : why did you tell di about that party do you have any idea how angry she is.. ( pinning her to wall) do you have any idea how upset she is.. She’s not talking to me dammit

Kushi struggle to get out of his hold seeing her he leave her & move back

Kushi : Arnav..

Arnav : I’m not hearing anything now.. You’re not talking to me properly since 2 days & you’re not even letting aashi near me.. How can you do this kushi.. Do you know how bad I was feeling when aashi didn’t come to me.. & now di..

Kushi : I didn’t let aashi..? Ah.. She’s not ready to come to you because of the scene you created 2days back she got afraid.. Your mistake..

Arnav : oh I’m sorry I’m really sorry mam.. ( he say sarcastically)

Kushi : what’s wrong.. Your crossing the limit arnav

Arnav : you crossed the limit

Kushi : fine.. From now onwards whoever be at fault aashi will be with you never blame me for distancing her from you..

Arnav : thank you for the favour..

Kushi ; I didn’t tell anything to di..

Arnav : don’t lie.. I’ve seen your name on the appointment book in hospital..

Kushi : yes I had taken appointment but I didn’t tell di

Arnav : I don’t want to hear anything

( he barge out leaving behind Kushi in tears)

Dining table

Everyone is having dinner kushi is feeding aashi & kavya feeding atharv

Everyone is silent & concentrating on their plates.. Kushi though glanced at arnav he was too engrossed in looking at Anjali.

After dinner..

Payal take atharv

Payal ; I’ve made both your plates go have food

Kushi : I’ll put aashi to sleep first

Anjali : give her to me kushi you eat

Kushi : no di I’m not hungry..

Anjali : ( taking aashi) gussa khaane pe nahi utarte.. Khaalijiye ( you should not show anger on food.. Eat now)

Kushi nod & Anjali take aashi to Arshi’s room

Precap :

Kushi : I hate you ( she throw a pillow)

Arnav : I love you too sweetheart.. Ab chale..

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