I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-30)

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All Parts here

Ragsan got accident ,ragsan wr unconsciously fell on ground in pool of blood…crowd wr surrounded them nd takes them to hospital nd informed their family by sanskar mbl…

@nikhil place
Nikhil got a call
Caller:boss work is done
Nikhil smiles evilly[its a nikhil plan to kill sanskar but he doesnt knw that ragini was with him]
Caller:but boss there is a girl with him
Caller:ha boss ,i think she is his wife
Nikhil(angry):what d hell u did bastard how could u harm my ragini..i will kill u
Caller:but u only told me to do
Nikhil:shut up …saying he throws phone angrily..nd pulls his hair remembering ragini…

Ragsan wr treated by doctors..all family mem r came worriedly…suji ,ap ,sumi nd swara wr crying ..dp ,ram ,shek nd laksh wr consoling them while saying nothing will happend to them…after sometime doctor came frm sanskar ward…
Laksh:doc how is he now..is everything fine
Doc:nothing to wry …he had leg nd hand
fractured he will be fine in 10 r 15days…u can see him after he gets conscious..laksh thanking him…doc leaves …all r happy about sanskar…but all r very tensed about ragini doc was still treating ragini….
Sanskar gets conscious,he slowly openes his eyes ,nd he gets flashes about accident he shouts ragini name nd tries to getup…nurse came to him who was in his room,she holds him nd asks him to dnt move…sanskar asks her to leave i want to see my ragini ,agsin he calls her name loudly…hearing san voice laksh ,who was outside came inside..nurse asks laksh to calm down him i will call doc…laksh nodded laksh: bhai plz calm down…
sanskar:laksh where is ragini ,she is fine na ,nothing happend to her na..i want to see her laksh ,plz call her(he was weeping)
Laksh(had tears in his eyes):bhai first u calm down,doc was treating her she will be fine
Sanskar:i want to see her laksh ,i want to see plz take me there
Laksh:no bhai u cant go now

Doc came nd asks to sanskar not move as he had fractures…but sanskar only asks about ragini nd tries to get up frm bed…doc injected sanskar, he falls asleep…laksh feels bad nd sits beside with him..
Some more time passed…doc came frm ragini ward…all r looking at him…doc said she had a major injury on her head nd small fracture on her leg..she had lost so much of blood ,we gave her blood but she was very weak now ,she was conscious now u can see but dnt give any stress to her..all nodded nd went to ragini…ragini slowly opens her eyes all gave smile through their tears….swara sits beside her nd caressed her hair…ragini sees her family(gadodias)nd smiles weekly..she looks at maheswaries confusedly(he he she had memory loss)…she hold swara hand swara looks at her ,ragini asks slowly(only audiable to swara)who r they all..swara was shocked nd asks her to she do not remember them …ragini noded no nd asks what happened to me y im here..i must be in USA na..how i came here,she holds her head which was paining ..swara asks her to u dnt take stress u take rest i will tell u later nd plz dnt think anything..

ragini nodded..she asks nurse to take care of her sister ,she asks all family to come out..she said what ragini told to her…all r shocked they went to doctor ,doc went to ragini again cheks her nd asks some questions to ragini…
After sometime doc comes out nd told she had partial memory loss…she forgot past 1yr in her life….she remembered till she was in USA for her studies ..after that she forget everything….all r shocked….doc said to them dnt try to remember her anything ,she herself only will remembers,if she will take stress she will get into coma nd bla bla..all r numb they only thinks about sanskar…how will he react knowing this….swara went to laksh who was in sanskar ward nd takes him aside..laksh asks what happened she told everything…laksh shocked nd looked at sankar with moisty eyes…

After sometime..all r in sanskar room…sanskar gets conscious nd asks about ragini…all r silent…
Laksh:she us fine bhai but
Sanskar :but kya laksh bolo
Laksh he told everythig…sanskar was numb aa his ragini forgets him…tears rolling down frm his eyes…
Laksh placed his hand on sanskar shoulder…
Sanskar:how could she forget me laksh..no laksh she remembered me i knw,take me to her..
Laksh:no bhai plz conso urself…
Sanskar cries nd all consoles him…..sanskar said he wants to see her once….laksh went to ragini nd sees she was sleeping…he takes doc permission nd takes sanskar in wheel chair….laksh leaves…sanskar looks at ragini
nd takes her hand in his hand..nd said y did u do this to me ,u forgt me how can i live being away frm u…he cries hardly ,he kissed her hand ,her forehead..nd said i love u…he stay there sometime staring at her…laksh came nd takes sanskar….

2days passed(after that maheswaries didnt meet ragini,nikhil too knew about ragini that she is fine but she had memory loss ,he was happy)
Ragsan wr decharged…maheswaries took sanskar to home he waa jst lifeless body…gadodies takes ragini to home swara helps her to sit on bed…ragini asks her to sit besides her…swara sits..ragini asks u got married?seeing swara mangalsutra nd sindur…swara nodded…but y i didnt remembered anything about ur marriage..swara said u had accident na jst u forget ,u dnt take any tension u will temembering all ,it takes simetime dnt think so much….ragini nodded and asks about her husband nd asks y did he doesnt come…swara says he will come tomorrow nd u saw one family in hospital na they r our sasural..ragini asks our?…swara (tensed)no my sasural..ragini smiles…swara excuse herself nd goes out while crying…sumi ,shek also have moisted eyes…

Sanskar was crying holding ragini photo nd
Remembering all moments with ragini…laksh came nd consoles sanskar..sanskar hugs laksh nd weeping..

Guys i know u all must be tired with memory loss dramas but what to do ,i thought so much but i didnt get any ideas other than this…hope u guys like upcoming episodes…

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  1. Sindhura

    Nice let sanrag nok jok love this time

  2. Nice feel sad for sanskar waiting for next part

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  4. Asw

    Nice keep going I think sanskar fight for his love

  5. Feeling bad for sanskar

  6. Crystal089

    awesome superbb……….. Itss nice waitimg to see how ragini gets back her memory and ragsan new love story…………

  7. Inu

    Superb epi but plzz soon end this . i want ragsan to be happy always.

  8. Dharani


  9. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  10. awesome but I want tasan e ishq like sanskar back on old track to get ragini remember next part soon

  11. Silent_writer

    Hahahaha again memory losss but chalega wanna seee now their lov storyyyy

  12. Awesome epi…feeling bad for sanskar…but super twist…eagerly waiting for next epi…keep rocking…

  13. Sreevijayan

    No prob my dear…aftrall anytng fr ragsan

  14. Nice episode…little bit sad for sanskaar…but again memory loss drama…waiting for next part soon..

  15. Jazzy


  16. Asra

    amazing dear….feeling bad for Sanky….hope nikhil didn’t do any stupid thing against Sanky….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  17. A.xx

    fab but feel so sad for sanky as he truelly will die without her,i hope not remembering anything she falls in love with sanky and not nikhil and hope she doesn’t go back to america……can’t wait for next part so post soonxx

  18. Hemalattha

    awesome dear.ragsan hospital scene nice.fell bad fgor sanskaar.will ragini remember her past or nikil will marry her?waiting for answer.continue dear.

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