We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 8)

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Anika comes to ranveer ask complaint papers
Ranveer say its against the rule they both argue

Some time before
Omru comes to gayatri house and start their enquiry from her neighbours
Anika and daksh comes to police station
Shivay goes to oberoi industries
While going to police station anika messages to some one
Shivay enters in to oberoi industries ask about the girl shilpa mehta
Workers : she joined 3months before

She cheated us by giving important information to other companies
Bcoz is she girl tej sir didnot give complaint on her
Shivay sees her adress in application but learns that it was fake adress
He leaves to police station
In police station anika comes to ranveer
Ranveer sees anika aks do u got any proof
Anika: its not a choclate to take it from my purse i want some time
Ranveer thats why i gave u 24 hours time now only 8 hours left after that we will meet in court
Anika: ok we want complaint papers may be we get any proof in that
Ranveer : its against the rules i cant give u
They start arguement
By then Shivay enters
Shivay: dont talk like this to that girl
Ranveer: what do u know about that girl i know more then u
Shivay sees surprisingly
By then mallika ( journalist ) comes to police station
Mallika: we also know about rules plz give complaint papers copy u have potion
They take the papers and goes
Shivay: i dont know why iam getting a rare feeling that it was doing all intentionally
Mallika: yes u r righrt someone had seen that shipla mehta in one area i got this information bcoz iam journalist

They all go to search the area they search continously
Shivay no use of this we will talk to ranveer and ask some more time
They leave to police station
While going anika in her mind
Anika : no use he will not listen. I will talk to baiyya in this time only he can help us
She open her bag to take phone she sees complaint papers and reads the complaint papers she shouts billu ji i got the proof lets go we have no time now
They reach police station
RANVEER about to leave anika stop him
Ranveer: what happened
Anika: i got the proof

Ranveer: ok say it
Anika : u first say what was kidnnaped girl name
Ranveer: what rubbish , ok shipla mehta
Anika: then what is her mothers name
Shivay suddenly gives a surprising look and says gayatri chopra
Anika : yes i had enquiry about her yesterday i got to know that her sir name was chopra
How can be Shilpa mehta will be daughter of gayatri chopra
Only one way if she get marriage then only she change her surname
Really if she got married then wjere is her husband why he didnot came till now
Ranveer realize and ask some to get gayatri here and enquire about her daughter
A vioce come from back ” how can u find her daughter if she dont had a daughter ”
They turn back and see omru coming with gayatri by holding her hands
Ranveer to gayatri : where is ur daughter
Om : she dont have any daughter
Ra: what

Rudra call madan chahu
A person comes and says iam madam neighbour to this gayatri iknw her from 20 years she dont have daughter she only had one son and he leaves
Ranveer shout on gayatri
Om their is one more thing to see
He call the guards
Gaurds took shipla mehta with them
Ranveer sees her understands the suituation they arrest them
Ranveer: apolozise to Shivay and anika

Anika: no need to say bcoz u r my friend brother and my friend too
Anika and mallika leave to rana mansion all other leaves to oberoi mansion

Nxt day morning anika was busy in engagement preparation bcoz day after tommrow is tia and Shivay engagement

Daksh comes to Shivay and says Shivay now i had got a new problem
Shivay : what happened
Daksh: tommrow my friend were coming to see my girl friend
Shivay: in that what is the problem
Daksh: how can i show them if i dont had a girl friend
Shivay: what
Daksh: yes i dont had a girl friend till now
I lied to them that i already had a gf bcoz to avoid the proposals now plz give me solution
Shivay gives a weird look to daksh
Daksh: ok i understands u dont know solution its ok i will ask to anika
Shivay feels jealous and follows daksh

Daksh goes to anika say every thing and ask solution
Anika: simple do u have girl friend
Daksh: till now iam saying this only i dont have a gf
Anika : iam not asking like that do u have any friend in girls
Daksh nods yes
Anika : then take one girl with u and introduce as ur gf who knows
Daksh keep on thing
By then omru comes
Rudra: what an idea anika didi
Shivay: hha great idea but who will come to act suddenly
Daksh says i find a girl
All toghther ask who
Daksh: she was none other than anika
All gets surprise after a second anika and shivay at the same time says no…
Anika looks on Shivay

Precap : daksh makes anika agree both anika and daksh dance in the party Shivay feels jealous omru notices Shivay

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    wow……amazing episode

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    Awesome Deeraja
    Loving jealousy track
    Update soon

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