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Hi ? guys. Thanks alot for your support and encouragement”THANK YOU ?”.
Don’t forget to tell me how you find today’s update pls pls pls pls pls do comment. All the silent readers pls do comment today.
So here we go


Anika comes there and stops on the door as she didn’t come in Shivaay , feels that someone is there so he looks at the door and sees Anika standing there and he says
Shivaay: You can Come in Anika.
Anika comes in and says
Anika: Aapna mujhe bulaya billu ji.
(Did you call me billu ji.)
Shivaay: Hey don’t call me that.
Anika: Kya? (What?)
Shivaay: That word.
Anika: Konsa word.( Which word?)

Shivaay a bot hesitantly says : B..B..Billu.
Anika: Oh, Vo Saab toh thikh hai par aapna mujhe yahan kun bullaya.
( Oh that’s all right but why did you call me hear.)
Shivaay being blank asks: When did I call you?
Anika: Aabhi tooh aapna bullaya.
(Right now only you called me.)
Shivaay then remembers what OmRu had asked him to do, so he understands that it would be OmRu who had called her.

Shivaay: Oh ya Vo.
He becomes ‘ Fumble Singh Oberoi ‘ from ‘Shivaay Singh Oberoi ‘.
Anika: Vo Vo kya billu ji.
(What happened billu ji.)
Shivaay gets irritated hearing billu ji from her mouth and now he shouts at top of his voice.
Shivaay: Tumhe ek baar Mai saamajh nahi aata stop calling me that.
(Don’t you get it at once, now stop calling me with that name.)
Anika: Aap Vo Saab chodiya kaam Ki baar kijiya mujhe aur bhi bohat Sara kaam hai.
(Leave all that and tell me why have you called me here, I have many other works to do.)
Shivaay: Do you think I am free , I too have lots of work to do.
Anika: Oh toh aapka pass mujhse bhi zyaada kaam hai aapko pata hai mujhe billu Ki shaadi ka kitna Sara arrangements karna hai.
(Oh so you think you have lots of work to do, but I am more busy then you as I have to do all the arrangements for billu’s weeding.)
Shivaay: Not again.
Anika: Kya? (Now what?)
Anika looks here and there in confusion and then says
Anika: Aapki khisak Gaya hai kya?
(Have you lost it?)
Shivaay shouts: WHAT?

Anika: Aap pagal Ho Gaya hai kya?
(Have you gone mad.)
Shivaay: You think that I have gone mad. YOU ARE MAD ? NOT ME.(he shouts at top of his voice.)
Shivaay : GET OUT.
Anika: Mujhe bhi yaahan rehna ka koi shoonk nahi hai billu ji.
(Even I am not interested in staying here.)
Shivaay brings her out of the room where dadi and OmRu are standing and says to Om
Shivaay: Om toh chahta hai Ki Mai is pagal ladki KO thank you kaho.
(Om you want me to thank this mad ? girl ?.)
Anika: Pagal Mai nahi Ho magar aap Ho billu ji.

(It’s not me who is mad ? but you are the one.)
Listening to word “billu ji” dadi and OmRu put hand on their mouth which is in a perfect”O” shape.
Shivaay: Stop calling me that.
Anika: Kya?
Shivaay: Vo Vo….
Anika: Vo vo Kya? ……. Billu ji.
All the three spectators open their eyes ? wide listening to the word again from Anika’s mouth.
Shivaay: Yes.
Anika to irritate him more sings and Rudra joins dancing ? near Dadi and Om
“Billu Ki shaadi Ho gi,
Billu ghodi chada Ga,
Billu ka seehra saja Ga,
Billu dullha bana Ga,
Billu billu billu ……..”

She ends her song ? and does famous SSO’s style of moving his hand through his hair in front of him.
All those who were laughing ? on her song ? silently, were now shocked beyond words after watching her do Shivaay’s hair move in front of him.
They were moved by her brave act and were more surprised as Shivaay didn’t say a word to her.
Then Anika leaves from there and Shivaay goes to his room both giving each other an attitude filled look.

@Shivaay’s room
Knock knock
Shivaay: Come in.
Anika enters.
Shivaay: TUM. (YOU.)
Anika: Vo mera bag ? reh Gaya tha billu ji.
(Actually I left my bag ? here billu ji.)
Before Shivaay could say anything she runs away from there taking her bag and leaves Shivaay smiling ? at her foolish antics.
Shivaay goes and sits on his place
Shivaay: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ishu is seen walking ? here and there when she sees Om coming.
Ishu goes towards him with an angry ? face.
Ishu: Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi don’t you think you are late.
Om: Sorry Ishaana.
He says that super sweetly making Ishu melt and she forgives him.
Ishu: So lets go.
Om: Where?
Ishu: Remember you promised me to take me for Mumbai Darshan.
Om: Oh yes.
Ishu: So let’s go.
Om: Ok come.
Saying this he moves towards his car ? but Ishu stops him and asks
Ishu: Omi why are we going in car?
Om: Then how will we go?

Om asks being confused ?.
Ishu looks here and there when she spots something and says
Ishu: We will go by that.
Om: Seriously Ishu, I don’t know ? how to drive a scooter .
She replies cheerfully
Ishu: What’s the big deal dude, even I don’t know ? how to drive one.
Om: So how will we go.
Ishu: I will drive it.
Om: But you don’t know how to drive it.
Ishu: So what, I know how to drive a bike so it will be easy to drive a scooter.
Om: No we will go by car only. (He says being strict.)
But even she is adamant to accept defeat so soon, so she forces him by making cute puppy face.

Ishu: Pls Om.
Om : No Ishu.
Ishu shouts and says: We will go by scooter only and that’s final no arguments now.
Saying this she takes him to scooter stand and pays some money ? and takes scooter for some hours on rent.
Om having no option allows her to drive.


After a while Ishu is seen driving like a crazy person and Om is sitting at her back making a scary ? face.
A constable stops them by showing hand , but as Ishu is new to scooter so it takes her some time to stop it , but she stops it and constable angrily asks them to get down. Without a word both get off the scooter.
Constable: License deekhao.
(Show me your license.)
Ishu: License toh nahi hai Bhaiya ji.
( I don’t have License sir.)
Constable: Oh toh bina License ka itni tez chaala raha Ho.
(Oh so without License only you are driving so rashly.)
Ishu naughtily asks : License ka saath tez chalana aloud hai kya.
(Am I aloud to drive rashly if I have a License.)
Constable: Kya boli tu.
(What did you say.)
Om who was silent till now says
Om: Kuch nahi sir.
(Nothing sir.)
He tries to cover up.

Constable: Ok take out 1000 rupees.
Om Ishu: WHY?
Constable: Because you don’t have License.
Ishu and Om talk in whispers now
Ishu: Om come on give him money ?.
Om: Ishu I don’t carry wallet.
Ishu: Kaisa aadmi Ho tum wallet bhi carry nahi Karta.
(What kind of man are you, you don’t even carry a wallet.)
Om: Tum mujhe baad Mai taant laina pehla issa 1000 rupee do.
(You can scold me afterwards but first give him ₹1000.)
Ishu: Mera pass jitna paisa tha wo Maina scooter wala ko da Diya.
(Whatever money ? I had, I have given it to the person from whom we bought the scooter.)
Om shouts: WHAT?
Ishu: Calm down Omi.
Constable : Oye yeh kya khoosar pusaar chal rahi hai.
(What is this blabbering going on.)
Om Ishu doesn’t speak anything but suddenly something strikes Ishu’s mind and
Ishu: Aaahhhhhhhh (She shouts holding her stomach as if she is in acute pain.)

Om: What happened Ishaana?
He gets scared ? seeing her.
But she blinks at him and he gets confused ?.
Ishu continues with her drama: Aaahhhhhhhh
Constable: Kya Hua madam.
(What happened madam.)
Ishu: Mujhe na stomach cancer hai.Om jaldi hospital ? chalo.
(I am suffering from stomach cancer. Om take me to hospital ? fast.)
Ishu to constable: Hum jaye. (Shall we leave.)
Constable being scared ? nods his head in a yes.
Om who is standing still being confused ?, Ishu hits him and says actually shouts at him
Om sits on scooter and drives off.
Ishu starts laughing ? hard as soon as they are away from the sight of the constable.
Om: Ishaana what was this?
Ishu still laughing ?: Nothing Om neither of us had money ? toh kuch toh karna tha na.
(Nothing Om neither of us had money ? so we had to do something or other na.)
Om: But you shouldn’t have lied Ishaana. (He says getting a bit serious and Ishu understands this and says)
Ishu: Oh Mr. Harishchander chill man.
Om: Ishaana what ever may be the situation, you should learn to handle it without lying.
Ishu: Ok sir.
She says mocking a salute at him.
Om: Ishaana you na.
Om shakes his head in a way that she is next to impossible and then a smile ? appears on his face seeing her.

Soums enters the class and teacher asks her to sit with Rudra as they both are in same class. She agrees to her unwilling and sits with Rudra.
Rudra starts teasing her calling her fatso and all. Soums gets irritated by him and shouts at him and leaves the class as period got over.


Attack on some one.
Revelation of the mysterious lady 2.

What happened to Shivaay?????????????

Thank you ?
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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