Kaala Teeka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The shadow keeps getting bigger. Devri says you are so clever Kali how will you bring yug back?
Yug is driving back towards home but a storm rages on. He says I don’t care if winds are blowing I will take this water home.
Nandu tries to clamber a ladder. Yug comes and asks what are you doing? Nandu says the door is locked. Kali said come from balcony. you come from here as well. The shadow is still in the house. Yug and Nandu climb the ladder. Winds are blowing inside the house as well. Kali says what is happening God. Prohit says don’t leave the temple Kali or everything will be ruined. Kali says oh God if anything happens to my Naina I will lose my faith in you. Please save my daughter. Everyone is praying. Yug tries to pull Yug up in the balcony. The shadow disappears. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Kali says thank you ramji. Devri says this can’t happen. Deva says use the other attack. Show them their place. Kali says only 15 minutes are left and Yug and Nandu are still not here. Yug and Nandu come from balcony. They sit at their spots. Prohit ji starts the pooja. Prohit says he has fire in his control. I can’t lit it here. Nandu says try again. Prohit tries again. He lits the fire and starts the havan.
Devri is doing his tricks as well. Jamna says that shadow is coming towards Naina. Prohit says Nandu pours this gangajal(water) on the shadows. Nandu does that. Jamna says there is one behind you Nandu. Nandu says the water is over. Kali says Nandu do something.
Devri has a lemon in hand. Kali says I don’t wanna lose my baby. She faints. Leela says are you pregnant? Jamna says this is such a good news. Kali holds her stomach. Nandu says there is gangajal on my hands. He puts his hands on the shadow. Kali screams and lies down because of pain. Prohit says its done. Naina’s soul is purified.
Devri screams because of pain. There are ashes all around him. Deva says this is ashes of pure fire.
Kali hugs Naina. Leela says you will give birth to a good soul like yourself. Nandu says I will become a dad.
Kali says in heart when will all this end? Jamna says to Nandu everything is happening so good in your life. Yug says congratulations Kali. What do you want Naina a brother or a sister?
Manjiri comes in and says God listened to me. Kali hugs her. Manjiri says came in to such a good news. I am so happy. What happened why you look so upset? Yug says Devri is still after Kali and Naina. Kali tells Manjiri everything. Kali says devil can be inside anyone. Its up to us whether we give it space between us. Kali says he is doing this to get black powers. Nandu says brother is nice. He gave Naina is blood. Because of his blood she is alive. I won’t even believe this. Jamna says don’t worry Kali he loves his brother a lot. but with time everything will be okay. Leela says everything is good, Manjiri is here as well. A baby will be welcomed here soon. Lets make something sweet.

Scene 2
Gauri says to Yug she will grab all the attention. Yug says we should be happy for her. Gauri says I am happy. Kali is in her room Manjrii says come with me. Prohit takes them to Vishwa’s study. He says these are the books of magic. What are you looking for? Kali says anything that tells us what devri is thinking. What he is up to. Prohit says he wants to have control over black world. We have to read all of them only then we will know what is his mission. They all start skimming through the books.
Kali and Manjiri unlock a trunk. They take out more books. Kali says we are not finding any way. What should we do now. Kali says there is something here. Kali finds a book in which its written that find a place where sunshine makes shadow of a trishun. Doing tap there can make a normal human master of magic. Manjiri says do you know any of such place prohit? Kali says a tree makes such shadow in Kali Kofa. People there praise it too much. Prohit says she is right. Manjiri says then rush there. They run out. THe door is locked. Prohit says who locked it? Nandu says I did it. I heard everything. You are going against my brother and I won’t let you do this. I will go to Kali kofa and ask brother and tell you that he isn’t wrong. Prohit says he shouldn’t go there. Kali says please open the door Nandu.

Precap-Yug reads if you wanna see nandu alive bring Naian here in 6 hours. In Kali kofa, Devri grasps Kali. Nandu says leave my wife. He shoves Nandu. Kali says God wins over devils. Devri laughs. Kali stabs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. when did kali consummated her marriage ? how did she become pregnant..such a crap

    1. leisa s morris

      Lol well she has been married to nandu for over two mnths and with these cvs anyting is possible in lala land.

  2. Kali is pregnant? Is that possible? Did miss a few episodes or something? I thought kali and Nandu didn’t consummate their marriage?

  3. Now Devri will die and will be reborn as Kali’s son? This is utter nonsense

  4. Omg I’m also shocked to know that Kali is pregnant ????how is it possible????
    I’m confused…

  5. How come kali is pregnant last time Dr said that kali can’t conceive.

  6. Hey guys I know all of u are so confused let me say in yesterday’s episode nandu gifts a sari and Radha krishna doll to kali after nandu asked kali to wear the sari and she do so then he applied sindoor for her may be at that time they consummate their marriage I missed yesterday’s episode but with the help of ozee my doubt was cleared?

  7. Rubbish…nonsense show….stroy has been deviated from its plot…..now it’s just utter crap….they better stop the show….no kayu….stop the show….stopped watching this show….crap …crap…. disgusting show…!!!!

  8. indera sanichara

    I think the writer went into the future and got Kali pregant because honestly I don’t know how she got pregant but I am dam sure this serial is not ending. Viewers lets say goodbye to watching this garbage all the time.

  9. Who Kali pregnant for I miss out a lot

  10. Sacdiyo maxamed cali

    Disgusting show stupid directors end the show please kali is pregnence what nonsence we need kayu together please come back kayu please

  11. Wat Kali pregnant n i hope she kill him for good n maybe he will born as her son very stupid

  12. nandu n Gourie was a good pair u spoil the story change it around lots of us don’t want to look at it anymore

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