Doli Armaanon Ki 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
While all are chattering, samrat comes in exclaiming and taunting that urmi is finally coming back, overjubiliant at his win. Shashi is happy too, but expresses that she had already selected another girl for him. He says that he would love to see her embarassed and defeated face. Aditi points out how swiftly shashi changes. rudra is happy, while kanchan too wants an apology from her, after the way she refused mandira’s rakhi. Samrat starts gloating in front of all the family members, how he shall have his vengeance over Urmi, and the insults and the torments and that attitude that she showed them. While kanchan, rudra, aditi and diwaker are tensed, shashi gleefully butts in with samrat, as he rants about his plans of treating urmi worse than a slave, once she returns back to this house.

All are awaiting urmi’s arrival, while she doesnt return. Samrat starts getting impatient as time passes by. Mandira comes asking when would shaurya and urmi return. Kanchan sends her off, saying they would return soon. Kanchan asks samrat, and he asks how can devi say this. Shashi says that she doesnt fell urmi would come back. Samrat shuts them saying that she would come, as devi cant lie to him. shashi asks why the delay then. Diwaker is tensed too. samrat says that she must be roaming preparing herself to come back, and reinforces that he woulod tie her down once she reaches. Rudra asks him to call up and find out. samrat asks them to pretend as if they werent waiting and decides to call devi instead.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Annu is super frustrated that their own family tortured urmi so bad, that she had to leave. Asha’s mother says that she should think about herself, as urmi staying here would have hindered her marriage. anu shuts her up, saying that its better to stay unmarried than get married on such terms. Devi reprimnands her for putting control over her tongue, as he always cares for his daughter, but he cant support her in her nonsense. Anu says that it doesnt come across, as he has sent her to a place, where the husband doesnt stay, but an animal, and that he can do whatever he wants from now on. She points out that he doesnt like girls, but actually he pretends to be caring for urmi and she herself. She adds that he considers daughters are a burden, hence wants them to get married asap, sop that he can get rid of his responsibility. Devi gets angry. granny tries to point out that women are adapted to compromises as sometimes the husband slips and commits the mistakes, and its the wife’s turn to forgive them and forget. Anu points out that due to this, a male never is scared of doing anything, as he takes a wife’s forgiveness for granted. She asks how can granny have an opinion of this sort, when she herself is a lady. saroj stands up and says that she would explain.

Saroj says that such ladies always want the daughter-in-laws to compromise while the husband gallivants around commiting mistakes, knowing that the society would pressurise their wife into forgiving them. And thats when the husband turns victorious. saroj expresses out her frustration at the existing mentality of the society, due to the different status of men and women. Asha’s mother asks if they can change the society, and that urmi has taken the right descision. saroj wonders what prompted urmi to go back. gaurav comes back asking who went away. he senses everyone’s upset face. anu tells him, and he gets angry asking why she returned to the devil. granny again reinforces that its right, and he neednt bother. Devi says that she took her own descision. Gaurav asks saroj to speak the truth, but she says that she doesnt know. Granny says that gaurav should be happy. Devi and granny shut gaurav down, while devi adds that enough has been done, and that noone shall disturb urmi there. All are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi’s residence
Devi is shocked to receive samrat’s phone call telling him that urmi didnt return. Devi is tensed that urmi didnt reach home. gaurav wonders what happened and if samrat is playing a game again. devi asks him to calm down, and calls urmi, and is all the more shocked, when he finds that she isnt receiving the phone call, and then later finds it switched off. Gaurav asks what could have happened and where would she have gone. Saroj asks gaurav to understand this from devi, pointing out that they tortured urmi so much, to drive her out of the house. Saroj, gaurav and annu lash out at granny too. Granny blames Asha for this who created a huge drama about urmi being in the house. asha blurts out that it was all her mother’s plan. Saroj, anu and gaurav are shocked. Gaurav says that they all tortured her, and goes to find out about urmi. anu offers to go, but he refuses. saroj tells devi that if anything happens to urmi, he would face dire consequences.

Samrat’s family is tensed when they find what devi told samrat. Rudra asks samrat to call urmi, but he doesnt comply. shashi asks him to check as he would be in trouble if urmi dies or something. They all shut shashi down. Samrat says that he doesnt care urmi is dead. samrat says that he wont let anything happen to shaurya, and if it happens, urmi shall have to face dire consequences. Samrat vents out his frustration that he has never been betrayed like this by any woman, and that urmi is driving him crazy.

Scene 4:
Location: Jhansi working women’s hostel
urmi is pleased when she gets her appointment letter and gets a place to stay there, after having an emotional turmoil in selling off her mangalsutra, for cash. She happily tells shaurya that from on, they are going to live here. but the warden cuts her short, adding that its a hostel and she cant keep shaurya. Urmi is shocked to hear that children cant stay here. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Urmi begs shaurya to stay for sometime with saroj, after which she would make some arrangements and he can come back to live with his mother. Shaurya tells urmi that if she leaves him with grandmother, then he would run away from there. he starts crying profusely. urmi is emotionally distyraught as he clutches him tight, and starts crying herself. he starts howling saying that he wont stay with anyone else, as urmi continues to plead him to comply, all the while overwhelmed with grief, at the situation that shaurya is in.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh why can’t a happy situation ever happen in doli, I am sick of this crap and the blo*dy writers.

  2. shambavi gowda

    u did gud urmi

  3. I am not sure why people are so against this this show. This show shows the reality of many women, not just in India but worldwide. Seeing overcoming these challenges one by one, and her persevering despite everything going against her, I am sure would give many women inspiration. Fictional or not, many women could relate to Urmi and her circumstances and learn from her strength.

  4. I completely agree with you kristelle it is an entertainment lesson and remainder. I love the show!!!

  5. Urmi u go on its not over until u win Doli armaano ki is doing pretty good but plz writers just give urmi little eas u making every thing hard for her that she cant even take a breath with out chellange why there is no any helper for urmi n where is that friend of urmi who came before the incident

  6. The show is going good hope soon i will see a happy urmi and a samrath just searching and searching for his son πŸ˜€

  7. Viewers just want Urmi to be happy for once and make samrat pay for his sins. She deserves a new beginning.

  8. Plzzz wrIter let umi get lil happiness

  9. shailja singh

    Eagerly waiting to see Samrat’s reaction….Urmi has done right…bt again she has to face the new challenge….OMG!!!!

  10. @kristelle, some people just don’t want to face reality. They are still living in denial. They should face it. If it doesn’t happen to u, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to any other person.

  11. Urmi should let him be locked up and throw the keys away

  12. I think the show should do one of two things: either urmi finds a place to stay with shaurya and becomes a successful businesswoman and a dangerous competitor for samrats company. Or there should be a time leap urmi should take shaurya and make him really successful and then shaurya should hate samrat. If aditi gets kicked out of the house then she and urmi should stay together and raise their kids together.

  13. I agree with happy give samrat a run for his money and show no mercy

  14. Rudrat must wake up now!he must go to Urmi and tell her that Tauji knew this would happen even though he tried to get Samrat to honor his wife, so Tauji and Rudrat bought a house in secret and registered in Urmi’s name, so
    Urmi and Shaurya have a home. Then Rudrat, Tauji, Anu and Aditi move in with Urmi to look after Shaurya while she works and becomes richer than Samrat. This way Aditi keeps her baby too! Come on writers positive spin for a change, from there Urmi can get revenge on Samrat….

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