Veera 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Ranvi. They say lets leave now. Veera asks Ranvi to sing a song on the new guitar. Ranvi sings Bekhudi bebasi bepanaah bewajah nahi…………… Everyone smiles. Everyone clap for him as the song ends. Baldev looks annoyed. They go to drop Ranvi at the bus station. Ranvi greets the elders. He hugs Nihaal. Nihaal asks him to focus on singing, and he will take care of everything. Ranvi says I m not worried and asks Baldev to take care and work hard. Veera hugs Ranvi. Gunjan is upset. Ranvi says you are adamant, how can I take you, you don’t have luggage. She says why, is there not any shops, can’t you buy clothes for me. She smiles. He says yes, but………… He sees everyone smiling.

He asks why is she smiling. Veera says see your ticket again. He says two tickets of him and Gunjan. Gunjan says Veera took another ticket. Veera says this is Gunjan’s luggage, and gives the bag. She says Gunjan will make your problems easy. Ranvi and Gunjan smile and leave. Nihaal says lets go Baldev. Veera holds Baldev’s hand. Yaara ve……………..plays…………… Baldev moves her hand and leaves. Ranvi and Gunjan have a talk on the way. She says thanks to Veera, I m with you because of her, I was very worried and she understood it.

The FB thinks Veera solving her problem and making her happy. She says then we got this idea. Ranvi says he is glad that she is with him, and this way will be easier. Gunjan says she will always support him and not let his strength break. Its night, Ratan tells Veera than Ranvi called and they boarded the train. She asks her to sleep. Veera thinks about Baldev, he did mistake and showing attitude. Jaggi talks to Baldev. Veera calls Baldev and says she wants to talk to him. Baldev says he does not want to talk to her. She asks where is he. She hears Jaggi saying the place. Baldev beats him. She says she heard and is coming.

Jaggi sees Veera coming and says he is feeling sleepy and leaves. Veera asks Baldev to take her on long drive, as its romantic weather now. She says fine, I won’t force you, I will go with my another boyfriend. Baldev is shocked and says he will beat that guy. She smiles and says I was joking, don’t worry. He says you go from here. She says you are behaving like I did a mistake, don’t you trust me. He says he trusts her, but maybe she does not trust him, else she would have not stopped him from talking to Ranvi.

She says try to understand, don’t bring families between. He asks why. She says she does not want to think about marriage, and anyone else to decide about us. He says why, are you doing timepass with me. She says she wants time, she has to learn and do many explorations, she has many things to do. She says I want we know each other well, else we would have not been fighting like this. He says every couple fights, does that mean you don’t take relation ahead, we can know each other even after marriage, you can fulfill your dreams too, did I stop you, I will support you like this even after marriage.

She says I m sure, I don’t have any doubt. She says she is not ready for marriage. Baldev gets angry. He says he don’t want to argue, he is wasting time in explain her his point of view. He leaves. Ranvi and Gunjan land in Mumbai and look happy. They stand to take a taxi. A taxi driver teases Gunjan. She gets angry and goes to scold him. Ranvi asks what happened. She says he was teasing me. The man says I was calling her, as everyone call like this. Are you new here. Ranvi says yes. He asks do you want taxi. Ranvi says yes. He asks where you have to go. Ranvi shows the address. He says I will drop you, and will take you for sight seeing also. Ranvi says fine. They sit in the taxi.

They see Mumbai and are happy.. Ranvi and Gunjan smile and see many places. Chaiji forgets Ranvi is gone and asks when will he have food. Ratan says he will have food in Mumbai, not fields here. Ranvi calls them and says they reached safely and are in taxi, and going to the address which she gave. Veera says my friend called and said the keys are under the flower pot. He says fine and ends the call. Veera tells this to everyone. Ratan says thanks your friend, she gave her house to them. Veera says don’t worry, she is out for one week and so she gave her house.

Ranvi sings a song in a studio. The man asks him to come and talk. He asks him to take this card and ggo for recording.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. How many times he will sing the same bekhudi song

  2. Wow where was veera saying emiontially and good luck bye to ranvi and why dont they play no more back ground music. ..

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