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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi asking Parmeet to come as no one can stop him. Raman and Ishita come. Raman asks him to come inside. Parmeet says he has a condition, that he wants to forget everything and move on. He says Ishita ji, I don’t want you to have any misunderstanding about me, as its Raksha bandhan today. Simmi says you proved you were not wrong. He says yes, I will prove it, and asks Ishita to tie him a rakhi. Simmi says see Ishita, his heart is so clean as he wants you to tie him a rakhi. Simmi asks whats your problem, do you still doubt brother sister relation. Raman asks Ishita to tie the rakhi to Parmeet. Ishita takes the rakhi and ties it to Parmeet. Raman leaves angrily.

Paarmeet bends to take her blessings and says now our relation got bigger, as we became brother and sister. Everyone leave. Simmi asks Parmeet to come inside and she will make hot parathas for him. Simmi leaves. Ishita stands alone and Parmeet eyes her like a cheap disgusting man. He goes to the room. Ishita thinks she made his entry and will expose him infront of Simmi, welcome back. She comes to Raman. He says you brought that dog back, I have to bear him again. She says sorry, everything will be fine. He says Simmi is my younger brother, and no one dared to misbehave with her, now this dog will be with her. She says I m sorry, this was best thing to do in this situation, Simmi will understand soon whats right and whats wrong.

Raman cries and asks her to wipe her tears. She gives him tissues and asks him to wipe as it does no suit him. She says its air blows and that’s his eyes are watering. She says my hair are not moving. They talk and smile. Saari fizaaon me…………… Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….. plays………………..They have an eyelock and eye talk. She makes him smile. Raman leaves.

She says how much you taunt me, you think I can’t see your heart, I know you are very good within. Nariyal Kumar. Amma comes to Appa and says they are bringing Parmeet home, and I will bring Ishita home and make FIR in police. He stops her and asks her to think. He says Mihika has to stay there too after her marriage. He asks don’t you trust Raman. Amma says yes. Soumya comes and says why that bad man in marriage time, will he make any issue. Amma says Soumya, we will bring warrant from police. Appa says no one is going anyone. Amma says I will teach a lesson to Parmeet, I will see how to see house’s ladies. Soumya says yes Madrasi justice.

The maid asks for leave. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Ishita says she will manage everything. Mrs. Bhalla says the work has increased. Parmeet comes and gives money to Mrs. Bhalla. They asks whats this. Parmeet says you did a lot in my bad time, but now I m earning and want to contribute to house expenses. They refuse to take. Parmeet says please take it, its about my self respect. Everyone leaves not taking the money. Simmi asks Parmeet why is she doing this, don’t bring money in between. He says I want to show them I m independent, just living here with head high. I have come and will manage everything, they think only their son is good, I want to show I m not any less. Simmi says they regard you wrong, don’t know what magic Ishita did on them. Parmeet says I came to join, not break, you just see, you will rule. He hugs her and thinks my innocent Simmi. Ishita looks on and thinks what a great drama, I will raise the curtain.

Ashok gets angry. Shagun and Suraj ask what happened. Ashok tells about deal. He says Raman’s company is also taking part. Shagun gives tea to them. Ashok says Raman’s strategy has more potential. Suraj asks him to bribe officials. Ashok says new CEO is very honest. Suraj says there has to be some way. Ashok says he wants this contract. Suraj says use Parmeet and find Raman’s quotations. Ashok says no, it won’t solve this, I have to think very big. Ishita and Parmeet bump into each other. He stops her way and stares at her.

He says Lord has made you with lots of time, so beautiful. She says you are so shameless man. He says you say you are not afraid, what if no one is at home. She says don’t dare to touch me, else I will break the hand on which I tied rakhi. He says he will not touch her, promise, but he will make her feel it. He says my heart gets restless seeing you. She says she has not seen a cheap man like him, he is saying this regarding her a sister. He says I m praising a beautiful sister, can’t I. She says I knew it you won’t change, everyone will know soon, don’t make brother sister relation bad, I don’t hate you, but pity on you.

He says don’t get emotional, this is not rakhi, but a thread, the truth is my heart beats for you. She warns him not to trouble her, else Raman will not, but she will deal with her. He says he does not want Raman, but her, to deal with him and smiles. She leaves. Shagun gives medical reports when Ruhi was conceived. Ashok says are you mad to show this to me. Suraj says woman’s mind does not work in work. Shagun says woman’s mind work everywhere, you should know. She says my pregnancy has much complications, and doctors felt either I will get saved or my child. She says it was Raman’s decision, and he chose me.

She says then luckily health issues got well and doctors managed, but story twist comes here. She shows the consent form which Raman signed. Ashok and Suraj see it and smile. Ashok says great. Suraj says call press, and add spice. This is breaking news. Suraj says we know this, when he knew he is having daughter, he did this. Shagun says no, he did not do sex detection. Suraj asks whom she wants to support, Raman or Ashok. Shagun says Ashok. Suraj says Raman wanted to abort the baby knowing its daughter. This is superb, his state will get bad. Ashok thanks Shagun and says you gave me right weapon on right time, I love you. He hugs Shagun. She looks at Suraj.

Ishita comes to Iyer house and talks to Amma about Simmi. Amma says how did they choose such guy for Simmi, he looks rapist from his face. Ishita says no, she felt he is really nice man when she met him for the first time, he spoke so nicely. Mihika comes and asks what did he do now. Ishita says he is afraid now, but he is still bad, he becomes a Lord infront of Simmi. Simmifeels Parmeet loves her. Ishita says he came here with a motive, but how to expose him.

Mihika says lets call 10-20 goons and make him beaten up. Ishita says no, Simmi thinks I m bad, of we do this, her doubt will become strong, I think we have to go by his way to expose him. Amma worries. Ishita says I m brave girl, I will see him, if this does not happen, I will come to you. Ishita says I think they came and leaves. Amma says I will get coffee for you Mihika and goes. Amma says I will teach lesson to Parmeet that he runs.

Raman is having bath, the water goes. He asks for help. Ishita comes to open the shower tap. The shower comes. They get drenched. BG score plays………………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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