Doli Armaanon Ki 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Guesthouse
Radha, while working in the kitchen, wonders where urmi lives. radha overhears shashi talking to the prospective buyer of the haveli. after she is done, radha asks shashi that she must have been very relaxed when urmi went out, and tries to find out where she lives currently. Shashi glaots and tells everything, as to where urmi stays. radha gets the info she wanted. Shashi leaves.

Later, when shashi hollers at radha for tea, kanchan tells her that she isnt at home, and has gone to the temple. shshi says that she goes to the temple too often, and thinks that she dosnt like her behaviour lately, and asks kanchan to keep an eye on her, to find out what she is upto. kanchan waives it off, but shashi is sure that she is doing something wrong, and asks her to control radha. kanchan gets tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
The entire family celebrates christmas, decorating the house. Just then, a delivery boy gives a parcel, which contains a court hearing dated 31.12.2014. urmi is shocked to hear this date, and collapses on the sofa. ishaan is tensed. All are shocked to find urmi stunned, and ask what happened. ishaan tells her that its urmi’s marriage anniversary. Sushma is tensed too.

As the party begins, shaurya wonders when shall santa come, as he is waiting for him. just then, the lights go off, and ishaan comes in dressed as santa and all are amused. he plays along with the children, while they all ask gifts from him. he dons the role, and then opens his basket and gives them gifts. Asha too asks gaurav to get a gift for their son. ishaan then goes to shaurya, asking if he doesnt need any gift from Santa. shaurya says that he wants his desired gifts, and samta agrees. He takes urmi’s hands, and tells that he wants all the happiness for urmi, and that santa should take away all the tears, and give her the smile back, and take away her sadness, and give her joy and laughter. All get emotional, while tears rool down urmi’s cheeks, as he hugs urmi. Ishaan composes himself, with much difficulty, and then pats shaurya’s head, saying that shaurya’s wish his his command then. He tells urmi that he shall take away urmi’s tears and give her lots of smiles. urmi starts smiling, amidst the tears. She pats shaurya, who thanks santa. Urmi kisses shaurya and takes him in her lap. Shaurya is asked by santa, to come in his lap, and kiss him. shaurya complies. he then gets shaurya and all the other children to dance with him. Then ishaan asks if they all want to go outside nd play. the children rush out. Ishaan and urmi are shocked to find radha standing in the doorway. Once all the children go outside, radha begins to lash at urmi, siding with samrat, empathising with him, asking what she wants, and asks her to let samrat be. all are puzzled, Sushma asks what nonsense is she talking. radha says that she wont be able to exploit samrat anymore, and that if she continues this anymore, then she would face dire consequences by her, as she wont be able to bear it anymore, and then she wont care if she is alive or not, and urmi too. all are boggled, as to why is radha talking like this. she says that this time, she is explaining her, but next time she wont, and urmi should get this straight. radha begins to leave, but urmi stops her. radha turns around. urmi says that she is reprimanding her in her own house, but on what pretext, as she is noone to samrat, and she being the wife, has all the rights to do whatvere she wants to do with her husband. radha keeps vehemently protesting that he isnt her husband anymore. She asks why is radha so tensed to see samrat upset, and that there must be some relation. Radha says that whatever it be, and if he is the slightest bit upset, then she would kill urmi. urmi asks why is she bothered. urmi says that he shall always be related to her. she says that he is the father to her son, and hence this relation shall be forever. radha says that he isnt her husband, and to her, he means nothing, as he isnt her husband too. She asks if she has an illegitimate relation with him. urmi is confronted by radha, who advocates for samrat. urmi gets angry and asks how can she support a stranger, and doing all this, while her husband is blinded, and doesnt have any clue as to whats going on. she says that she being befooled by samrat, and nothing else. She asks radha how can she be so shameless. Radha says that she isnt doing anything wrong or a sin, and adds that samrat isnt a stranger to her, but is her husband. urmi is shocked to hear this. ishaan and sushma are speechelss.

Radha tells urmi, that she was the past, and she herself is the present. she says that she is wearing the mangalsutar for samrat, and noone else. she says that she is his wife, and he her husband. urmi and others listen shocked. radha leaves. She finds children playing outside, and shaurya aplogises to her, for hitting the ball too hard at her feet. Radha asks him if he is shaurya, and then asks if he doesnt miss his father, as he misses him daily. Shaurya is shocked and scared by even the mention of samrat.

Inside, ishaan tells her that its good radha came here, and they talked so much, or else they wouldnt have known this ever. ishaan says that they got hold of a big info, and they accidentally stumbled on the right path, shown by god. Gaurav is shocked that samrat did something so low. sushma says that she isnt surprised, as this is expected by samrat, who can do anything. gaurav starts reprimanding samrat. asha asks him how could they get urmi married to such a man. urmi sits tensed, asking she doesnt understand how samrat did this, without anyone’s knowledge. ishaan says that he thinks even his family doesnt know. Shaurya comes in asking who that lady was. all are tensed. He narrates everything. To divert him, Ishaan asks shaurya that he wanted urmi to be happy, and hence he should assume that santa fulfilled his wish. Shaurya is surprised. Ishaan says that Santa fulfilled his wish, in the form of the lady who just got out. Urmi is shocked, while shaurya gets happy. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ishaan tells urmi that they know radha would go to any lengths out of her love for samrt. urmi quizzically asks whats he trying to say. He tells her that radha is mad in samrat’s love, and thats exactly what they have to exploit to thir advantage. meanwhile, Niranjan tells samrat that ishaan may fly all that he wants, belittling him, saying that all of his maneouvers would fall flat, in front of them. He says that the verdict is out, and that they have bought the judgement. samrat smiles evilly, along with niranjan.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Interesting developments… one drama that doesn’t waste time and gets to the point of each story quickly.

  2. Thank you for early upload Rimjhim

  3. Not much intresting today.

  4. Yep I said it, Radha will definitely cause Samrat’s downfall.

    1. I read in a spoiler that she’s the cause of his failure

  5. I am totally fed up with samrath and this side kick he is having an affair with please let urmi win her case and let samrath go down the shoot

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