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Veera 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan doing some rituals with Baldev and asking for gift. He says he was joking and leaves. The guests say we will come in evening. Bansuri asks them to come. The goons look for Nihaal. Nihaal calls Baldev and his phone is on silent. Baldev gets the call and asks Nihaal where is he. I wanted to meet you and apologize. Nihaal says we can talk about it later, right now my life is in danger. Baldev is shocked and asks what. He asks where is he and who is after you. Nihaal is about to say, and Rajveer shuts his mouth. Nihsala and Rajveer fight, and Rajveer kills Nihaal. He messages Baldev the address and asks him to come without telling anyone.

Ratan is worried as the light goes and Nihaal’s gifted bangles fall. She gets hurt and says whats this abshagun. Rajveer says Nihaal can’t tell the truth to anyone now. He sees the phone, and sees Baldev’s message that he is coming. He says I have messaged Baldev to come here and he is coming. He says come Baldev, I m waiting here. He says you made my problem very easy. He cleans the fingerprints from the rod by which he has hit Nihaal. He thanks Nihaal.

Rajveer calls Ranvi and asks is everything fine. Ranvi asks why. Rajveer says I have seen Baldev going outside Pritampura. I thought to call and tell you, I have warned you before, he is doing something illegal in his transport business, I m going there, you also come. Ranvi says I will come. Ranvi says why did Baldev go there, I will call at home, maybe he told someone. He talks to Bansuri and asks about Baldev. She says he did not tell me and went out. He says fine, I will see. Ranvi says shall I call Baldev, no, I should go there and see whats going on.

Baldev reaches the godown and looks for Nihaal. He says I hope he is fine and goes inside. He falls and his watch falls there. He is shocked seeing Nihaal fallen dead. He touches the blood and shouts Nihaal Chachu. He checks his pulse and asks for help. The people come there. Ranvi reaches there. Baldev sees the jag of his jeep seat, and thinks they have attacked him with this. Ranvi comes in and is shocked seeing Baldev holding the jag and Nihaal dead. Ranvi cries. Baldev leaves from there.

Gunjan makes Veera ready. Ratan comes to them. Chai ji asks Ratan why is she looking worried. Gunjan says Ratan will be always happy now, I will make bridal dress ready, as Biji will have to wear it too. They smile. Gunjan teases Chai ji. Ratan asks why is she not ready till now. Veera asks did Nihaal Chachu come., when will he come, is he coming from Baldev’s side, he has to do my kanyadaan. Chai ji says he will come. Ratan feels tensed. Rajveer comes there and stops Baldev. He asks where is he running. Baldev says Nihaal Chachu is inside. Rajveer goes inside and sees Ranvi crying.

Ranvi says Nihaal Chachu. Rajveer stops him and says don’t touch the dead body. Ranvi says dead body? Rajveer says I can see he is not alive now. He takes the murder weapon. He says he is murdered by Baldev. Ranvi is shocked. Veera gets ready in bridal dress and looks pretty. Ratan comes and compliments her. She gives a dress to Ratan. She says I want to see happiness on Nihaal’s face when he sees you wearing the suit he gifted you. She says he brought this and could not give you, so I gave you saying I bought it. Chai ji asks Ratan to wear it to show Nihaal and tell him that Ranvi agreed for the relation. Ratan agrees and hugs Veera.

Ranvi cries thinking about Nihaal and Ratan. He says how did this happen, what will I tell Biji and Veera. She wanted her to do her kanyadaan. Rajveer says yes, how will you tell her that her marriage will not happen now. Ranvi is shocked. Rajveer smiles. Baldev is arrested. He says I did not do anything, why are you arresting me. Rajveer tells Ranvi that law has do its duty, and arrests Baldev on Nihaal’s murder charges. Baldev is shocked. Rajveer shows the murder weapon, which belongs to him. Ranvi looks on shocked. Rajveer says you were running from here when we came and arrested you, will you still say you did not do anything. Baldev nods no to Ranvi.

Ranvi tells everyone that Baldev is arrested on murder charges. Ratan asks whose murder. Ranvi says Nihaal Chachu, I m the witness for it. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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