Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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It is morning. Fiza and Waqar fight over who will read the newspaper first. Najma is sitting all quiet. Mariam and the kids notice Najma all sad. They try to cheer Najma but she gives uninterested reactions. Fiza notices an article regarding the tennis championship. The photos of all the selected candidates are given here. Najma looks at the photo of the girl. Fiza thinks how her Najma Appi’s photo would have been published here if she would have won. Najma stops eating and looks hurt. Waqar is glad that Najma dint win. If you would have won then your photo would have been here in the paper and Abbu would have got to know about everything. Fiza says I would have hidden this paper from Abbu if Appi would have won. Waqar realises his mistake. He says sorry to Najma. She gets up to go outside to wait for the auto. Waqar and Fiza decide to do something on the way to school so that Najma smiles again. They too leave.

Altaf is scolding someone (Asad) on phone when Imran returns home. He warns him not to even come here before him. It was different earlier as I had to handle my nephew or I would have taught you and Zeenat a very good lesson long ago. Don’t think it to be just a warning. I have told you that Imran wont come to Allahabad so he wont come. Understand it well; don’t even dare to call us again. I will see what you do now. He ends the call angrily. Imran coughs a little. You just reacted like Amitabh Bacchan of Hum Movie (a tiger). Altaf says I am not interested in all this right now. be prepared to go to court as I will kill someone some day. Imran suggests him not to do so as he would be all alone then. I have anyways named the land on Zeenat’s name. I just have to do one sign. Altaf declines but Imran tells him to think calmly. You only had said that I should forget my past. There is no point in stretching this matter. Next time Asad calls then ask him to take a date from the notary office, I will go and sign the papers. He shows him a form. It is for Najma. I spoke with another club and they have agreed to let her play. Altaf gets happy. we should give this good news to Najjo and Mariam. They look out from their window but don’t find anyone in the room. Imran says maybe they will be downstairs. I will give this to them later. Altaf tells him to be careful this time while giving them the letter. Don’t hurt Mariam’s eyes again with your paper plane. Imran asks him if it was a joke. You too should get accustomed to courts as I too might kill you one day. Altaf smiles at his joke.

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Mariam is thinking about Najma’s words and how she was on losing her first match. Rehmat Bi finds her sitting all sad. Are you worried over something? Mariam denies but Rehmat Bi insists. Even Najma looked a little upset in the morning. She dint even take her daily pocket money from her Abbajaan in the morning. Tell me what is it? Younis calls out for Mariam before she can say something. Nasima acts all sweet with Mariam. Younis has received advance from Srivastava. You have made lot many samples for the work. He gives her some money from the advance money. After all you have made the samples. Mariam says I cannot take money from you. Nasima gets happy. this is what I told him. Anyways you take care of Mariam and Najma but still we have some responsibility. I am feeling happy that we discussed this matter. Rehmat Bi agrees with Nasima that Younis is taking care of Najma and Mariam but I think you should keep this money. Mariam is taken aback. Nasima tells her to stay out of it but Rehmat Bi sticks to her point. This is Mariam’s hard earned money; it is of lot of importance for everyone. I think you should keep it. Younis agrees with Rehmat Bi. Mariam takes the money reluctantly. Nasima suggests her to continue her good work (samples) like this only. We all will continue to earn that way. Mariam nods.

Younis gets Srivastava’s call. Younis tells him that the work has begun. The delivery will start from next week. Srivastava is glad hearing the news. He asks for Mariam. Can I meet her once? I wanted to talk to her regarding the other designs that we would need in future. Younis says I can come over to discuss about it. Srivastava wants to show some photographs to Mariam so that she can make identical designs. Younis lies that Mariam is not at home. I will let you know once she is back. He ends the call but is really irked with Srivastava for his demands of meeting Mariam. Mariam looks uncomfortable hearing the whole thing. Nasima makes him understand that Srivastava’s business is really big. He has to work hard to expand his business. Plus we will be here too with Mariam. Invite him at home. Rehmat Bi likes the idea. Maybe Srivastava will like a few more samples made by Mariam. Younis gives in.

In her room, Mariam smiles looking at her first hard earned money. We wont lack any funds for Najma’s tennis practise. Najma returns home just then and greets her Ammi. Najma is surprised seeing so much money in her hand. Who do they belong to? Mariam replies that it belongs to her only. Najma is confused. Did you mortgage your ring once again? Mairam tells her that she got this money by making samples for Srivastava. We can spend this money any way we want to. Najma hugs her mother happily. we will buy a new suit for you. We will go today only. Mariam says we will decide later. Go and freshen up first.

Imran calls out for Najma. They exchange pleasantries. Imran tells them to come on time for practise. Najma refuses to go. they are confused. Imran shows her the form that he has brought for her. this is of another club and they have their competition due next week. Why are you saying like this? mariam gets happy. she tries to encourage Najma but Najma doesn’t want to face defeat once again. Imran asks her if Sania Mirza never loses a match. She does! We now know where you made mistakes and we only have to work on them now. Don’t forget that you are a champion. You only will win this time. Mariam too tries to boost her morale but in vain. Rehmat Bi comes to call Mariam as Srivastava is here. She leaves. Imran calls out for Najma but she walks away sadly. Imran tells his Mamu how Najjo has straight away refused to play tennis. Altaf is surprised.

Srivastava shows few samples to Mariam. These designs are very famous in Europe these days. If we make something like that then we can find new clients there. I actually had a word with someone regarding the same. younis and Nasima are impressed. Srivastava assures them that all the material will be made in Younis’s factory only. The clients there are very particular and punctual about payments. The payment is in Euros. Nasima is tensed thinking they wont get money in return. Younis tells her that it is European currency and one Euro equals Rs. 75 (INR). Nasima is pleased. Rehmat Bi tells her to be careful, hope you don’t faint now. Srivastava points out that Europeans are very quality conscious. See if you can really make them. Mariam replies that she saw and understood the designs. Leave this file here; I will try my hand at few of them. srivastava gets happy. I love you attitude of accepting challenges. Show your magic once again. If European people like this designs then I can give almost double money to Younis. Younis looks at him pointedly but nasima is really happy. Mariam is very talented; she will do it. Mariam agrees. I will make these designs and a few more original ones too. Srivastava offers to gift something to Mariam. Everyone is taken aback. Srivastava wants to do something for Mariam as she is working so hard for them. he gives her a very beautiful necklace which shocks all of them. srivastava says this is imitation jewellery but its quality is very good. It is ok 10k. Mariam isn’t comfortable taking it. rehmat Bi scolds Srivastava who tells her to be in her limits. Mariam points out that Rehmat Bi is not a servant but their Khala. She is right. You crossed your limits today. younis affirms. Srivastava talks about business rules. I just brought this to motivate Mariam. Mariam and Younis in turn tell him to understand their rules. You cannot gift such things or anything to the women of my house. You are after Mariam since you have found her designs impressive. You were trying to lure her for money that day too. I don’t want to do any business with you. We will go our separate ways once your order is complete. He tells him to leave right now. Nasima tries to make him understand but in vain. He instead tells her to leave from there angrily. Nasima leaves. Mariam addresses Srivastava. We are normal people and our way of living is different. You can do business with Younis Bhai if you want to; I will only make samples for you. I am telling you for the last time that you should stay away from me. If you don’t like it then the right decision will be to break business relations with you. Srivastava agrees to be careful from next time, please don’t be upset. She gives him the necklace. He leaves. Younis blesses Mariam.

Precap: Imran tells Najma that he had dreamt a lot for Mehak. The biggest dream was to see her playing for our country, the same dream that your Abbu Tauseef had seen. Will you not fulfil your Abbu’s and my dream? If you are really Mehak then you will have to play tennis.

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