Doli Armaanon Ki 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
samrat smirks that till he is here, he wont let the love birds meet and that ishaan may have left, but he wont return, not tonight atleast, and till he is here in this house, he shall always stand in the way of their romance. He smiles evilly, at ishaan and urmi’s plight.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
Ishaan hurriedly arrives, and is shocked to know from the manager, that there was no police here. He is boggled, and asks how can this be, and if he is sure. He wonders why he got the call. the manager asks him to try the number. He tries and finds it switched off. the manager ask him to go, as everything is okay here. he is still worried and boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Meanwhile, Urmi is meanwhile lost in ishaan’s thoughts and their new found romance, and her and his confession of her love, as she smiles. Ishaan arrives back at the house, and parks his car inside the garage, and is shocked to find that the garage door is locked from the outside, while he is in. He starts shouting for the watchguard, while oblivious that samrat has bolted this from outside, and is smiling evilly, as he does so. he starts beating the door profusely, geting frustrated and angry.unaware of all this, urmi eyes ishaan’s pics, lost in thoughts of their sweet romance waiting for him to return back. she talks to ishaan, that his love finally did make her fall in love with him. she finds that its one in the night, and gets tensed. she tries his number, and finds it not reachable, and gets worried for him wondering where he must have gone. she tries again, but in vain, and hopes all is okay. she goes out in the corridor, and finds noone, thinking that all asleep. She wonders who to ask.

Outside, ishaan continues beating the door, while samrat gloats evilly at his plight and frustration, of being stuck in the garage, without any voice coming out, nor any mobile network going inside. he thinks that ishaan has no option but to fume.

Meanwhile, urmi, in the balcony is tensed to find samrat lurking behind her, taunting her on her loneliness, on her wedding night, when she should be in her husband’s arms, who ditched her, on this special night, reminding her of the one they shared. she asks him to stop comparing himself to ishaan, as they are poles apart, and that he is evil whereas ishaan is noble. he says that she is destined to be waiting, as she used to wait for him, while he committed adultery. She asks whats he doing here, as his wife is there in their room, or she has thrown him out. He doesnt take the taunt, and tries to say how sad it is, that the bed and the wife are alld ecorated, but the husband is nowhere to be seen to enjoy it. He starts taunting that all males are same. She says that all males of his species would definitely be like him, but not ishaan. he asks since all arrangements are made, should he amuse her. urmi asks him to stay in his limits, and stick to his work, or else he wouldnt be able to even amuse himself, leave alone anyone else. she walks off. he continues enjoying her plight.

Outside, ishaan starts getting frustrated that noone is listening to him, nor is there any network. meanwhile, in her room, urmi keeps trying and wonders why isnt it going through. bad thoughst engulf her, while he is tensed not to receive a signal. both are tensed. h finally gets inside his car, wondering what to do now, and how urmi must be extremely tensed. She paces around nervously and restlessly in the room. he meanwhile apologises for ruining urmi’s special night. Urmi is terribly worried, as the clock ticks off, wondering where is he, and hopes everything is alright. Finally, they both dose off in tiredness, worrying for the other.

The next morning, urmi wakes up and doesnt find ishaan still, and wonders where he is. She rushes out to alarm others and find out. Downstairs, rani, the maid serves everyone morning coffee, while urmi rushes down dishevelled and tensed. All are surprised to see her in such a state. Anirudh asks why is she so tensed. urmo asks if they had a talk with ishaan. He asks whats the matter. urmi tells what happened, last night, after his sudden disappearance. this alarms and surprised everyone. damini asks if she tried to find out. samrat and tani come down too, while he is happy that his plan worked perfectly. While sandhya’s husband is jogging outside, he hears ishaan screaming from inside the garage, and opens, while he runs out frustrated.

inside, samrat pretends to be concerned, and says that they should inform the police. Anirudh asks him not to worry as ishaan would come back soon. Just then, Ishaan comes in hurriedly, furious and in a rage, grabs samrat by the collar and asks how dare he do this. all are taken aback, while they try to let ishaan go of his grip on samrat. samrat pretends to be ignorant and asks why is he so agry and what did he do. damini too asks him whats the matter. When ishaan tells what samrat did, all are shocked. anirudh and damini ask him to elaborate. ishaan asks samrat to stop acting, and own to his planning. urmi immediately gets concerned. saamrat continues, while ishaan gets angry. Ishaan narrates everything, as to how he was befooled last night. samrat asks how did this prove that he is behind this, and what possible motive he has, and that ishaan is always after his respect. ishaan asks what respect he has, being the ghar jamaai. Anirudh and urmi back ishaan. Tani tells ishaan to ask urmi to back off, as samrat hasnt done wrong, and infact has been wronged. urmi irritably tells tani that she doesnt know anything. tani says that she knows something which she shall now tell everyone else. she tells everyone that urmi tried a murder attempt on samrat. this shocks everyone. samrat eyes urmi taunting and evilly, at having played this trump card. urmi stands shocked and boggled, at this accusation. The screen freezes on urmi’s face.

Precap: Tani tells that urmi might want desperately for her to go out from this house, but that wont happen. ishaan says that he along with urmi, both dont want her to leave the house. But they cant stand samrat. Just then, sandhya’s husband comes in with the watchman on the night duty yesterday, and identifies him to everyone. samrat is extremely worried that his truth might be out now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this serial is going on to long and drawn out the same thing after the other toooooooooom much stupid tricks with samrat you do not love urmi yet you are making her life miserable come on writers this serial is baseless no scruples about the actors in the show why prolong the inevitable end the stupid show properly giving each one what they deserves

  2. Today’s epi was simply boring and very predictable! I just find Samraat’s role has now become very monotonous just like the others! Nothing is happening really in terms of the story..except the evil plotting – if it is not Damini, it is Samraat!

  3. Why cant thewriter of this seriial turn the tables on samrat so that he too can xperience the bitter truth of seing your x living happily its too much of urmi living a lonely miserable life let the story of xpose begun by those silly mothers like inshans mother and samrats mother let urmi be a good daughter in law to inshans father ( gentleman he is)

  4. fan of the show

    I wonder how many episodes it will take for Urmi/Ishan to wise up and figure out who is making so much trouble for them. And come up with a plan that will catch them. What happened to Niranjan, anyway?

  5. I have stopped watching, this show along with Qubool Hai, Sathiya, Kumkum sometimes I do but mostly not. Only shows that is worth some of my time right now is Yeh Hai Mohabatein and Suhani Si Ladki…other than that all the shows have gone down hill.

  6. Shows in the past that had good strong female actors were agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo, Choti Bhahu, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon (old one), I haven’t really looked at the new one, pavitra rishta, ek hasina thi…those were shows worth watching. There were villians and backstabbers but the show never got diverted from the original story and none except for Pavitra ever had to do 10 year leap to keep it going…oh well as they say old is good!!!

  7. Darn it! Consummate the marriage already pls! And catch the (Sam)rat in the act!!

  8. Writers why do you indulge in this type of abuse.Why does Samrat always have his way with people and at can get away with anything.What is also bad his lies are so convincing that every one believes him.Can you not make the villain suffer a little by exposing him.Damini should realize now that her son is in danger where Samrat is concerned.So let her keep ganging up with Samrat she will soon learn.If Samrat can shoot himself what the hell he would not do again.Tani is naive and will soon be shattered by him when he gets his hand on her money.But all in all ,even though I do not like Samrat’s character without him this show will flop.He is a skilled actor.

  9. Ishan u r so stupid
    u were locked in garage u could have easily escaped
    if u would have reversef ur car a bit and thn aim at the door with speed that wooden door would have broken
    or else
    u had car with u
    u could have pressed the car horn it is loud enough so that somebody might get up and see where is it coming from
    or nothing else thn u could have wrote a text to urmi that u r locked in garage plz open and slide ur phone out from the space underneath the door n if luck favoured u
    ur phone would have got network n msg would be sent
    there were no network inside the garage na in the open outside ur phone would have caught network

    1. Wow! very thoughtful.. first 2 i guessed bt the last one is masterpiece idea..creative!

  10. I also didn’t understand why he didn’t use the horn. Now he’s angry, really, why? Samrat’s character is boring, there’s nothing unpredictable about it or sparks interest. He’s an ex-husband obsessed with his ex-wife. By now we all know what he’ll do. Whatever Urmi and Ishaan will try to do, he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, this is the story line now.

  11. Are they really making Ishaan to be that dumb. When is everyone else going to use their brains and start thinking? Is Niranjan gone now? Well, he didn’t do much either, another very sharp lawyer that was defeated by Samrat before he even begun. I have tried to be patient with show, it has started chewing my brains. It used to be the only show on Zee that I can stand. And now… At least Jamai and Jodha are getting interesting again.

  12. Also fed up.i only read update on serials.favourites IKAROMUJHEPYAR.MAHRANA PRATAB.SUMTYM HUM HE NAH
    Zee…uv lost it so medicore all right samrat n airhead tani pls get caught
    ..maybe just maybe we watch!!????

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