Begusarai 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam says to Priyom that you came in class room when teacher was giving lecture, you didnt even think once that there were girls in class but you think only about yourself, Poonam’s friend says that all are looking at us, lets leave, she takes her from there, Bindya says why she is jealous if i came here? Priyom says my mother gone to God in childhood, since then Poonam behaves like my mothers, dont bother about her words, Bindya says i will teach her lesson, Priyom holds her back and says sternly that dont say a word to Poonam, Bindya is shocked to see his reaction, he says i am with you, show your anger on me, Binda smiles.
The preparations are in full swing for Piddi’s bday. Poonam’s friend ask Poonam to forget everything and college will forget too, Poonam says all come here because they think college is secure place for studies, i dont want parents of girls to think that this is not right place and they dont allow them to come here just cause of me, if anyone have to leave this college because of me then i will feel very bad so i have thought what i have to do, i will come to college from tomorrow, friend says have you gone mad, Poonam says it was my mistake to come here, i should have known that my shadow will never leave me, i dont want people to get affected here because of me so after function i will tell people in house about my decision.

Scene 2
All are getting ready in Thakur’s house, Maya ask Guddi to come fast, she is straightening her hairs, Maya comes to Piddi and says you are looking nice, lets go for function otherwise someone else will eat your cake, Piddi recalls how Priyom fooled him and took Bindya with him, Piddi says no, i am ready. Maya comes to Mitlaish, he hugs her, she says we are getting late, you go and give peace to your eyes seeing Bindya, i will come to you at night, she leaves, he smiles.
Badi Amma says to family that if i miss Bindya’s dance then i will make people dance in this house, get ready fast.
Poonam’s famil comes in function, Poonam greets Rekha, Rekha thinks if she didnt had gold jewelry, then she could have asked me, she will make me embarrass in people, Poonam goes to meet Badi Amma. Chuna yadav comes to Rekha and greets her, she ask how are you? he says living under Thakurs, Rekha ask everything fine, Chuna says there is one girl, her family wants her to marry, they are giving 1 crore as dowry and banglow too, they asked for Lakhan’s hand but i told them Lakhan is engaged with Poonam who is servant’s daughter, Rekha says are you insulting me? Yadav says i am telling truth that Phulan wanted to make Manjeeta his servant for whole life so he made his daughter marry your son, he has sacrificed your son for his benefit, you will not get anything from Poonam’s family, Phulan could have engaged his son Priyom marry Poonam but he didnt.

Scene 3
Priyom comes in function, he looks at Poonam. Yadav says to Rekha that my relatives are giving 2 crores as dowry, i am telling you to marry Lakhan to her, he leaves, Rekha says i didnt think about before, i have to break this forced marriage, she looks at Poonam and Priyom and says i know politics too, i will do such cheap politics that in whole function, Poonam will force all to break her marriage. Ghungroo comes on stage, he says our very loving girl Bindya is coming on stage, Priyom looks at Poonam and smiles but she doesnt smile back, people ask Ghungroo to bring Bindya, he says she is coming in a minute. Priyom’s servants are making bhaang for themselves when Rekha comes there, she says arent you ashamed of drinking bhaang, she ask them to give her bhaang, they reluctantly gives it to her, she smirks and leaves from there, she says toda it will be divorce for not married bride, servants bring another packet of Bhaang, all ask to call Bindya on stage. Rekha comes to food stall, she mixes bhaang in sweets, she says once Poonam eat this and dance then Phulan will cancel this marriage himself and even if he doesnt then Manjeeta will shoot his daughter in embarrassment, Lakhan comes and is about to eat the sweets but Rekha doesnt allow him to eat. Rekha comes to Poonam and ask her to eat sweets, Poonam takes plate from her and is about to eat when Badi Amma comes there, Rekha greets her, Badi Amma ask can i sit here? Rekha nods, Badi Amma ask her to leave, Rekha leaves.

Scene 4
Bindya comes on stage, she dances on Aa ree Pritam Piyare, Piddi and Priyom enjoys her dance, Rekha is waiting Poonam to eat sweets, Guddi takes plate from her and says why you are eating sweets, she brings chowmins for Poonam, Rekha says she spoiled my plan, Rekha goes to take the plate from servant, she brings plate to Poonam again and ask her to eat sweets first, Badi Amma ask are you drunk? Rekha says no, Badi Amma says you dont show this much love in sane state, Rekha says no i love my daughter in law alot, i have brought sweets for her 2 times but she is not eating, Badi Amma ask Poonam to eat else she will not leave you. Poonam takes the plate. Bindya is dancing with boys, her dupatta falls, she gets conscious, Priyom comes there and drapes Dupatta around her, Phulan notices this, Bindya dances around Piddi and Priyom. Priyom’s girlfriend Jaya comes there, she says my brother is seeing boys for my marriage, Priyom says very nice, i will pray that you get a good boy, Jaya says i am not here to listen your jokes, Priyom ask are you thinking that i will marry you? i cleared it on first day that i dont like marriage, Jaya says i thought you will change in my love, Priyom says it cant happen, she gets depressed, he looks at Bindya and says i will marry Bindya, she is stunned, he says i have started loving her, Jaya is shocked.

PRECAP- there is firing going on in function when a bullet hits Manjeeta, he falls on ground, Poonam shouts baba, all lookst at Manjeeta and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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