Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil going to morgue with Nivedita and inspector and checking dead body. He says dead girl is not his daughter and yells at inspector what weird procedures he is following to search is daughter. Inspector he is not allowing him to publish pamphlets or circulate pics, then how will he find her. He continues yelling at im.

Ragini and Aman are having pakorsa on roadside shop. Ragini sees someone writing HELP on car window. Suhani who is kidnapped and confined writes it. Ragini tells Aman that she saw a girl writing help on car window and says they should follow the car. They get into car and reminisces meeting Suhani in a washroom before. The continue following her. Car vanishes in a godown. They stop and ask courier man if he saw a car with particular number. Man says he did not and was busy. Once they leave, he then gets into godown and takes Suhani in. He asks her not to shout, else he will kill her. She asks what did she do. He says because of her dad, he lost his wife, so he will take revenge from her father. He asks her not to ever try elope, else he will kill her. He then tapes her mouth again and leaves in his car.

Ragini and Aman enter godown silently and find Suhani confined. Aman goes to free Suhani and asks Ragini to keep an eye. Suhani gets happy seeing her mom. Aman frees her legs, but does not remove tape from mouth. Kidnapper comes back and asks how did they come here even after fooling them. Ragini says she knew he was lying, so they followed him and want to save this girl. He says girl’s father did not treat his wife when she was dying and he pleaded to save her, but he was very arrogant. Losing his wife, he is also a dead man. Aman asks which doc he is talking about. He says he works in his hospital as cardiologist and asks him to teach ethics. Suhani throws drum on him and they all 3 try to escape. Kidnapper catches Suhani again. Neil calls Ragini. Kidnapper asks her not to pick call. Aman takes phone and cuts call. Kidnapper shoots Suhani and laughs.

Neil reaches Ragini’s home with Nivedita and asks Ragini’s mom about her. She says she went to hospital. He says he is coming from hospital. Agam asks why is Suhani not picking his call, he even called Pam, but she scolded him and disconnected call. He says she is annoyed with his repeated call. Arav comes and says he wanted to talk to him. Neil says he is busy and will talk to him later. He goes out to call Aman.

Ragini runs towards Suhani and asks him why did he kill her instead of her dad. He says his lost his wife because of her dad, now her dad will feel same pain. He then shoots himself. Ragini starts panicking. Aman calls ambulance and they both rush Suhani to hospital. Ragini says she is taking care of the girl whom she does not know, what would girl’s mom think seeing her on dead bed. She helps Aman perform surgery on her and remove bullet.

Neil with Nivedita reaches hospital and ask where is Ragini. He says Ragini is upset as she saw a girl being kidnapped and then being shot. Neil goes to Ragini’s cabin and tells she should have been a poet instead of being in this profession as she is getting too emotional. Ragini asks him to stop and says she saw a small girl being shot. Neil says she should not too emotional with strangers. She says for humanity’s sake. She holds his hand and takes him to ICU. Neil is shocked to see Suhani.

Precap: Neil tells Ragini that he is sure girl’s father would have be helpless due to situation and it is common that a human gets helpless either professionally or personally at some part of his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh dear…pls get nivi camelion caught out…shes the shitty !!!

  2. thank god suhani is saved nd neil got hir daughter…..

  3. her ** daughter

  4. his daughter….

  5. Rosheena Singh

    devil niv expose her pls.

  6. Raeesah Ray Akbar Amod

    I want ragini to find out it is Suhail and I want nivedita to be exposed she is worst than Pam and I really hope we find out why they got separated tmr

  7. How is suhani related to ragini really eager to know

  8. I don’t like this Nivedita

  9. Pam should tell neil about the reason behind suhani coming to india.
    Nivedita should get 100 slaps and thrown out of his life

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