Tum Aise Hi Rehna 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The lady tells Ria that you people will be trapped in Mr. Kapoor’s trap. Ria asks what he is going to do? The lady says nobody knows about this man. He was caught in 1995 while trying to cross the border, but then was freed. He was seen in Mumbai in 2004 with so much money, he invested money in many businesses. She says then we came to know about his main business. He gets our nations’s secret information from the bureaucrats or govt officer through his business partner. Abhi apologizes to Anushka. She asks him to go. Abhi says he will call Mr. Kapoor and then leave. Anushka says do you want him to make me life hell. Abhi recalls Ria’s words and says he understands her problem. Anushka cries and says I know. I can understand the depth of your love. I knew Ria won’t hide anything from you. She says my relation with Mr. Kapoor is complety different from you. Abhi asks why you are bearing all this. Anushka says it is helplessness.

She says you are his business partner. Abhi says not anymore. The lady tells Ria about Anushka and says Mr. Kapoor is using her. He sells the secret information to terrorist group. He then traps his partners and leaves clean chit. This time his partner is going to be Abhimanyu Maheshwari. Abhi says I shall not work with Mr. Kapoor. He says if anyone wants then he can’t be helpless. Anushka says you don’t know him. Abhi says you don’t know me. Ria says Abhi is going to sign the deal. The lady says I know. Ria says I can’t stop my husband. The lady says deal must be signed by now. Ria asks her to leave her as she can stop Ria. The lady says if the deal is signed then your husband will be in trouble. This is not business deal, but your life which will be in Mr. Kapoor’s hands. She tells that she wanted to tell her about him and asks her to go, save Abhi. Ria asks how do you know about him? The lady says you will know when the time is right and asks her to stop Abhi from signing the deal. Ria calls Abhi, but he didn’t pick her call. The lady says it means he is signing the deal now, oblivious to the thing that he is signing on his death statement. The lady drops Ria to the hotel. Ria rushes inside.

Abhi is seen with Mr. Kapoor and is about to sign on the deal. Ria comes running to the room and calls Abhi. Ria gets worried and thinks to stop Abhi from signing on the deal. Abhi signs on the deal and gives the papers to Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor smiles and reads the papers. Ria asks the waiter about Abhi. He tells that he saw him going to board room. Ria comes there and sees Mr. Kapoor congratulating Abhi. Ria gets shocked. Mr. Kapoor holds Anushka. She also congratulates Abhi. Ria is shocked and recalls the lady telling her that Anushka is Mr. Kapoor’s partner and not wife. Mr. Kapoor asks Anushka to make Abhi eat the sweets. He eats it. Mr. Kapoor asks Abhi to give sweets to Anushka. He gives. Ria is upset. Mr. Kapoor asks where were you? You should have been with your husband, just like my wife is standing with me. He picks a sweet piece and asks her to eat it. Ria says no thanks. He says we are one family now. He holds her hand and takes her inside. Ria is disgusted with his behavior. Ria asks Abhi to cancel this deal shocking Mr. Kapoor.

Mr. Kapoor gets angry. Abhi asks what? Mr. Kapoor asks her the reason. Ria asks him to tear the deal papers. Mr. Kapoor says there is a limit for a joke. Ria says I am not joking. Mr. Kapoor asks Abhi to take care of his wife and takes the deal papers from her hand. Ria says she is talking to her husband and asks him not to interfere. Abhi asks Ria to try to understand. He tells Mr. Kapoor that they will take the decision. He says it is professional deal, so let’s treated that way. Mr. Kapoor agrees. Abhi takes Ria from there. Ria looks at Mr. Kapoor. He smiles and stares Ria evilly.

Abhi asks Ria to leave worries and trust on him. Ria tells him that Mr. Kapoor is a terrorist. Abhi asks how do you know?

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