Doli Armaanon Ki 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s and amrit’s residence
Samrat asks people at the dinner people to serve some sweets, as his son called him today. all are confused as to why this is happy. He says that shaurya called him stealthily, and narrates everything he told to him, and gloats that he would come very soon to him. all are tensed, but he asks them all to be happy, and that he finally was able to defeat Urmi. But they dont pay attention, and say that they are bored listening to samrat’s rant, but samrat defiantly says that both urmi and shaurya would come, and that he can do the impossible. Shashi too starts venting out her frustration, but he rebukes them all and says that he meets shaurya everyday and soon he would win over urmi.

Amrit is philandering around with girls, when aditi calls, and he is frustrated. aditi says that something is seriously wrong and tells him about the pain in the stomach, when samrat had slapped her, and that she wont be allowed to go out alone now. He thinks that he has money and can buy everything and enjoy. but he pretends to be very sad and distraught, that he wont be able to see her and the baby. She says that she would call him when she gets the time. He cancels the call, and again gets to promiscuity.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Shaurya is angry at urmi, while she tries to cajole him, saying that she missed him too. Her says that he got bored. She asks what if he gets a small brother and sister. He says that he would love a small brother. Urmi agrees. She gets emotional, while he says that he would be satisfied with a sister too. He starts telling about his day with sushma and her husband, while urmi starts laughing.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, while all are busy with their chores, samrat walks in, asking them to see who has come. Shaurya walks in excitedly, and they are overwhelmed to see him. Shashi however is irritated. All get to talking and chatting with him, while samrat enjoys smilingly. For samrat’s impression, shashi starts expressing fake love and concern, and starts cursing urmi for keeping him away from her. Mandira too comes down excitedly, and hugs him, while all are amused to see them bantering with much excitement. Shaurya expresses that he is going to the school. Mukti too serves him sweets. Mandira leaves to get something, while shashi continues to shower her love on him. Rudra asks him how is urmi, and she says that she is okay and misses them all. samrat says that soon she would stop missing them. Mandira comes and gives him the teddy bear, that she was attached with the most. shaurya expresses his thankfulness. samrat asks shaurya to see how much they all love him, and on the other hand, there’s urmi who has distanced him from their love. shashi too adds fuel to fire, while all others are tensed. samrat too plays along trying to convince shaurya that urmi is guilty of separating them. rudra asks him not to influence shaurya. But samrat defiantly says that he doesnt want shaurya to be away from anyone. He starts saying that there are other people, than urmi, who love him equally or even more than urmi. He asks shaurya to think beside urmi’s love, as its important, and that urmi is selfish, and doesnt think of anyone else, but says that he would remove all his troubles. Shaurya complies.

Later, shashi starts talking about melting her old jewellery and making new one for her. Aditi gets tensed as she remembers her theft from her own house. As she hurries to show aditi the jewellery, Aditi hastily stops her, surprising shashi, and then starts picking up on samrat’s restrictions on her, and shasi gets diverted and leaves. aditi heaves a sigh of relief.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence and shaurya’s school
While sushma is busy calculating, urmi comes and gives sushma the money that she owed her, by giving the advance for her biggest order, and tells about her work. sushma gets emotional, and says that in all these years, their own son didnt give his income ever to them, and that she is super hsappy, and blesses her for every happiness. she comments that her parents are fortunate that they got a girl like her, and due to her, she wants to trust on relations again. urmi says that she would never let them down, and asks them to trust her, and start living once again. Just then, urmi gets a call from principal’s office that she meet them rightaway, and dont divulge any further. She is highly tensed.

Urmi places an advertisement for her cake catering services. she is shocked to hear from the Principal, that shaurya has barely attended his school only a couple of days, and tries to clarify it, but finds that shaurya’s attendance is completely low, and is shocked when the principal on top of that, tells her about her husband’s overexuberant display of affection for shaurya’s birthday and giving his teacher an expensive phone. Urmi tells her that it wasnt shaurya’s birthday. The principal asks what does he want to show by making her students a complex. urmi is stunned and unable to believe it all. She is shocked and apalled to hear that. She asks to talk to shaurya once, and is distraught and stunned, when told that shaurya hasnt come to school today, then how can she arrange for him to meet urmi. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Samrat asks urmi to let go of shaurya as he would come with him. Urmi tries to argue wioth him, when shaurya comes and tries to go to samrat, when urmi catches him and tells him to stay inside, as instructed by her. But to her horro and shock, shaurya jerks off his hand from her, and then rushes to samrat, saying that he would go with his father, and not stay with her. Urmi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. eish its getting too much


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    What s couple if low life writters these r….,,

  4. SAamrat is a b*t*h so shaur

  5. doli armaano ki lol

    It’s a good thing because Urmi will live for her other child and Shaurya will realize his mistake and the years go by and Samrat will face defeat when Urmi’s child will grow up

  6. This show is not showing any good xample to kids…. Dad teaching his kids to LIE………. Very pathetic directors……….. Shame on u…… Get this f**king serial of air…….

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    I think that the writter s writing about himself. Just a lowlife man.

  8. The good thing is that Urmi has a new family now. And she’s pregnant again! I like that.

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