Veera 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nihaal helping Ratan in her work. Ranvi and Veera see this. Sbhe asks Ranvi is he thinking what she is thinking. He says what. She says I mean I m noticing that Nihaal Chachu takes care of Ratan. He says they know each other and this happens in Pind. She says no, not like that, He says nothing like that and leaves. She says no Ranvi, you don’t want to see this, but I can see someone loves Biji so much who can fill her loneliness. Gunjan says how to make 5000rs to 20000rs. Her friend comes and asks for money. Gunjan thinks what to do and thinks about the gold bangles Ratan gave her. She asks her to give it to a jeweler and she will free it.

Ranvi asks where is Chai ji. Ratan says she slept early today. Ranvi says he will do her work and not take help from anyone. They talk about Rajveer. Veera says he went to polyhouse office and told about promoting football. Ranvi says why don’t we help Rajveer in making football team. He asks Veera will she help him. Veera says yes, why should we lag behind for our Pind’s good. Veera and Ranvi meet Rajveer. Ranvi gets a call and says he has to go. Veera says she will also come. Ranvi says you be here, teach the kids. Rajveer says we are just here now. Veera and Rajveer play together to teach the kids.

Veera asks the kids to practice and shows how to goal. She asks Rajvee to do final selection later. Rajveer says he has to say something and shows the ring. She smiles and says where did you get it. He says he got it at polyhouse. He asks her to proof its hers. She tries taking it and he gets closer. She says its important to me. He says I will make you wear it. Baldev comes and stops him. Veera says Rajveer got my ring, is it not great. Baldev says yes, how can he make her wear it, its my ring, I gave her and I will make her wear it. Rajveer says fine, I don’t want anyone’s right.

Baldev makes her wear it. She asks her what is she doing here. Veera says Rajveer is making football team and Ranvi and I are helping him. Rajveer goes. Baldev asks Veera is Rajveer flirting with her. She says what, nothing, I m only yours, jealous Baldev. Baldev says he can see this and showing her his side, if you doubt on me being better, I can prove it. She says no need to prove it. He says we will compete, I will make my team, and we will keep competition and then lets see whose team wins. Veera sees Baldev angry.

Veera comes home and talks to Ratan about Baldev getting angry on simple thing with Rajveer. Ratan asks did Ranvi tell her about Rajveer. Veera says no, why. Ratan says nothing. She asks Gunjan why is she upset and where did the gold bangle go. Gunjan lies and says she got rashes with it. Ratan asks her to wear it. Gunjan says she will wear it. Ratan says she will take her to doctor to show rashes. Veera jokes saying take Baldev along to check his mind. Gunjan is worried. Baldev gives new things to the kids and makes them ready for the team. He asks them to wear shoes, not slippers.

Balwant comes and scolds him for stealing money from the safe again. Bansuri defends Baldev and says tell him you did not steal money. Baldev says no, I won’t lie, I took the money but not for me, for Pind’s kids. Balwant asks whats this new drama. Baldev says he cares if Rajveer comes in our Pind and making football team, I also made a team and got new shoes, see my team will win. Balwant says he is wasting time in this. Bansuri says he is spending on others. Balwant says but its my money, earn first, do job. Bansuri says Balwant Singh’s son will do job. Balwant says yes, I m mad to say this. He says do what you want and leaves. Baldev says Papa ji is always after me.

Gunjan talks to Ranvi and asks how can he forgot this, she is doing his networking and he is not talking to them, why did he participate in contest. He says sorry, one show is gone, so what other will come. She says its not easy, if you leave show, one day people will forget you.

Baldev asks Veera to cheer for him, not for Rajveer. She says its just a game. He says its not a game now, Rajveer will know he can’t win over Baldev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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