Tum Saath Ho Jab 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam suggests going to her Ammi’s house for a few days with Najma. Salman Baig and Younis get concerned for him. mariam says she is missing her Ammi. Its been six months that I have met her so I thought to pay her a visit for a week or so. I want to take Najma with me. Younis talks about Najma’s impending exams in the next month. She has wasted her entire month in that badminton championship. Are you not concerned about her studies? She thinks she is doing this for Najma’s welfare only. I want to take her away from tennis, new neighbour and the questions / allegations by people. She requests Abbajaan. Nasima says Naima’s marriage has been fixed. I will have to go to my Ammi’s place very often now. Who will look after the house in my absence then? Younis is more concerned about Najma’s studies. I don’t think they both should go but the decision will be Abbajaan’s. Salman Baig too asks Mariam to wait for some two weeks. You can go once Naima’s marriage is fixed. She nods helplessly. Younis cannot help but think as to why Mariam planned a trip to her parent’s house suddenly.

Jamaal wakes up to find Bilkish and Amma standing by their bed. They have fixed his breakfast, hot water for bath, etc. He gets scared. Amma tells him to get ready to go to post office. He says I feel like the goat that is just about to be butchered. Amma prays that he never falls ill on the first day of the month. He is all the more confused now. They tell him to come home straight from the office. It is pay day today. he tries to sleep again but they pull him out of the bed.

Najma finds Imran talking to her class teacher. Najma wonders what they are talking about. Imran is concerned for Najma. She got hurt yesterday. How is she now? Teacher replies that Najma is a lot better today. I have observed that she is all the more worried since the last few days. She is lost all the time. She is trying to keep something to herself only. She isn’t sharing it. you may not know it but she is very much interested in sports. But the worrisome thing is that she hasn’t joined tennis coaching. Imran tells her to get Najma’s dressing changed today if she has time. She agrees.

Imran turns and Najma runs to stop him from going anywhere. You could have asked me how I am. Don’t worry Ammi has changed my dressing in the morning. I had turmeric milk at night. Ammi was so worried when she saw the bandage in my forehead. She was with me the whole night. My Ammi loves me a lot. She wants to know what has happened between him and Ammi. I will help you both patch up like this. he tells her to go to her class and walks away. She had expected a get well soon from him but calls him arrogant (sweetly) again.

Mariam does the chores absentmindedly in her room as she thinks about Najma’s yester night dream. She notices a page peeping out of Najma’s desk and finds a picture of Serena Williams. She opens the desk and finds lot many pages that contain info on tennis and pictures of great tennis players. She picks a carton to shift them in it. rehmat Bi comes to clean the room. She finds Mariam all lost and busy in cleaning Najma’s desk. You know she is crazy about her stuff. What are you doing? Mariam is doing this for this reason only. Najma is getting all the more crazy for tennis by every passing day. Her passion continues to soar all the more whenever I try to stop her. rehmat Bi doesn’t find anything odd in it. this is in her blood after all. She is Tauseef Baig’s daughter after all. Now I realise why you wanted to go to your Ammi’s house. Mariam affirms. Sadly I cannot go right now. Rehmat Bi is happy over it. Nasima would have taunted you for life otherwise. She asks about the photos. Mariam tells her about Sania Mirza. I want to remove all this from here so that Najma’s mind isn’t diverted to tennis all the time. Nasima comes there looking for Saba. Rehmat Bi tells her that Saba has gone out with Naima. They were all decked up. Nasima doesn’t believe her. Mariam suggests her to call Saba as she has phone now. nasima leaves. Rehmat Bi says Nasima thinks that Saba and Naima are still kids. It is you on the one side who is closing Najma’s dreams in this carton for her good and there is Nasima on the other side. Allah can see everything!

Saba and Naima have reached way early than the said time. Naima continues to check herself in the mirror. She smiles dreamy eyed when she notices Imran in the mirror. She is happy to see him while Saba is tensed.

Imran and Altaf have come there to celebrate as Imran got his salary today. Saba panics. She wants to leave from there asap whereas Naima thinks he wont say anything to anyone. who will listen to him after all? She clicks his photo in her phone. She tells Saba to call Shabbir and tell him not to come. Tell him that I am not well. I must try once to talk to Imran. God knows he might agree to marry me. she goes from there to talk to Imran. Saba dials Shabbir’s number.

Naima greets Imran. Altaf is the one who keeps talking. Imran asks her if she has some work from him. she says there wasn’t anything but I couldn’t stop myself when I saw you. She sits down with them and continues talking to them. Imran looks uncomfortable while she offers to become Imran’s personal guide. Altaf likes the idea whereas Imran glares at him. saba tells Naima that she has called off their meeting with Shabbir. He was concerned about you. Naima is in no mood to hear anything about Shabbir. I am busy. She turns to talk to them but they are gone. Saba remarks that she neither got new neighbour nor SHabbir. Naima makes a sad face.

Najma comes home. She goes to keep her books in her desk and is shocked to find her tennis related papers gone. She looks around in the room. She cannot even find her Abbu’s blazer. She pulls everything out as she looks for it. she climbs on a stool to look above the cupboard but falls. Mariam comes there just then. She notices the desk. I have thrown out what you are looking for. no more sports. It is time to focus on studies as you have exams next month. Najma tries to say something but Mariam stay firm. Najma looks at her Abbu’s badminton racket sadly.

Naima cannot stop looking at Imran’s photo. Saba tries to shake her out of her reverie. Naima finds Imran way better than Shabbir. Saba reasons that new neighbour doesn’t even look or talk to her. he even ignored you in the restaurant. Naima isn’t affected. Only those men are good who are arrogant and don’t talk to girls or give them time, unlike Shabbir who agreed to meet me after the first call itself. Saba calls her nuts. Your marriage has been fixed with Shabbir which is why he agreed to meet you. This means that he likes you. You shouldn’t think about new neighbour. Naima asks for a coin. She does a toss. Heads – Imran, tales – Shabbir. It is tales. Naima calls it trial. The same happens again. naima agrees when heads come. Allah is hinting that if I try a little harder then I can marry Imran. Nasima asks them what they are talking about. They both look tensed. Saba lies to her Ammi that Naima khala did a toss to decide whether she should marry Shabbir or not. Nasima scolds her for the same. you will marry Shabbir only. Don’t think about anything else now or I will beat you. Let us go home. Naima leaves sadly.

Altaf asks Imran if Naima has fallen for him. Imran shares how she has stopped him in the market once as well. Altaf wonders why no one thinks that way about him. It will help you in the end. Someone knocks at the door. Altaf is happy to see Shabnam. She offers to help Imran but he denies. she has come to take sugar from them. Imran tells his Mamu to send her out asap. She teases him if he is upset with her. Altaf gives her the bowl full of sugar and shows her the door. She nods. I am going but you are my special neighbours which is why I am warning you against that family. stay away from them. altaf talks in favour of Salman Baig, Najma and Mariam. Shabnam says Mariam is doing all this to make Imran fall for her. Imran gets angry. Why are we listening to this rubbish?
Shabnam tries to instigate Altaf and Imran against Mariam. You don’t know her well. She is doing all this to get you (Imran). They have to send off the widow from their house which is why Mariam sends Najma to you at times and at times she acts all helpless (like in the market the other day). Altaf politely requests her to leave as Imran loses his cool but she stays put. She warns them again. Mariam wont say anything to you for a few days as I had told her family members everything the other day. I had even asked her what’s going on. Everyone had gone quiet especially Mariam. Imran is losing his patience by every passing second and Altaf too looks at her in shock. Imran thinks of Mariam’s reaction the other day. Altaf too looks at him as the realisation dawns at him as well.

Precap: Younis talks about how Raina (cricketer) has played extremely well. I felt like hugging him when he made our country win by playing exceptionally well. Najma is happy to see him thus. I too want to play for my country. His expressions change immediately.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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