Doli Armaanon Ki 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
urmi is tensed, as gaurav asks whats samrat doing here. she says that she too is thinking the same thing. he asks urmi to be aware as samrat can only mean harm. She complies. Urmi finds shaurya standing scared, and hurriedly goes to assure him that she is right here, and nothing would happen to him, and asks him not to be scared. ishaan too come by his side, and assures that with his mother and father together, noone can harm them. Shaurya leaves happily. urmi tries to talk to ishaan, but he walks off. she is tensed.

Just then, samrat breaks into song and dance, much to everyone’s surprise. All enjoy, while urmi, ishaan, gaurav and anirudh are tensed as they are extremely uncomfortable. samrat insistently pulls pranks intentionally on urmi and ishaan, irking them, in his dance. samrat goes to sanaya and intentionally starts leeringly commenting on their time together. she is furious and angry. He proposes her that they can be friends with benefits, and sanaya walks off angrily from there. meanwhile, Urmi comes beside ishaan, while he stands tensed, looking away. asha meanwhile is angry at gaurav for not wanting to come here, having seen samrat. he gets a call and cheers up, and asha assumes that its his secretary. asha goes to cheeku, and asks him to eavesdrop on his father’s conversation, and bribes him too. He goes to gaurav and comes back saying that gaurav was thanking someone many a times. Asha is terribly tensed as to what to do now.

Sanaya comes to urmi and asks if she laid her heart out to ishaan yet. urmi eyes ishaan mingling with the guests and expresses his wish to sanaya, about saying it in front of everyone, and how she didnt get the chance. Sanaya says that its a brilliant idea as by doing so, urmi shall be able to win over ishaan’s renewed trust and faith. urmi is at first skeptical, but then sanay makes her see that its her husband, and she isnt proposing in front of a stranger. urmi agrees. She says that she shall have to propose ishaan in front of everyone especially when samrat is right before them, as she eyes him cuddling over tani. later, Samrat again inebriated goes to ishaan, and tries to cheer him to talk, shamelessly pointing out the fact that they dont sleep together and havent even consummated their marriage yet. he makes fun of him, while ishaan asks him to stay out of business. Samrat says that his wife, is samrat’s exwife and the mother to his child. He leeringly points out that maybe she hasnt forgotten him and their intimate moments yet, and wont allow anyone else in her bed. ishaan gets angry and grabs samrat by the collar, while he is least affected. Just then, the MC announces something very special for everyone, that urmi is going to say something very special aned exclusive to her husband, Ishaan. all are tensedand boggled. Urmi eyes ishaan tensedly. She starts singing, eyeing ishaan, overwhelmed with emotions. Sandhya and Damini are tensed and irritated. she apologises to ishaan, and then comes to him close and upfront, while he too is overwhelmed. urmi eyes ishaan overwhelmingly, and he too reciprocates, while samrat fumes. she confesses and says that golden words, I LOVE YOU, ISHAAN. he too gets rid of his anger and responds back, with the three words, and they both hug each other, while samrat is furious. damini and sandhya are enraged too. sanay and others are extremely happy, especially, rati and anirudh. urmi tensedly eyes samrat, from ishaan’s arms. he thinks that he wont let them be happy, and thats his promise. he rushes to damini.

Meanwhile, sanaya compliments urmi for having such an incredible thing. ishaan comes and teases them that they seem to be talking about him. sanaya teases him back, as confession of love wasnt necessary. Ishaan asks sanaya to excuse them, while urmi is smiling, embarassed and flustered. sanaya says that she wont go. Ishaan says that he was talking of her benefit only, as now he shall do something with her wife that would embarass her only. urmi gets nervous and wonders whats ishaan upto now, as he eyes her playfully.

Whereas Samrat expresses his frustration, to damini that now they would be inseparable, and now all their plans shall be ruined, and her plottings didnt come to any use. damini says that she didnt how this happened. he says that he knew urmi was this manipulative all along. He asks what shall she do now. damini says that she wont let that happen at all, and then directly asks him if he shall help her. he is taken aback. She asks again. Samrat thinks that by saying this, she is helping him, and not the vice versa. he hurriedly and insistently agrees, making it a favour on her, when he is being benefitted. damini then asks him to come along on this plan then. the screen freezes on Samrat’s angry face.

Precap: Samrat asks urmi to revel while she is happy, as he wont let her remain happy for long. urmi asks him to get in the habit of this now. She says that ishaan has given her such happiness, that merely seeing it, shall deflate his inflamed ego and machosism. samrat is tensed and angry too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally urmi confess her love for ishan!
    I just like it. Very good episode I really enjoy it. Thanks for the update

  2. I am so glad for urmi and ishaan..

  3. Awww….how romantic….wonderful episode.

  4. now it is time for urmi and Ishaan to consummate their marriage and let urmi get pregnant for him it is about time urmi be happy this script with samraths evil doings is going on tooooooooo long and now ishaans mother damini and the aunt have also joined with samrat doing evil also to urmi this has to stop now writers evil is taking precedent over good toooooooooo long in this serial up to now samrath only spend six months in jail what kind of justice system is their in india I thought it would be the same all over the world remember samrath has killed more than once including the child urmi was carrying his own child yet he samrath is out of jail and carrying on in the same manner with his evil doings seems like he did not learn his lesson so it is about time his ass be thrown back in jail for good writers be more creative and write better scripts call in the professionals to help please

    1. fan of the show

      Six years.

  5. Finally, a happy episode

  6. Finally, a happy episode. Now, Niranjan needs to come and join Ishaan & Urmi in making Samrat’s life hell. Very nice.

  7. Urmi this is great with Ishaan and your love life.Your ability to handle all those life’s challenges is a measure of your strength of character.You have endured a lot but your endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing but to turn it into glory.Urmi take your glory now as Ishaan has compromised and also give the nodge to your friend who helped you to achieve;therefore do not wreck this sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty to face the others of that household.I think Samrat–his mother in law and aunt in law or who ever she is —all three of them should use microscopes on themselves and use telescope on Ishaan and Urmi.

  8. Nice episode I must confess

  9. Okay, I’m gonna record this particular episode. Urmi, just make sure you & Ishan stay together no matter what.



  11. I hope Irmi gets to confess her love and Ishaan and her finally get together. Although Ishaan seems so harsh that he doesn’t believe anything that she says. Urmi deserves happiness and I hope writers would let her have it with Ishaan

  12. Yipee finally we hv to wyt to c tis episode tonyt cnt wyt…gud ting abt spoiler atleast dnt hv samrat n ganging up on Urmi.i agree wit others pls Gods Sake let Urmi/Ishan become one n shut up everyones wagging tongues like dogs n hv a baby. Pppllllllsssss.
    Script written get sum help…enough enough evils…tnx

  13. Best(est) episode ever!(excluding SamRAT scene esp his annoying laugh towards Ishaan) Atlast CVs have decided to give some happiness to viewers aft loooong time, thank god they didnt snatch it in the name of Urmi’s dream again.Nice to see love n warmth in their eyes. Also Ishaan’s bond towards Shaurya is commendable.

  14. can someone pls tell me the name of the song played for urmi and ishaan yesterday show i believe its on 14th of mar

    1. I dint hear properly I guess it was mohabbat tujhse hai sanam

    2. The song playing when Urmi was asking him to put colours and he was rude? The song is Dil De Diya Hai from Masti.

  15. The song was from the movie saajan. Bahot pyaar karte hai tumse sanam

  16. Jah right dil de diya he from masti 14th of March

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