Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan getting fever nd Devyaani worrying for her. Naman says its Muskaan’s mistake, she is like princess, she has motion sickness. Muskaan cries and he says he is just joking. She says I will miss you and he hugs her. Devyaani says stop crying now, take rest Muskaan, you have to go in Alok’s family puja, they have some rasam and we have to do it. Muskaan says I will talk to Alok to postpone it. Devyaani says no, we should not refuse if they have such beliefs.

Bau ji asks how can Muskaan sit there all day. Girja says Alok’s family came to meet them, and they all go to meet them. Bau ji tells them that it will be done. Devyaani says about Muskaan’s health and can’t they keep it short. Alok’s mum says they have to do it, as they are keeping marriage in city, they would have not worried if they did puja infront of Kuldevi. Naitik and Akshara bring the pic frame of Kuldevi and they all smile and greet it. Muskaan and Naman also see this. Akshara says we thought this is necessary and got this.

They all get happy and Devyaani thanks them. She says don’t know why I get worried when I have a bahu like this. Bau ji asks them is there any need for puja. Alok’s mum says I will do small puja and Muskaan will sit for a while, and says of breaking 108 coconut. Akshara asks Muskaan to support her inlaws and their traditions. Alok’s family goes.

Bhabhimaa says all the work is done in time. Naitik thanks Karishma and her team, and asks her to invite them in marriage. The guy says we will come, and Devyaani gifts them. Shaurya says we will go now. Ananya says she has to be here. Varsha says we will go and sleep, and come tomorrow. They leave Ananya. Naman asks Devyaani about the arrangements. Rashmi asks Naitik about garlands responsibility, and he forgot to bring it in her marriage. Girja says we have to have dinner now, no one had it. They smile. Naksh says we kids will not sleep, we have imp work, its secret.

Rajshri has neck pain and says why does this happen with me, I always have some problem. Anshu jokes on her and Rajshri says she will talk to Devyaani. She asks what lep did she give, it did not effect her. Devyaani asks how did this happen, I will send another one. Rajshri says no, I think this will go on in marriage. Devyaani asks her to have strength, she will be fine.

Rukmani is tired of the guests. She rests to sleep and the lady comes to talk to her. Rukmani says she is very tired and don’t want to talk. The lady says lets not sleep now, we have to get up at 4am to go temple. Rukmani gets tensed. The lady says I will sleep for while and Rukmani smiles. Bhabhimaa says it was a long day today. They have a talk about kids. Naitik calls Naksh, Yash and Ananya. Rashmi says what are they doing. They go to see them and see the coconuts breaking.

Bhabhimaa asks whats this. Naksh says we helped Chitti in making coconut barfi, we did the work. Bhabhimaa says this could not hurt the kids. Devyaani says how will we do puja tomorrow, its night and we won’t get coconuts again. Akshara asks what did he do, it was puja coconut. Naksh says I was helping Chitti. Naksh says we will not do any work now and they all leave. Devyaani says what will we say to Alok’s family, they are already annoyed by marriage not being in kuldevi temple.

Muskaan says I will talk to Alok. Akshara says no need to call him for small things, we will do something. She asks Devyaani not to take tension, they will think in morning. Naitik says market will not open in morning, where will we get coconut.

Akshara says there is one way, outside temples. Naman says its because of kids. Akshara asks Naitik not to do anything that breaks Naksh’s heart. Naman says yes, kids were helping us. Karishma asks what is about this 108 coconut. Akshara says everyone has different rituals. Devyaani says why is this happening in Muskaan’s marriage. Chitti says kids helped me a lot, now I can make many coconut sweets. They all smile.

Varsha comes to know everything from Akshara and says kids did this, I will find any shop and tell you. She tells everyone that kids have broken all coconuts. Shaurya and Anshu say they will find the shop, and Jasmeet suggests one. Naman sees Muskaan sad and Naman does forecasting. She smiles. He says he will protect her and now its her time to take some responsibilities. He says he will do all his promises true and do all duties of a good brother. She thanks him.

He asks her to sleep well, as scares her that she will not get sleep in inlaws with many rituals there. He asks her to sleep as he has to plan her surprise. She asks what. He says he can’t say now. The kids promise they won’t help again. Akshara and Naitik see them angry. They talk to kids via Naira. They make the kids realize their mistake. She says she will apply cream to their soft hands and they leave. Naitik asks her to let them be, they are kids, now we have to get ready to get scolding from Alok’s family. The kids hear this and worry.

Devyaani is worried saying what to answer when Alok’s family comes. Alok’s family comes and greets them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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