Doli Armaanon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat severely snaps back and reprimands urmi for such immature and childish act, and asks if this is the way to wake up someone. he asks her never again to even try it. She tries to say that she just wanted to wake him up. He tells her that she doesnt even have brains or manners or civic sense, and is now tied to him for a lifetime as his wife. urmi is distraught and scared too to see him behaving so much in contrast to what she had expected. he asks her to move aside angrily, as he wants to go to the bathroom. she leaves a little stunned. He goes inside. She remembers his anger and is shocked and distraught. A sudden voice calling out to her, makes her compose herself and she finds nirmala asking her to come down. She complies, still sad.

In the kitchen, all are excited about her Chulha Pujan Rasam, that this is the start of her new life. Shashi tells her what she has to do. nirmala says that this is a test for her, as she would be rewarded later on for this. The servant asks her to make something that would impress her husband too. Shashi asks what would she make now. Urmi says that she wants to make something different. she says that she wants to make a cake. all are surprised and boggled, that she chose something so diff. They are concerned, while urmi says that she would make use of the Gas for the cake. they are surprised but asks her to go ahead nevertheless. all leave, while urmi begins with her work.

All gather at the breakfast table, while ishaan explains that he has to leave. he says that he has to leave tomorrow. Samrat says that he cant go so soon, and should leave after 4, 5 days. His father also asks him to stay on. Samrat asks shashi to ask urmi to hurry up for her sweet dish. when she comes, they all compliment qas to how good it looks. samrat asks them to cut it, to find out if its just bful, or tastes good too. urmi is asd while all are shocked at such behaviour. Diwakar however supports urmi. Samrat again taunts urmi saying that its not necessary that the thing that looks bful is good too. Shashi asks urmi to let samrat cut it. She does so. samerat cuts it while all clap. he tastes it. and then asks urmi to cut and give to everyone. urmi is tensed but asks them to wait while she serves everyone. Evereyone begins eating and complimenting. They all bless her to be happy always and reward her. Ishaan asks samrat to stop eating and tell if its good or not. samrat indifferently says that its okay, while uyrmi stand stensed. He also adds that had there been something traditional like kheer,( rice pudding) it would have been better. They all condemn for being so rude, and he just manages to say that the cake was okay too.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Saroj goesonto express her doubts with gaurav. He says that samrat may be a bit rude, but he always favours the right. Saroj tells about rashmi’s parents chat with rashmi. Gaurav gets emotional, and asks rashmi about this. He asks if she hasnt hidden anything. she understands that saroj was behind this. Rashmi gives an indirect answer, saying that they are hurting her byb asking such questions. She says that even gaurav is the angry types, but she never complains. urmi too should get used to adjusting. Devishankar comes in to ask and rashmi vents out her frustration. He asks them to be in peace, as they should let urmi be adjusted in her new life. Saroj and gaurav are tensed, while rashmi is angry herself.

saroj is tensed that there’s tension between gaurav and rashmi due to her, and granny says that they would solve matters easily. Granny tries to tell saroj that she is worrying unnecessarily. rashmi comes to them, and starts taunting saroj. rashmi begins to vent out her frustration again. Granny asks her not to think like that, as saroj should be concerned for her daughter, and they arent bothering her. granny just asks if there’s any problem with samrat. rashmi says that there’s imperfection in everyone. Saroj tries to speak, but rashmi says that she doesnt want to talk to anyone, as by doing favour, she has put her own foot in trouble. she leaves, while saroj is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Urmi stops ishaan, asking if she’s going to samrat. he says that he is, and asks if there’s a special message that she wants to give him. she denies, but then says that he can ask him if he had his lunch. He says that she can herself ask it, and gives her the phone. She denies repeatedly. Ishaan asks urmi what happened, and if they had a fight or something. Urmi is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ishaan asks him to buy a gift for urmi, but samrat instead says that he doesnt have a gift shop opened for her. ishaan is shocked to see such indiffernce in a man.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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