Mahabharat 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 13th January 2014 Written Update

Draupadi touched Drupada’s feet to take blessings. She stated that she belongs in his heart when he stated that he doesn’t let anybody rule over his head. Draupadi was let down when Drupada refused her presence in his life. Shirkhandi welcomed Darupadi while Drupada took his son Dristadumna, who was born prior to Darupadi through invoking fire god.
Draupadi was mesmorized to see the beauty of the palace when Shirkhandi stated that it was the place where she is going to stay.
When she was about to hit a mirrior she did not know it was she who was looking at her through the mirror. Small children almost made fun of her says she doesnot even know what are mirrors for when she asked Shirkhandi who it was in the mirror. She was shocked to notice how she saw and that she looked so beautiful, with a form not like flames.
Drapadi was left alone in the bath area along with the dasis who took care to make her bathe and wear appropriate clothing of princess.
The dasis tamed her firey hair and then did her sola sringaar. Once she was done she saw the children came to her room to scare her off. Draupadi made made faces to scare them but she herself got scared looked at their attire and make up. The Dasi warned her child to behave with the princess.
But Draupadi stated that she was not at all angry.
Draupadi asked about the toy in the child’s hand and then the dasi explained her about the childhood days because she was born as a beautiful woman who never experiences her childhood. Draupadi made friends with children brushing aside the Dasi’s warning about the different caste cannot be friends.
The child stated that just like her doll was going to get married to handsome prince and she wish that even princess Draupadi gets a handsome prince in her life.

Precap: Kuru suspects of Pandava’s presence and starts searching them

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