Beintehaan 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 13th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Zain zipping Aaliya’s jacket and his mom sees it. She calls him. zain hugged her. Aaliya greets them. Usman says that you are beautiful and blesses her by kissing on forehead. Zain gives keys of Usman’s dream jeep’s keys and he is so happy. Suraiya asked Usman to drive safely but Zain said that dad is a great driver and Usman too agrees. Usman asked Aaliya about some Pappuji’s tea stall and Aaliya was amazed that he remembers all. Zain got a call and he says dont worry Mom and Dad are with him and they will reach home shortly.

They reach home. Shabana says that he is coming after 12 years and was emotional. Usman says that she very well know how he lives in mumbai. its very busy around.he says that in that People usually forgets their ground but he is in front of her on the same groung from where it all started. They both gets emotional. All went in but Suraiya stops zain and asked what he did in Bhopal in these days? She asked him that he didnt call her back, so where he was busy? but he handles her smartly. But she gets that he is lying.

They ask Suraiya about Fahad and his two wives? she excused herself and calls Fahad. Fahad told her that they mised the flight and now his other wife is insisting that they will again miss it. But Suraiya scold them and told them that now she is booking the flight and if someone miss it, that will not come to Bhopal.. lol..

Suraiya stops Usman to eat the fried stuff and ask that if all the rituals will be in this house? but Aaliya’s father told her that they have booked a venue for it.

The sangeet function started. They anounced that there will be a competition Mumbai vs Bhopal. Family members dances on stage on different songs..(i actually liked it). Zain gestures Aaliya matching the words of the song, same did Aaliya.

Phuppi too dance. Amost all joins them. Now Fahad and his wivies dances. It was really funny. Finally Zain dances on Bachna aye Haseeno. Aaliya told her sis that you will not be able to answer him so i will answer him. BUT SHE TOLD HER THAT her in laws are her but Aaliya told her not to worry. Aaliya dances on Goore gore se chore. Both dances on Jhoom barabar jhoom.. But zeeshan was not liking it. After finishing of Dance Aaliya’s duppata was stuck in Zain’s Button. Her in laws seees this but non liked it. Mamu told in laws that what this guy(pointing to zain) doing here? and he narrates the incident from the police station.

Precap: Zain said that he is AALIYI’S 1st choice but she refuses.?

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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