Do you like Star Bharat’s Meri Gudiya?

Star Bharat’s Meri Gudiya is the latest release on the channel in the supernatural genre. The lead character Avi is blessed with supernatural powers, unrealized by her. The little girl is protected by her loving family. She is too young to understand the enemy’s attacks. The villain in the story is Dr. Rudraksh who is much evil-minded. He wants to gain Avi’s powers by killing her. Rudraksh, Ratri and Adrika are the evil trio who try to become powerful and immortal by killing people and snatching their souls for their big motive.

Rudraksh prepares special chemicals to poison Avi and cage her soul. He makes repeated attempts to kill Avi. Avi’s loving mother Madhuri and grandma know about Avi’s special powers, because of which she is always under danger. They always safeguard Avi. Madhuri dies in an accident while fighting for Avi’s life. Her soul doesn’t leave the world. Rudraksh wants to cage Madhuri’s soul as well. Madhuri’s soul enters Avi’s doll Pari and stays close to Avi to protect her. Avi gets into a strong bond with her doll. She isn’t aware of her mother’s soul residing in the doll. Do you like Star Bharat’s Meri Gudiya? Let us know your opinion.

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