Meri Gudiya 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhuri protects Avi

Meri Gudiya 28th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with servants crying for Madhuri. Kaki gets chocolate milk for Avi. Avi asks is it like Madhuri used to make for me. Kaki says I have tried, but you tell me about it. Madhuri thinks the milk is too hot. She touches the milk glass and cools it. Avi drinks the milk. Raghav gets sad. Avi asks for Madhuri. Shaurya and Raghav make excuses. Madhuri says you all are liars, just my mum used to fulfill her promise, I won’t talk to you. She goes to her room and keeps the doll. She talks to the doll. She says everyone broke their promise, what do they think, I don’t understand anything, I will go to mum. She shows the money and takes the doll. The doll gets stuck at the bedside. Avi asks don’t you want to come, you are stuck, I will leave you and go. Madhuri thinks don’t go Avi. Avi takes the doll and says good girl. They leave.

She sees Dulaari Kaki and goes. Shaurya asks how long will you hide this from Avi, I feel helpless, what shall I tell her. Avi hides and goes. The man says you should not go alone. Avi says I m a big girl. The man asks her to get her parents. Avi says fine, I will call mumma. She hides and sits in an auto. Ratri sees this. Madhuri prays. The auto driver asks who will pay for this girl. The lady says ask the girl. Avi says I have come with Pari, this doll. He thinks to take her to the auto stand.

Ratri comes and says Avi is with me. The driver takes Avi. He asks Avi does she know aunty. Avi says yes, she is Ratri aunty. He says fine, don’t misunderstand me. Ratri asks where were you going. Avi says hospital, to mumma. Ratri says I know where you are, I will take you there, I promise. She takes Avi. She calls Rudraksh and says I m taking Avi to meet her mum. Avi says love you aunty. Ratri says I m going to send you to your mum. Rudraksh says I will wait for the good news now. Madhuri prays. Raghav says I m tensed, I will go out and look for Avi. Everyone looks for Avi.

Avi says way wasn’t so long when we went to hospital before. Ratri says then I have to drive fast. Madhuri thinks this fly can help me. She opens the car window and gets the fly in front. Ratri gets troubled. Madhuri gets visuals that Raghav is coming. Ratri and Avi ask the fly to go, there is no dirt there. Madhuri thinks Avi you can’t see her evil. Ratri sees Raghav’s car. She thinks Raghav has seen me, his car is following. Ratri gets Avi home. He says you are also a liar like dad and Shaurya. Raghav says say her sorry, she got you back, what if anything happened to her. Avi says you should say sorry, you broke your promise, you are much bad. He shouts Avi.

Avi says you are very bad, why didn’t you tell me that mum was leaving, I hate you. She runs away and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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