Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara’s mum asking Antara and Mama when will her husband come. Antara and Mama are sad and unanswerable. Antara says I know he is not here, but his blessings are with me. Antara hugs her mum. Mama says be happy Antara. Noor hugs Amntara and says keep smiling. Maai is with Raghu and says you are looking good, keep smiling. Raghu says hmm. Maai says whatever you are doing is right, and if anything happens, I will take care. He takes Maai’s blessings. She says I will go to welcome your bride, we will call you in sometime. Raghu smiles. Maai welcomes Antara and her family. Satya sees Antara. Maai says Antara is looking beautiful. Satya stares at Antara and thinks I? loved you and you came here to be with Raghu, no never.

Antara enters the house smiling. Satya greets Antara’s mum, Noor Apa and Mama. He introduces them to the guests and asks Antara’s mum who will do the kanyadaan. Rasika smiles. Antara’s mum is shocked and says kanyadaan… Mama says I will do. Maai comes and says fine, you are her Mama. Antara’s mum says how can her husband not come, did anything happen to him, is he fine. She panics. Manohar meets Antara’s mum. Satya talks to Mama and asks him to prepare for the kanyadaan. Mama tells Noor that I will be back, take care.

Satya says lets go and rest for some time. He asks Noor to bring a drink for her. He takes Antara’s mum with him to tell her the truth. MachMach is doing the arrangements. Maai asks Antara to take the kuldevi’s blessings. Maai sees Raghu in the mandap and says you came close to your dreams, but when this dreams and your heart breaks, what will happen, sad for you. Maai smiles. Antara goes outside the house with a woman, but she runs leaving her. Antara meets Aman there and asks where were you, Raghu was looking out for you. She says go to Raghu, I will come. Aman says I came to meet you to tell you something. She asks what happened, about what. He says about Raghu. She says what about Raghu. He says about some secret, which Raghu has hidden from you. She asks what secret, what do you mean.

Satya brings Antara’s mum outside. She says do you want to say anything. She says I feel that my husband is any problem. He says maybe he is busy. She says he should have came today. He says did anything happen to him, I mean maybe some truth which you don’t know. Aman tells Antara the truth that will change her love for Raghu. Antara asks what is the matter, be clear. He says your dad, about your dad’s death. Antara looks on. She says whats the connection between him and Raghu. He says Raghu told he went to Srinagar.

She says you were his tour guide. He says no, I m a terrorist. Antara is shocked. Maai looks on and smiles. He says your dad treates two terrorists and calles police to capture them. Antara says how do you know. He says one day, he got a gift box. She says why are you telling me, what does Raghu have to do with this. Aman is quiet. She says tell me, why are you quiet. Satya tells Antara’s mum that your husband won’t come back ever. She is shocked and says everyone told me that he is seeing his patients. Aman tells Antara that he told her that he has seen him anywhere. Antara says yes, because he went to Kashmir and maybe he saw him anywhere. Aman says I made that bomb and Raghu kept that bomb there. Antara is shocked. He says Raghu is responsible for her dad’s death.

Antara does not believe it and says what…. He says your dad got killed by that bomb. Antara thinks of her dad’s death. She cries. Sad music plays….. in the background. She thinks of her moments with her dad. She says Raghu…. Aman says yes, Raghu and I are his killers. He says Raghu killed your dad. Antara is stunned. She thinks about Raghu’s words. Antara shouts no. Antara’s mum and Satya hears it and rushes to her. Satya thinks what happened. Antara says my Raghu can’t do this. Aman says you can’t change the truth. Maai smiles. Antara says no, this cannot happen, maybe there is some misunderstanding. She says I will go and ask Raghu. Maai says the mistake is Raghu fell in love with you.

Everyone are waiting for Antara and her mum. Antara runs back to Raghu. Aman is sad. Maai leaves and asks her goons to leave Aman. Raghu asks Noor to take her mum to her house. Antara’s mum asks what happened. She says why should I go, its my daughter’s wedding. MachMach says you go, we will call you later. She asks Antara to take care. Antara asks Mama to go. Mama asks what happened. Antara does not tell anything and says I will tell you later. Mama leaves. Antara goes to Raghu. She thinks about Raghu and Aman’s words. Raghu is sitting in the mandap. Maai stops Antara and asks where were you, come sit in the mandap. Raghu looks at her. Antara says I m fine.

Raghu asks why are you behaving like this. He gets up and she asks him to sit as its a bad sign to get up. Maai says come on. Antara goes to him and some mantras are played in the backgground. She asks him the truth before starting this relation and says I hope you won’t lie. Raghi looks on.

Antara asks Raghu about her dad. She says I know everything but want to hear the truth from you. Raghu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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