Pavitra Rishta 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun asking Tina to eat as she didn’t eat anything as he didn’t have food. Tina tells him that she is upset because he is upset and asks him not to take out his frustration on food. Arjun promises her. Just then he gets a call from Naren saying he is not getting file. Arjun says it is sunday but says he will come to office. Naren asks Arjun to sms his secretary’s number. Arjun says ok. Naren calls on Ankita’s number and asks for his file. Pranav picks the call and says you shall know about your file. He says it is my tai’s number. Naren asks him to give the call to Ankita. Ankita takes the call, Naren asks for the file. Ankita asks which file, Naren replies green color file. Ankita says that file is in the cupboard and its keys are in her drawer. Naren asks for the key number. Ankita says she doesn’t remember and says blue ribbon is attached to the keys. Naren says file is green and ribbon is blue, not fair. He looks for the file but gets confused after seeing 8 green file. Naren asks which file I needed. Ankita says apollo international, file no.4. Finally he gets the file and disconnects the call. Ankita tells Pranav that he is strange. Naren calls her again and asks for his favourite pen. Ankita says she didn’t know. Naren searches for his pen.

Naren calls her again and says he got the pen but it is not working. He asks for the refill. Ankita asks, shall I come to office. Naren asks, where are you? Ankita says she is at home, preparing vegetable dish of bottle gourd. Naren tells her about its advantages and asks her to try its recipes from the internet. Ankita says she didn’t browse net. Naren asks her to start using internet. He asks for her brother’s name and asks her to change it. Then he calls Ankita again and asks for her name. After knowing her name, he asks her not to change it as it is a good name. He disconnects the call after saying good night. Ankita is shocked as he said good night instead of good morning.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s office and says she wants to meet him. Receptionalist tries his number and says it is busy. She asks her to wait. Receptionalist asks Ankita, whether she saw Purvi Deshmukh and asks her to inform Arjun sir that Purvi Deshmukh is waiting for him. Ankita says ok. As Purvi is on the way to the waiting room, she misses Arjun. Pari calls her and says she is feeling something is wrong. Purvi says sorry. Purvi asks which color suits she wants. Pari replies blue. Purvi says ok. Pari asks her whether she remembers her sayings. Purvi says yes and asks her to take care.

Ankita comes to Arjun and tells about Purvi Deshmukh coming to the office. Arjun is surprised. He asks her whether she met her? Ankita says no and says she is in the conference hall. Ankita prays for her job. Soham is searching for money in the house. He sees Arjun’s photo in Ankita’s office papers and recalls Arjun. Mansi asks, what you are doing with tai’s office papers and asks him to go. Soham wonders why is Ankita working for Arjun and thinks to stop her from working there.

Arjun comes to the conference hall and see Purvi while the song tere liye hum hain jiye….. hote ko siye…. plays in the background. Arjun looks at her emotionally. Purvi looks at him with blank eyes. They are interrupted by Arjun’s employee and he says for coming late citing rains. He says this partnership will go long and will not break. Purvi signs on the papers.

Arjun recalls in the flashback. Ankita tells her colleague that her job might go and worries about her job. Soham calls Ankita and cries saying Sonu got a wound on her head. He asks her to come soon. Ankita says she will try to come soon and asks him to take care of Sonu. She tells her colleague to take care at office and leaves.

The mediater between them tells Purvi that they will not break her trust. Arjun asks, why you signed on the papers without reading the contract papers. Purvi says she came here for her aayi as she wanted her to meet Ankita and enquire about her family. Arjun says it is good that you don’t lie even after 20 years. Purvi says, and you tells lies. Arjun signs on the contract papers.

Purvi asks Arjun about Ankita. Arjun tells her that Ankita’s father is someone else and not Soham. Purvi tells him that her friend told her that she saw Soham dada. She says she wants Ankita to get her rights, if she is Soham’s daughter.

Ankita asks Soham, why she should work in some other office? Why she shall search for work? What is the problem? Why I should left this company. Soham threatens her saying if she didn’t want him to say bad things to her boss then she shall leave this job.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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