Gustakh Dil 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil talking to Ishaana trying to convince her to come with him in the concert. He says try to come, it will be fun. The gang imeets and talks about Nikhil and Ishaana. Shreya says Ishaana went to meet Nikhil. Bheja asks where is Kunal. Shreya says he is busy with Ishaana, he is spending much time with her. They doubt on him that he likes Ishaana, but why is he hiding from us. They say this is wrong, he is taking advantage of Ishaana’s current state and he is poisoning Ishaana against Nikhil, but she loves Nikhil. Ranjana thinks about Lajjo that she loves Nikhil. She says its wrong, everything is wrong, Lajjo loves Nikhil.

Lajjo is deciding her clothes. Rishi comes to her and she says Gunjan is not here so I m asking you what to wear, as I m going with Nikhil to see a concert. Rishi says you are going with him, are you sure. Lajjo talks to him and says I don’t know about the concert. He says even mum was a dancer. Lajjo is shocked. He says she still is, a famous dancer, she got the awards too. Lajjo says its great, I did not know, Gunjan did not tell me about it, where is your mum now. He says about his parents separation and says no one talks about them. Lajjo says did you miss her. He says yes, I have decided KI will go to my mum when I become 18. She says will your dad agree. Rishi says I don’t care, I will go. He tells Lajjo to go and see the show, you will feel good.

Nikhil comes there and asks what happened. Rishi leaves. Lajjo tells him that Rishi spoke about her mum. Nikhil says I feel bad for him. Lajjo says yes, he told me that his mum is a dancer, I did not know about this. Nikhil tells her that he is going for the dance show. Lajjo says I know, Nani told me. Nikhil says yes, I get two tickets every year. Lajjo is happy thinking that she will go with him. He asks what should I wear. Lajjo advices him and he says iron my clothes. She agrees. Nikhil asks her to iron his shirt first. He thanks her and tells her that he is taking Ishaana with her. Lajjo is shocked and hurt. Nikhil leaves. She thinks why will he take me as he loves Ishaana, not me.

Ayesha meets Sid at a hotel and tells him that Barkha questioned her yesterday and she lied to her. Sid asks her are you ready for the weekend plan. Ayesha says ok, I will come, smile now. Sid smiles and asks are you sure. She says happy? He says I promise I will give you a big surprise and you won’t forget it. He thinks you will be shocked, you have wasted my time and money and I should get something in return now. Nikhil is trying Ishaana and thinks will she come or not. Barkha comes to him and asks where is Ishaana, is she coming or not. She talks about Ishaana being upset because of Lajjo. He says you know how much she means to me. Barkha says does she? Nikhil looks on. She asks him what did you do to tell her this. Ishaana comes and greets Barkha. She looks beautiful. Nikhil says hi. She says sorry for coming late. He says you came much late.

Barkha smiles seeing them talking like before. Ishaana and Nikhil fight like before. Barkha says stop fighting, fight on the way, go now. Ishaana says I think we should go now, else we won’t get the entry. They leave. Barkha says its necessary for you both to spend time with each other so that Nikhil realizes he is happy with Ishaana, not with Lajjo. Lajjo sees Nikhil and Ishaana going for the concert and is hurt. Nani comes and says he is taking Ishaana with her, so sad. I thought he will take you and rectify his last mistake. Nani says they are together, but you are all alone, poor girl you are left alone. She taunts Lajjo.

Lajjo asks her not to worry about her as she is fine. She says Nikhil has given her everything she asked for. Nani is worried. Lajjo comes to Chacha ji and talks about Rishi. He asks did you do his project. She says yes. He says don’t do this. Rishi hears this and argues with his dad. He gets angry on him and Lajjo hears all this. Chacha ji is hurt by Rishi’s words. He says you did not take our custody as you love us but to… Chacha ji scolds him and says don’t talk about the thing you don’t know. Lajjo tells Rishi this is not the way to talk to your dad, he loves you a lot. She says how can you talk like this, say sorry to him. Rishi looks on

Rishi talks to Nikhil saying you should have taken Lajjo with you for the concert. Nikhil says don’t get into this, I married her by some reasons.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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