Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu asking Antara not to worry. Antara is unable to walk properly as her feet is hurt. Raghu holds her and says give your hand. Antara says I will take care. Raghu says Hey misscall, give me your hand. She gives him her hand and music plays. Mera Mahi Tu….. song plays…….. They have an eyelock. It rains. Raghu says we have to go somewhere. They see a house and get into it. Antara says the candles are lighting, maybe there is some way, people may come here. She asks Raghu to try phone network. Raghu says its raining, I won’t go leaving you because I promised Aaji that I won’t be angry on you, so you please sit here. Antara smiles seeing the candles. Its actually a church.

Antara gets a head ache and she faints. Mami

is shocked to know what Raghu did to Antara. Mami says what was Antara’s mistake, she was hungry too, where might she be. Aaji apologises to her. Mami is worried about Antara. Aaji says Raghu is with her, he won’t ;et anything happen to Antara, maybe they got late in the hospital. Aaji says we will find out about Raghu. Mami says ok, I will leave, if you get any update, let me know. Mami leaves. Aaji and MachMach are worried about Antara as she was fasting.

Raghu comes back and calls Antara. He turns and sees Antara fallen on the ground. He rushes to her and tries to wake her up. Raghu gets worried. He puts some water on her. Antara opens her eyes. He asks her are you fine.

Raghu makes her drink water. She realises that he broke her fast. She says I had to take Lord’s blessings first. Raghu says you would have died. Antara gets serious. Raghu says I understand why you kept the fast, to get a good husband. She says I kept the fast for my mum. Raghu looks at her. Mami tells Antara’s mum that Antara will stay at Aaji’s home. Noor asks Mami about Antara and says she is worried as Antara is fasting. Mami says Raghu is with her, he won’t let anything happen to Antara. Raghu takes care of Antara’s feet. Raghu and Antara have an sweet argument. Raghu asks her not to sleep as this is a jungle, anything can harm her. He says talk to me, else I feel sleepy. She says I m not interested. Raghu says even I m not, but there is no one here to talk to. Antara does not talk with him. He says this silence will make me mad.

Antara says this silence has peace. He looks at her and says nothing like peace, its death like silence. Antara sticks to her words saying such silence is hard to get, you can even hear your heartbeat. They share their opinions. Raghu asks did you sleep. She says no I cannot sleep, I got habituated to hear one sound. Raghu asks which one. Antara says there is someone I don’t know, but I hear his mouthorgan sound every night, I tried to know who he is, but did not figure out. Raghu is shocked as its him. She lights the candle and says when I came to Mumbai, I could not sleep but I heard that sound for the first time. She says I liked that sound.

She praises that sound saying it gave me peace and I hear it and gets a peaceful sleep, its magical, its like a medicine for me. Antara starts singing the tune. Raghu looks at her. She asks him did you hear it, do you know who plays it. Raghu says no. He asks what are you doing. Antara says I m lighting the candles to fulfill someone’s wishes. Antara is unable to walk and the ghungroo sounds come. Raghu gets irritated and scolds her. They both look at each other. Its morning, Antara is sleeping on Raghu’s shoulder. Raghu wakes up and shifts Antara. He looks at her beauty. Raghu calls MachMach and gives him the directions to reach him. Raghu says we are on Goa road. Antara wakes up. She calls Raghu seeing him nowhere. he bumps into her and they have an eyelock. He says I spoke to MachMach. She says give me the phone, I will talk to my mum. He says battery ended. She says you used the whole battery, I could not talk to my mum now. She scolds him and asks him to snatch the other ghungroos also. He says MachMach is coming to take us.

Aaji calls Mami and says Raghu and Antara are fine and MachMach is going to take them. Mami tells this to Noor. MachMach comes to Raghu and Antara. She sits in the jeep. MachMach says I spoke to doctor and he gave something to remove the ghungroos. Antara says I won’t do it. Raghu goes to her and says try this. Raghu holds her leg. MachMach starts driving and says it will pain somewhat, bear it. Raghu says you are making her afraid. Antara says I m not afraid. Raghu puts that solution on Antara’s leg. She closes her eyes. MachMach plays the song Nazar ke Saamne…. in the jeep.

On hearing the song both Antara and Raghu feel unconfortable
Raghu finally manages to remove the ghunghroo and he tells Antara that the ghunghroo has been removed
Mach Mach says Antara is fond of dancing and see how she kept quiet all this while

Mach Mach reaches the doc’s clinic and tells Raghu that we shall take yedi to the doc
Mach Mach tells Raghu that I shall get the medicines and Raghu tells Antara to wait and he shall get the jeep
Antara says the doc has advised me to exercise and she will walk

Mach Mach calls Aaji and says that the ghunghroo has been removed
Aaji says u havent told Raghu that Rasika was responsible for all thi
Mach Mach says u asked me not to tell Raghu so I did not tell him
Aaji asks Mach Mach if they are quarelling and Mach Mach says they are quiet and Aaji says wat magic is this
Raghu extends his hand to Antara to get into the jeep
Antara picks up the ghunghroo and on hearing the sound, Raghu snatches it from her hand and throws it away
Antara is angry and asks Raghu as to y did he throw it
Antara gets off the jeep and picks up the ghunghroo
Antara says how dare u throw it and Raghu says how dare u pick up the thrown ghunghroo
Antara says this is Aaji’s ghunghroo
Raghu says y all this dance competition
Raghu says u wanted more money but had u told me, I wud have increased ur salary

Precap: Dad used to always say that u shud never suppress ur desires and u shud live life to the fullest and Raghu says this suited only ur father and u see wat happened to him…He died in a moment in the bomb blast

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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