Amita Ka Amit 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 21st August 2013 Written Update

The scene begins with bedroom. Amit and Amita bahon mein and amita asking him if he is still in pain. Amit says he is okay. Amita asks him if he is going to work today. Amit says yes. Amu asks him to get ready since she has to be dropped at the rehearsal hall on his way to work, while she will be giving Jigna company. Amit asks why is Jigna here so early in the morning is everything okay. She says yes.
Scene shifts to the living room where amita is asking Jigna to eat dhokla and Jigna says she is full ( I would have eaten the whole thing yummm my favorite). Jigna tells Amu that she will drop her at the rehearsal hall and they could chat on the way. But Amu says that she is going with Amit. Amit babu in the new shirt that his pyaari patni bought him comes there and greets Jigna. (I

kind of like amit in long sleeves no offense the short sleeves plaid made him look a little old sorry guys my POV). Jigna compliments Amit on his new look and said he looked very handsome our blushy blushy Amit babu says his wifey dear got it for him. Jigna tells Amita that ever since you have met Sid your choices have improved. Amit overhears this and he is hurt.. (Bad timing Jigna). Amit goes to his room and recollects that Sid wearing plaid shirts. He angrily takes it off and throws the shirt in the floor. He goes through a lot of flashback. Amita sees Amit has changed the clothes. Amu asks why. Amit says he does not like it anymore. He firmly tells her that he does not wear these kind of shirts and she needs to stop changing him. Amu is all dukhi. She asks amit to drop him at the rehearsal hall but Amit asks Jigna if she could drop her. Jigna agrees. Amita asks Amit what happened he says nothing. I feel sorry for Amu, I think he needs to talk to her and solve this problem but yeh toh serial hai khichega. Anyways, moving on at the studio Amu is not able to concentrate, seeing this Sid tells her that something is bothering her and she needs to take care of it and then rehearse. Amu takes a break and calls Amit. Amita asks him if he took his medicines, amit curtly replies to her saying that its his medicine and he knows when to take it. Amita asks him why he is talking to her like that, he says that there is a lot of work in the office and if somebody calls him all the time he is not able to concentrate. If you have any work tell me or you do your work and I will do my work. Can I do my work? she tells yes and cuts the phone. Late lateef amit realizes he did not talk to her properly and tells her that but its too late. Amu goes back to the studio and Siddhant asks her if everything is okay. She has not been focusing well. Amu tells Sid that Amit is behaving very differently. He doesn’t talk to me properly, gets angry easily. she is worried. Our Sid Baba Swami tells her that maybe Amit is feeling jealous that she is happy and creating her own identity. Amu says that her Amit is not like that (way to go Amu good job) and tells him to continue with the rehearsal. On her way home, Amu is thinking about what Sid said. At home Fallu and her friends along with the Tiya combo are sitting when amu walks in. Fallu asks amu to sit with her friends as they were waiting for her. Tina said but Riya kept you guys busy with all the gossips. The ladies tell oh we listen to gossips all the time. this time we are going to listen to Amita and her dance ( Tiya combo ka chera dekne layak tha). They tell her Radha’s Kishan is already inside watching tv. Amit comes out and greets all of them. Inside the bedroom Amit is working or pretending to work in his laptop and Amu walks in and asks him he came early from work (dumb question amu). He replies yes. She asks wont you ask me how my rehearsal was he says your rehearsal is always good why should I ask. Amita asks him why have you changed so much amit answers her that I have not changed, may be your life has changed so you see everything differently. Amita tells him that Sid sir was correct. Amit hears and asks her what sid said. she doesn’t reply after asking many times she tells him that Sid Sir said that may be you are jealous of me. Amits reaction is Oh my GOD! or should I say Oh my Siddhant! He is no less than a God and he is antaryami, how did he come to know so correctly. amita tries to tell him that she confronted Sid for the same but amit babu or should I say fuming babu is in no mood to listen to this. Fallu calls Amita and amit and the scene ends there.

Bedroom scene fir se yaar but both on the other side of the beds facing away. the next morning at the breakfast table Fallu is serving breakfast to nanin and amit and amu walks in and nani asks aren’t you going to the reharsal. she say she does not feel like. Fallu tells her that not many days are left for the show why are saying this no. She aks amit to tell her sommething but Amit says if she does not feel like going let her not. I am running late to work and need to go and takes off. Fallu asks Amita if everything is okay, Amu tells she is not feeling very good today if I take rest she will be okay.
Amit at Bhatuk’s house and Amit is telling hi that amita feels that he is jealous of her. Bhatuk is trying to explain to him that the way he behaves anybody can assume anything. He has never told her that he is upset because of Sid. Amit tells he will go talk to amu. Bhatuk asks don’t you have to work. amit tells him its his office and will come and go as he pleased. Episdoe ends with Amit’s smiling face (cute).

Precap: Amit is imagining saying sorry to amita. When he gets down from his car he sees amita and Sid talking happily.

Update Credit to: Akafan

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