Gustakh Dil 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st August 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Lajo walking outside at night. She runs into a drunk and gets worried but she does so needlessly as he assumes her to be Devi Ma, . She hides from him when he bends down to pray to her.
Back at Nikhils Dada’s house, all friends are still sitting around when Nikhil gets a call from Ishana. As the network is not good in the house he wanders outside to talk to her. She reprimands him as he has been away for so long and says your coming now aren’t you? He says no, not yet and she asks why is something wrong and he tells her about Lajo’s wedding getting broken all because of dowry. The phone gets disconnected again because of the network issues in the village when all of a sudden her hears “Save me, save me..” It’s Lajo in the river (close to a dam). He runs in

to save her and she says to him her foot is stuck to help her. He manages to free her and they get out of the water and she directs them to a safe place as she knows the dam will open soon. They make it just in time…
Nikhil sees her holding her foot and asks does it hurt a lot? He attempts to help her but she pulls her foot away and asks what are you doing? He grabs her foot and says let me see and notices it is all swollen and ties his handkerchief around it. He then calls her crazy and asks why she tried to commit suicide? She looks at him questioningly so he explains what suicide means in Hindi. She says who told you I was going to commit suicide? She then proceeds to tell him that she wasn’t trying to kill herself, that she was running away from home and is going to the city to study. She says she will also find a job for so she can support herself and not become a burden on her parents. He scolds her somewhat about her thinking and how worried her parents must be. He says he was there at the wedding and saw everything and he’s behind her all the way. He says to her that she should show the same spirit as she did on their first meeting instead of running away. He tries to convince her to stay. She still is adamant that she is going to go to the city and is upset that her parents instead of understanding her, blamed her and are very upset at her. They continue talking about the same thing (he trying to convince her to go home, she still insisting that she is leaving) when Nikhil suggest going home. Lajo says they won’t be able to leave until morning as they have to wait until the water subsides. Lajo continues to share her thoughts and feelings with Nikhil about how the villagers are going to treat her, how she know how it feels to be a girl that had a baraat return from their door and how it feels when a mother scolds you when you haven’t done anything wrong. Too which Nikhil replies that that is a mother’s right to scold their child and that it is better than a mother not saying anything at all (talking about his own experience with his mom now).
Nikhil tells her to stay and fight and that she has no need to go to the city to study as nowadays the U of Delhi offers correspondence courses and the cutoff is 35 – 50 %. He then went on to say about how his friend even got in with 33% marks. He says stay here and study, Baba is here to help, he will help too and in fact he will send all her coursework to her. He then asks her what marks she got to which replies 80% and he looks at her with amazement.

Meanwhile at Lajo’s house her mom (Saraswati) is tucking in Lajo’s sisters when her dad comes and asks if Lajo is sleeping? Her mom replies somewhat sarcastically that she doesn’t know and that shes probably lying on her bed. Her hubby scolds her and says don’t say it like that. It doesnt matter what the villagers say, shes still our blood, our daughter. She agrees with him and feels bad for all she said earlier to Lajo in anger. Ram Bachan tells her to go and check on Lajo as she hadnt eaten today either. Her mom goes in her room and realizes that Lajo is not there and starts yelling her name. Ram Bachan runs in and asks what happened and Saraswati informs him that Lajo is not here and they both are worried as its late at night. They both go and try to find her.

Meanwhile Nikhil is trying to start a fire and is unable to do so and Lajo says let me do it. She manages to start it without any problems and Nikhil stares at her in amazement. Lajo says that when the electricity goes in the village, and we cant find matches this is how I always start a fire. Nikhil says youll be admitted to U of Delhi no problem, its guaranteed!
They continue conversing as they have the whole night to go thru and Lajo tells him about her adventure on her first try to ride a scooter. She tells him how she thought it would be a piece of cake as she assumed it was similar to riding a bike. After shes done telling him about her escapade on the scooter and how this whole mess started with the scooter being thought to be 2nd hand, Nikhil tells her that her parents must be so worried about her. He says I am just waiting till morning and then Ill you off at home and head back to Delhi and that his responsibility will then be over. He notices that Lajo is looking to be in pain from her foot/ankle injury and says to her why dont you fix it, you work in a Dr.s office. To which she replies who heals/fixes themselves? He then offers to help as he once had helped Cobra out and he proceeds to turn her ankle real quick in the other direction and asks her if is it all better now. She replies in the negative.
Meanwhile the sun is shown rising and back at Lajos house, Ram Bachan comes in and still has not found Lajo and tells his wife that he looked all over the village and that there was no sign of her anywhere. He says I hope that Lajo doesnt do anything foolish because of the scolding we gave her. They are both distraught.
Meanwhile Nikhil asks says shall we leave? It is morning now and the water has subsided. Lajo seems to be in pain trying to get up and Nikhil says it looks like my remedy had the opposite effect and apologizes to her.
Back at Lajos house Saraswati is praying for Lajos safe return when Lajos sister comes running into the house and saying mom.Didi. and her parents ask her what about her Didi, what do you know? She proceeds to tell them but we dont hear anything but do notice the shocked look on Lajos moms face.

Precap: Nikhil is carrying Lajo thru the village as her ankle is twisted and all the villagers follow them into Lajos house. Nikhil sets Lajo down in a chair. Saraswati asks what is this? One of the village ladies says what is she (Lajo) going to reply and proceeds to tell Sarawati what happened. She says that Lajo just came from over by the river/dam area in front of the whole village and that too after being there the whole night with Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Parm

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