Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th June 2013 Written Update

Manohar leaves after humiliating Govind! Govind is all upset wid this so as antara n saroj Saroj comes back home wid tiffin , Noor asks Saroj manohar had lunch so early Noor all excited to know whether manohar like the food or not n did he praised her or not Saroj tells her he was busy tasting the food n forgot to praise her Noor is all convinced

Antara calls up someone…

Ishaan asks noor he needs someone to play cricket wid him n he dont even have a frnd there Noor declines by saying she has alot of work to finish off n asks ishaan to make some drawing on paper Ishaan says he does that all the time he made tree, river, mountains everything even birds too He cant do it anymore Antara takes the clothes frm noor n noor goes to play wid ishaan *all satisfied*

Raghu comes yawning in balcony And washes off his face frm shower’s water two boys comes shouting bhai bhai! And shouts that he promised he will play cricket wid them Antara angrily sees raghu washing off his face Raghu tells them he will come in 10 mins antara angry again

Raghu sees antara wid chilled out face where as antara as usual angry

Raghu again goes under shower bt keeps staring antara Antara distracts herself frm him bt again stares at raghu angrily

Raghu batting wid goggles on n hits a six

Ishaan happily sees there cricket match! Noor comes n is dumbstruck to see raghu n asks ishaan what is he doing here! Ishaan asks her can he go n play wid them *awww* Noor declines n asks him to play wid her! This time ishaan denies n says she holds bat like she is going to wash clothes wid that

Raghu hits a ball hard n ishaan catches the ball frm his balcony n shouts out! out! *all shocked* MachMach n battery says no one bowl out bhai n says he isnt there in team n asks to return the ball *ishaan sad*

Raghu again hits a big shot bt this time an inspector catches the ball Policemen moves towards raghu n raghu towards policeman!

Noor informs saroj abt the police! Inspector says to raghu he(raghu) is alive thats his complaint what is all this hooligen(gunda-gardi), flippancy(chichorapan), destruction, damaging windows!

Raghu says did anyone saw his doing so?? Inspector throws some big words on raghu Raghu asks him nthing wid happen wid such big words where is the witness Inspector asks anyone to speak up bt all r mum

Antara shouts she saw him Saroj n noor *antara* Raghu angrily crushes off the ball

Antara says she saw him n she only called him up And says yesterday they did fighting here broke all tea stall things n then broke her mama’s home’s window glass And when she went to take money for repairing the windows he did more destruction in the house Batter says bhai did paid off the money! Antara says what so ever at the end it was gunda gardi only

Inspector asks the constable to put raghu in jeep n asks antara to register her complaint in police station

Raghu stares at antara n antara at raghu! bth in angry mood Govind comes there n says to antara what did she do Govind says to inspector to forgive them as they didnt saw anything n they dont have to file any complaint !

Inspector says now nthing can be done Antara have to come to police station !

Raghu angrily stares at antara !

Precap: Govind tells antara she will have to come wid him to police station to tell that she was wrong n she didnt saw anything n raghu didnt do anything! If she considers him at his father’s place then she will come wid him *antara cries*

Update Credit to: Nidz

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