Hitler Didi 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 19th June 2013 Written Update

Indira feels worried for Saher and her family thinking how Maher would be treating them. She calls someone and guides to do something.

Saher cleans the floor and asks Maher to give some food now as she is too hungry. Maher purposely throws milk on the floor and asks her to clean properly and leaves. Saher is very sad. Right then Vanraj and Radhe come with a pizza and make Saher talk to Indira. Saher asks Indira, how did you know that I wanted to eat pizza? Indira tells her, I am your fui and I will make sure you don’t stay hungry. She tells her to eat and Vanraj, Radhe leave.

Saher is about to eat, but Maher comes back and takes it away from her. She asks her, from where you got money? Did you beg or steal? Saher speaks against her and she gets angry. She asks her to leave. Kutumb tries to defend Saher saying she is a child, but Maher doesn’t listen and tells Kutumb to leave as well with her if she wants. Kutumb says where else will I go and decides to stay in. She is missing Indira now.

Maher pushes Saher out and Vanraj and Radhe take her with them. They decide to teach a lesson to Maher.

Indira now worries for Kutumb and decides to call her, but she then hears Jaman shouting so goes outside to check.

Jamna brings Indu to Ammu and tells her that she was trying to go into barn house. Ammu gets angry and Indira takes Indu’s side saying she is a child and just wanted to check it.. what’s wrong with it? Ammu asks Rishi to tell Indira to stay quiet and says no one is allowed there. Indira wonders why but Rishi stops her from asking anything more. Before leaving, Indu hugs Jamna, but that is just to take keys from her. Everyone leaves except Munna.

Munna then hears payal’s noise and gets scared. He feels there is a ghost in this place. Suddenly lights go off and he freaks out more. He then sees someone’s hair and freaks out even more. But it’s Sugantha who is drying her hair. When Munna sees her face, he feels shy and looks down. In the mean time, Sugantha leaves and Veeru comes there. Munna looks back up and winks thinking Sungantha is there, but it turns out to be Veeru. Veeru also winks in return. Munna finds something wrong – meaning Veeru is gay – and goes to check his pocket. Veeru feels Munna is taking out his pajama to check and says, I am not like what you’re thinking. Munna takes out payal from his pocket and asks what is this? Veeru says, I have hobby of dancing that’s why. Munna asks him to show steps, but Veeru leaves. Munna then hears someone singing a song… he freaks out and runs away from there.

Indu comes down with the keys and decides no matter what she will see what’s behind those closed doors.

In room, Indira asks Rishi, why can’t you tell me about that secret. Rishi refuses saying it’s better if some secrets are not out. However, Indira gives Rishi swear of her and Chiku, therefore, Rishi tells her in the end. He says, behind those closed doors, someone’s broken dreams are locked. My sister committed suicide in that room and society people say that her soul/ghost is still around. We did pooja and locked that soul/ghost in that room. After that no one goes to that side. Indira cannot believe this as Indu had said that she heard someone’s scream and she questions Rishi, but Rishi leaves.

Other side, Ammu asks Jamna why you went there when you know very well what can happen. Jamna apologizes. Ammu warns her that this shouldn’t happen again otherwise it can create chaos.

Indu is about to open the lock and she hears someone walking inside. She gets scared, but still decides to open the lock, but it seems like she is not able to open it.

Precap: Ammu tells Jamna, this secret won’t stay hidden for too long and there is nothing greater than happiness of this house. If we have to send that person back, then send him/her back. Someone’s looking at them. :

Update Credit to: Julia

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