Do Dil Ek Jaan 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 14th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu asking Noor and Antara why they are here. Noor makes excuses. He says its not safe that you guys at here. Raghu and MachMach leaves. MachMach says Antara is odd. He says you have bet with me. Raghu thinks who he heard the ghungroo sounds. Raghu asks Noor about the dance, and says I want to see your dance Noor. Noor says how can I dance infront of you, I feel shy. Raghu insists. Noor starts dancing and she is unable to dance. Raghu and Antara looks on. Antara says stop it Aapa. Antara stops the music and says I was dancing wearing the ghungroos. She looks at Raghu. Aaji is worried about Raghu’s reactions and prays to Bappa. Raghu asks why did you lie, and why are you afraid. Antara says I m not afraid. Raghu says look at yourself, your hands are shaking.

He says you can do anything, you can dance, sing or play kabaddi, its your life. But, you have to take good care of Aaji, if you become careless, then I will screw you. Antara says it won’t happen, I know my duty.

Raghu says then its ok, go home now safely. Raghu and MachMach leaves. Noor asks Antara whats all this. Antara tells everything to Mami. She says I knew it that you sing, but you dance also, its great. Antara says the competition is tomorrow. Mami says tomorrow is the puja. Aaji calls all the women at her house and they break their fast at her house. Maybe Aaji will keep your competition after the fast. Mami tells her the details. Noor asks only married women keep the fast. Mami says no, unmarried women can also keep it. Noor says I won’t keep. Antara says I will keep it but not for marriage, I will keep it for my mum. Mami is impressed with Antara.

Raghu is resting and music plays……. Antara goes to sleep. Raghu gets up and thinks how Antara was dancing. He plays the harmonium. Antara hears it and gets up. She sings the rhythm, while he plays. Raghu hears it and continues playing.

The next morning, Aaji is doing the preparations for the puja. Aaji tells Antara about it. Antara smiles. Aaji asks Antara to hit the dance well. Antara says Rasika knows dancing, how could I win. Aaji says don’t let fear ruin your confidence. Aaji encourages her. Aaji says I fear about Raghu. She says we have to send Raghu somewhere, you don’t worry. Antara says I heard someone playing the harmonium. She says I heard this same rhythm when I came here. She shares her experiences with Aaji. Aaji understands its Raghu and smiles. Aaji praises the man who played the tune. Aaji says maybe he heard you singing. Antara asks Aaji who plays the mouth organ here. Aaji does not answer her and leaves.

Raghu comes inside the house and comes to Antara. He asks her to take care of Aaji. She says I m helping Aaji. He says don’t shout, I m having head ache. Aaji comes there and talks to Raghu. Mami says we cannot tell Antara about this. Noor says if she knows that Mami is taking care of Ishaan’s fees, then she won’t agree. Mami tells Ishaan not to tell Antara that you are going on tuition. They explain Ishaan about it and ask him to lie to Antara. Rasika plans something for Antara. Aaji laughs on her. Aaji is worried. MachMach brings Raghu’s tickets. Aaji says I asked him to bring it.

Raghu gets tensed seeing an insect. Antara laughs on him. Aaji says Raghu is afraid of insects. Rasika looks at the preparations and smiles. Aaji comes there and Rasika is stunned. Rasika asks the servant to keep the items. Aaji says keep it in my room. Rasika leaves. Antara is dancing in the kitchen. Raghu comes there and sees her dancing. He says what are you doing. She makes excuses. Raghu helps her out. He says shall I clean it. She says you cannot do, because it has insects. Antara laughs on him. He says what did you say. She says you were making fun of me that I m afraid of a rat, but you are afraid of small insects. He says stop. He gets closer to her. He says now show me your laugh. They have an eyelock. Mera Mahi tu…….. plays…….. Rasika goes to Aaji’s room and tries to spoil Antara’s ghungroos. Aaji calls Antara and asks her to bring water. Antara runs away. She turns and looks at Raghu. Raghu leaves. Rasika takes Antara’s ghungroos and applies gum on them. Aaji is heading towards the room. Aaji sees Rasika with the ghungroos and reacts saying you.

Aaji asks her what she is doing her. Rasika says I came here to see the ghungroos. Aaji says will you give your ghungroos to her. Rasika says no. Aaji asks her to leave. Rasika keeos the ghungroos back and says Antara is going to lose today because I m a master in dance. Aaji says you wont’ be able to tell this from today. Antara comes and sees Rasika going. Noor comes to Arshad with Ishaan. Arshad asks when did you come. Noor says just now. She says your forehead got the cream and laughs. Arshad welcomes them. Antara brings water for Aaji. Aaji asks did Raghu go. Aaji asks MachMach about it. He says the train is at 7pm. Aaji scolds him. MachMach says what can I do. Aaji says the women will come at 5pm, if Raghu doubts on us, then… What to do now. Few women come and Raghu opens the door. They tell him about the dancing competition. Raghu says no, you came at a wrong place. They show him the address.

Raghu sees Antara dressed in a traditional attire. She looks beautiful.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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