Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th August 2013 Written Update

Vasu talking to some of his men when RJ comes there and starts mirroring whatever Vasu is doing. Everyone starts laughing. Vasu motions for the men who are laughing to come. The man tells Vasu that RJ was mirroring what he was doing. RJ says she wanted experience the respect he gets. Vasu asks her to walk like him. RJ mimcs him. Everyone is amused. Vasu asks if he should give her one slap. RJ asks the same right back to Vasu. Vasu is amused and starts laughing. Vasu picks RJ up and walks away.

Aai-Megha scene repeated. Basically warning Megha to stay away and all but throws her out of the house. Uncle wondering why Aai is so worked up and why Vasu is attracted to Megha. Uncle calls up someone and asks the person if he is in

Indore. Uncle asks the man to check on a man called Mohan Bhatnagar.

RF looking through Vasu and Aai’s financial papers. RF wonders who was looking after their financial matters before him. RF wonders why there all the papers before two years are only in Aai’s name.. Megha comes home and calls for RJ. RF tells Megha that RJ went to meet Vasu. Megha tells him that he shouldnt have let her go. RJ comes home covered in mud. Megha doesn’t recognize and tells RF that she will go search for RJ. RF says she doesn’t need to go anywhere. Vasu comes and asks Megha if she cannot recognize her own daughter. RJ tells Megha that Vasu put her in mud. Megha asks RJ to go bathe. Vasu says the world is dirty and one should learn to play with dirt in childhood itself. Megha tells Vasu that she is only in Mumbai for a few days. Megha requests Vasu to stay away from RJ even if she comes to talk to him. Megha leaves. RF wonders whether he should talk with Vasu about the files.

Ruku tells Aai that she hates it when RJ calls Vasu Papu but it cannot be helped as RJ is only a kid. Aai gifts bangles to Ruku and says only special things should be given to special people. Aai asks Ruku if she would do something for her. Vasu comes and asks Aai if she said anything to Megha. Aai tells Vasu that she did say something to Megha and tells him that she doesn’t have to tell him everything. Vasu asks her Aai what she said. Aai says she told Megha to ask for any help she wants and let RJ call Vasu by any name she wants. Aai asks Ruk if she would do something for her. Ruku says she will.

Uncle calls up his man in Indore and asks if he could get the information. He scolds the man for taking so long.

RF calls up someone and asks where the papers for Vasu’s tax returns are. RF tells the man to be discreet because it is tax matter. Megha comes and tells RF that she is going to search for Naina. RF suggests she takes Vasu’s help. Megha says she will do it herself and asks RF not to let RJ meet Vasu without her permission.

Megha at some office but the man in the office refuses to cooperate. Megha scolds the man to do his work. The man asks Megha to leave. Vasu comes and tells the man that he would now have to leave. The man falls on Vasu’s feet and tells Megha that he would get all the details in a day. Megha scowls at Vasu and leaves. Vasu is taken aback. Vasu follows Megha and asks her to stop but she walks away. Megha’s sandal breaks but walks to a cobbler. Vasu takes out a knife, cuts up his sandal as well and walks to the cobbler. Vasu asks the cobbler to mend his sandal as well. Megha asks Vasu if he is following her. Vasu tells her that she is walking ahead of him. Ruku watched them and thinks that Aai was right. Megha is mad and wear her torn sandal and walks away. Vasu takes his sandal from the cobbler.

Ruku confronts Megha and asks if she is following Vasu. Megha says one follows one from behind and not from the front. Megha asks Ruku to make Vasu understand.

Ruku tells Aai that it was Vasu’s fault and that he is the one following Megha. Uncle comes and tells Aai that she should stop showing Vasu’s kiddie pictures to people else they would think that she lying. Uncle shows the pictures to Aai and says VAsu used to everything with his left hand earlier but he is now doing things with the right hand. Ruku is surprised. Uncle asks Aai if she is hiding anything. Aai tells Uncle that she taught Vasu how to use his right hand for it to become like a sword. Aai says Vasu is her son and asks Uncle if he knows it.

Precap:RJ tells Megha that she feels like meeting her Papu. Megha tells her that he has gone out. RJ wonders how he could go without informing her. Megha tells RJ that he his not her father. RJ refuses to believe it. Megha asks RJ what Mohan used to call her. RJ says Jaan and MEgha asks her what Vasu calls her. RJ says aedi. RJ is also taken aback. A boy with a broken arm, an old man and his daughter standing in front of Vasu. The old man says that this if forcing. The boy says it is not forcing it is love. The boy tells the man that his daughter would understand his value when he is not there. The man is about to speak when Vasu stops him. Bala is shocked and looks at Vasu.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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