Amita Ka Amit 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th August 2013 Written Update

Amit is driving the car looking very lost. Amu notices this and asks him about the same. He says I was thinking about your choreo. She jokes that arrogant is better than her as he at least thinks of him sometimes. He wonders as to what he will do next. She doesn’t understand what he thinks of himself. He thinks if he doesn’t have any life then no one else has too? He can call me whenever he feels like and I will come running just like that? Amit smiles at her reaction just when her phone rings. It is Neeraj! Neeraj is waiting for her as the choreo is very angry with her for not turning up yester night too. Come on time now at least. She tells him she is on time only and will be reaching shortly. She shares this with Amit after the call end. He is actually pissed off with mr. Arrogant. She calms him down saying she will handle. He tells her to call him next minute if he says anything to her. She smiles in agreement.

Amu enters the rehearsal hall and Mr. Arrogant is clapping sarcastically for her. Here is our superstar performer Amita Shah. He makes a few more comments. She says she knows she couldn’t come when she was called for but if there would have been anyone else in her place then she wouldn’t have come too. It’s up to you if you want to taunt me like every day (Bravo ) or want to start the rehearsals. Neeraj is surprised by her boldness. She apologizes too if anything she said hurt him in any way. He tells her to go change as he wants to check her dance. She objects you watch it daily what’s so special today. What do you want to check? He says there is indeed something special as he is going to audition her for Radha’s role. She looks shocked.

Amit is checking his mobile sitting with his dad and 2 other employee’s discussing some work. He is lost in his morning convo with Amu when the employee holds out another file for him to check. Kirath brings him out of his thoughts. He takes the file. Kirath asks him to check it nicely so as to find out if there is any risk factor. Amit agrees but is again lost in thoughts. He mumbles about Mr. Arrogant. Kirath asks if he said anything. Amit finally thinks of talking to the investors first. The employee brings in notice that the details are nicely mentioned on the first page of the file. Kirath tells him to focus on the other important thing first which is keeping his mind occupied. Amit apologetically excuses himself to make an urgent call.
He tries Amu’s number many times but she doesn’t pick any. He is all the more worried. I think papa ji (Hemant) can help me somewhat. Hemant is eating away something fast / hiding it from his family members (looks cute ) when he gets Amit’s call. He asks for Neeraj’s number. Hemant suggests giving Siddhant’s number but Amit declines. I haven’t seen a more ill-mannered guy than him. Hemant gets worried but Amit reassures him. He scolds Amu always. He doesn’t talk nicely to her so I thought to call her up but she isn’t picking her phone. Hemant smiles relieved. I know him well I know he is a little off but has a good heart. He does his work well and doesn’t have a bad heart. But if you feel there is something wrong do tell me. He gives Neeraj’s number to Amit.

Scene shifts to Amu doing her steps in front of our Mr. Arrogant. Is this how you will perform? You spoke with such a confidence in the morning does all your confidence is rested for words only? And the way you came inside it looked like you are a very big dancer. Neeraj’s phone vibrates. He goes aside to pick it. It is Amit who introduces himself. Neeraj is about to cut the call after telling him he cannot talk as Sir’s mood is very bad. Amit stops him asking about Amu. Mr. Arrogant starts speaking about Amu’s attitude early morning. Amit overhears it. He hears Siddhant saying attitude is for people who really work hard and don’t relax till they achieve what they want. Not for people like you who only want shortcuts. Amit confirms with Neeraj if the choreo is talking with Amu. Neeraj declines but just then Mr. Arrogant shouts out her name. Amit is in super angry mode now. He disconnects the call. It is high time I will have to teach him a lesson. I will have to teach him how to speak with girls.

Amit is in the car with Hemant, Varsha, Jigna and Batuk. He is talking to someone about bringing along fatty which confuses Hemant (aww ). But Amit takes Batuk’s name confirming who his fatty is. He gets another call and tells someone to reach on that address. Everyone sighs. Hemant says I still feel you are misjudging Siddhant. It might be he truly felt our Amu can be Radha. Maybe that is why he called her for audition. Amit counters saying he dint even want her to audition for gopi. How can a person change so drastically? Varsha agrees with him. Since Amu has started going on dance rehearsals she seems very troubled. He tells her to not worry. We will always remember today’s day plus I only want to see her happy. Don’t know how he (choreo) would have treated her.

Mr. Arrogant is pushing her to work harder. We wont be able to reach where we want to if you are satisfied with what you are doing. Amu is having a fainting spell as he continues. Forget the fact that you know everything. It wont happen this way you understand? Amit shouts enough! Amu turns to look at him shocked but he stops her to say anything. You don’t have any right to talk to my wife like this. She tries to talk but he tells her not to listen to him (Siddhant). He takes her by her hand and they make an exit. She tries to tell him something but he doesn’t hear her out. Everyone in the hall looks at this wide-eyed. Outside, she says things aren’t what you are thinking them to be. He says I forced you that is why you are here. That person is after you to make you cry but there are many people in this world who can do anything for your one smile. And WOW….AMIT STARTS SINGING KABHI KABHI AMITA (edited from Aditi) AS SHE TURNS TO LOOK AT HER FAMILY / FRIENDS OVERWHELMED (<3). They all start singing and dancing around her and Amit and give her a rose each. Amit gets her a cute pink teddy in the end. She is all smiles as everyone clap. She hugs her family just when Siddhant appears on the scene clapping again. Amit and Siddhant stare at each other. He begins you all came here to cheer her…well you must. I am just a little shocked seeing this. Amit instantly asks why surprising Amu. My wife is troubled and I can do anything to make her happy. We are not dancers you felt bad seeing us dance right? The choreo declines. I am worried as I think people come to brighten someone’s mood when someone is upset. Amu is neither upset nor sad but she is actually happy. amit is confused. Siddhant says Amu only will be Radha. Everyone has a big smile on their faces. Amit looks at her appreciatively. But inside? Siddhant tells him it was necessary to bring out her innate talents out. Amu adds I was trying to tell you this only. I am not sad but your surprised made me very happy. Thank you very much! She begins thanking Siddhant by saying you re best sadu (arrogant) but stops…Sid Sir. Finally Siddhant smiles (wow you are capable of smiling…good ). Hemant shares his dream how he had wanted her to be radha since she was very young. Today this dream is going to be fulfilled all because of you. He thanks Siddhant. Amu is happy thinking how her MIL will be thrilled with the news (aah I want to see that Tina and Ria’s reactions more importantly). Amit nods. Siddhant says you were right Amit she is special. She has all the qualities which one needs to be successful. The one who accepts defeat actually loses. But I have come to know Amita Shah will never give up (wow too much of nice dialogues by our ex-Mr. Arrogant). She smiles in reply. He announces the break is over. She seeks his permission to allow everyone to come inside to see the rehearsal. No one will disturb. He allows them in for the day. All leave for inside. AA talk to each other. He is proud of her…no one can get a daughter-in-law like her. Whenever Baa and Nani compliment you as per your role I feel all the more proud. Whenever I see how well you handle both your homes I feel very happy. I am very happy with you. This is a very big thing. She thanks him….this is all for you. My happiness is in your happiness. I don't want anything more than this. He wonders how the ill-mannered choreo understood her talent finally. She says he isn't what we thought him to be. He was only pushing me to move ahead. I have become Radha because of his strictness and scolding’s only. She gives the credit to him (oh no…wrong point made ). It is all because of him. He only made me radha (Amit had so much trust in your capabilities dear). You heard what he said right? He smiles a fake plastered smile for her sake. I was a simple girl but he brought my talent out. I dint knew I could dance so well but he knew. I am so happy lets go inside so that you can see my dance. His phone rings. He sends her inside telling her he will come. Kirath asks if he is coming back or not. amit agrees. He recalls her words about Siddhant being credited with her success. He leaves from there with a sad, hurt look on his face.Amu is practising. Everyone claps for her including Sid. She turns looking for Amit bus is sad when she doesn't see him. Everyone hugs her happily. jigna compliments she looked just like Radha ji while Amu is lost in her own. Amit wasn’t here to see my dance. Jigna says he might have got some work at office. You can show him when you are alone with him. amu calls Amit who is busy working on his lappy. He picks it up after much thought. She begins talking without letting him say anything. What happened? You left without telling me? You dint even watch my dance. He tells her he had some important work to do. She asks if it was so important that he left without telling her. I was looking for you the whole time but you weren’t there. What's the point of being Radha when my Kanha isn't around? He is smiling. She tells him she couldn’t even concentrate on the dance. If Sid Sir would have got to know this then he would have felt so bad. Amit’s smile disappears. I too have work. Krishna ji went to Mathura leaving Radha and gopi’s. She reminds him he did but by telling unlike you who dint even dropped an sms. He gets upset. I too have work, meetings in office. What's the big thing? She senses and apologizes. Seems like you have loads of work to do but come early tonight Batuk bhai and JIgna are coming as well. He agrees and is about to cut the call when she calls out to him saying I love you. He cuts the call saying he has work to do will talk later.Precap: Amu asks Amit about what MIL said. You must have told her I would be Radha. You couldn’t have held it back. He declines saying I dint tell anything you only tell. Everyone is seated in the living area. Jigna is complimenting Sid saying he does have an eye for talent. Amu agrees to it. He is very good….a little different. Amit listens to all this upset. He gets up and leaves from there. Amu notices this.

Update Credit to: pooja

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